Horrifyingly Fun Game You Should Try, If You Can!

Horrifying Fun Game

Horrifying Fun Game

All doctors take an oath and vow to help all people who need it. A strict code that determines the appropriate means of treatment. Any doctor found facilitating the decline or mistreatment of a patient would be a horrifying atrocity. Not to mention a huge crime. Well—what if I told you there’s a game out there that aims at just that?

There’s a game out there that has been designed for android and iOS devices that will surely shock and amaze you. A game unlike any other you’ve ever played. A game that makes you into a truly evil doctor.

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Live…and Let Die

Imagine a game where a completely healthy individual is destined to die based on your choices. Where your sole purpose is to methodically and strategically diminish this person’s health until they finally die. You will get to see how the body systems decline with each choice of your twisted mind.

It gets better–while you continue to terminate the patient, the kind doctors are hard at work trying to diagnose all the patient’s problems. It’s a race against the clock. Each decision will be crucial to your success, or failure.

Tell Me More

With each new level and patient, the game will intensify and challenge your mind. Thousands of possibilities lie in front of you. From diseases, faulty medications, to lifestyle effects.

Biomedical Plague allows you to play  however you see fit. Attack a certain body system will full force, methodically attack each body system together, or set the patient up to fail with a poor unhealthy lifestyle.

Final Breath

The game ends with the death of the patient, or by your failure to kill them in time. The tools are all in front of you. The choices left only in your hands. The Doctor of Death is officially on call. Only question left to ask is, “How do you plan to play it, Doc?”

Do you have the nerve to play this game? Only person it’s going to hurt if you play is the patient.

So, what do you think? Let us know your thoughts on the game. Likes, dislikes, my choices. Leave all your comments below! Remember, share the page with anything you’d think would be interested in this game.

6 Most Anticipated Games of 2017

most anticipated games of 2017

Most Anticipated Games of 2017

As gamers, we sit patiently awaiting news of upcoming games. It gives a purpose. It allows us to spend hours and hours online researching potential storylines, features, release dates, and characters. We become the crazy ex-girlfriend or boyfriend we swear we aren’t. However, one thing is certain. We live in anticipation of the future.

2017 is here, and with it brings a whole new crops of games for us. Some that gamers have waited years to finally get their hands on. Although, we do have to keep waiting for most of these, it doesn’t hurt to talk about the 6 most anticipated games of 2017.

Horizon Zero Dawn


The PS4 exclusive is visually stunning. A truly breathtaking piece of art designed in awe-inspiring 4K format, has anyone who’s watched the gameplay trailers vouch for its beauty and violence. Making many XBOX ONE users strongly consider going to “the Dark side” (figuratively) after the E3 gameplay drop.

Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of Aloy, a tribal woman who’s been out-casted by her tribe and begins to search for the secrets of the forgotten past. Setup in a post-apocalyptic world where technology reigns supreme wild across the lands and people have reverted to more uncivilized styles of life.

Aloy is equipped with a staff that also can be used effectively as a sword. Not to mention, she has a bow and some highly technological arrows that can explode, shock, as well as be upgraded to even more options. Also, did I forget to mention that this world is full of metal beasts made from technology? In addition, Aloy can climb and hack this machine to use to her advantage. You will hunt, track, scavenge for upgrades from fallen beasts, and hack the wild beast throughout the land.

Sold yet?



It’s arguable that the most anticipated game of 2017 is Prey. Imagine a game that is has alien creatures that have the power to transform into any object, can easily kill and take control other people, and are being tested secretly aboard a space station above earth. Now, imagine that these creatures escape their containments and begin killing the people aboard the ship–and it’s up to you to stop them before the ship returns to Earth. You can’t tell me you don’t want to play this game after reading that.

You play lead protagonist Morgan Yu, aboard a space station in the year 2035. Your mundane life takes a unique turn when you awake one day to find a black, alien creature attached to your arm. This encounter of the third kind leaves you with the creature’s alien powers. Including mimicking objects.

You can tap further into these powers while using an assortment of advanced weapons right out of a Sci-Fi thriller movie. Not to mention, this game is an open map. Meaning you can go forwards and backwards without locked doors or long loading screens. In addition, you can venture outside in space to get to other parts of the space station.

Space, aliens, powers, high tech guns, and must save the Earth—who wouldn’t say yes to that?!



Vampyr probably not as well known to you as some of the others on this list. However, don’t be fooled. Vampyr will transport you into the dark gothic life of a vampire.

Vampires are not just for teen romances anymore. Vampyr has sucked you into the post WWI world of London, England. Where London is plagued by the dreaded Spanish flu. In ironic fashion, you play a doctor who must kill to drink blood to live. You must use your vampire powers to investigate who will be next on your menu. Equipped with supernatural powers like, gazing into anyone body to check their overall quality of life. Allowing you to decide whether it’s a righteous kill or murder.

Also, you can transport from spot to spot. To hide in the shadows or for the quick kill. Not to mention, you can summon a death spike that penetrates your target from the ground and kills them. Also, as with traditional Vampire lore, you can control people’s minds and actions.

To kill, or not to kill? Vampyr is a game of choices. Where each choice can change how the rest of the game plays out. Sound up your alley?

Mass Effect: Andromeda


Fans of the Mass Effect series have long awaited the next instalment of this franchise. And, Mass Effect: Andromeda looks to be the real deal in 2017. The Sci-Fi RPG shooter begins where Mass Effect 2 ends and before Mass Effect 3 begins.

In the beautiful crystal-clear 4K format, Mass Effect: Andromeda looks to be more movie-like than an actual game. As the lead antagonist, Pathfinder, your 600-year cryo-sleep has rudely been prematurely ended thanks to a devastating event in space. As Pathfinder, you lead your crew through the exploration of the Andromeda Galaxy.

If you recently watched the gameplay trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, you’ll see some of the new improvements an enhancement to the Mass Effect franchise. Including some new skills within the skill tree. Also, the newest and most requested feature from past games, crafting is now available. Your trustee weapons also have some nice enhancements, allows you to open a nice can of chaos. Not to mention, the interface within the game appears to be 3D now. Making it visually spectacular. Prepare for an epic ride solving puzzles, battling monsters, and jetpacking your way through the worlds in the Andromeda galaxy.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is already receiving a lot of attention for being one of the candidates for Shooter of the Year. Jam packed with over 60 weapon choices, 60 vehicle choices (including helicopter), and some handy side tools like drones.

This RPG shooter can be played any way imaginable. With precision and stealth, to bullets flying in a blaze of glory. With improves features to weapons, explosive, and drones, upgrades and improvenements can make or break each missions success.

We can’t leave out its multiplayer mode. Designed to set it apart from Call of Duty and Battlefield, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands will give its players a new feature called “Synch-Shot”. This features allows the team leader to assign a target to each player on the team and label each target for its destined player. As a result, giving you a more military-like style of precision for kills.

If stealth-based shooters are you bag, this game will sure deliver everything and beyond to keep you hooked.

For Honor


For Honor is quickly approaching its release date. It’s a stunning masterpiece of design. From its environment, body motion, attacks and defense.

Set up in a Viking aged era, For Honor puts you square into a never-ending battle between 3 clans; Vikings, Knights, and Samurai. The clans clash for power and honor as an evil ruler, Napoleon, looks to conquer all 3 clans.

Choose your clan. Fight your way through the bravest and toughest warriors of each clan, called “Heroes”. In a one of kind combat experience, For Honor offers a truly unique melee and attack system. Something not yet seen in video games. You can adjust the angle of each block, parry, and swing of your weapon. Giving your Hero an improved chance of an advantage in combat. Also, you can chain your attacks together to give your Hero a smooth attack from opponent to opponent without stopping. Not to mention, For Honor include an all new environment effectiveness. Meaning you can use aspects of the environment, such as walls, cliffs, and rocks, to your attack or defensive strategy in battle.

Get your copy now before they run out!

To Conclude

The anticipation is not over yet. 2017 is still waiting to blossom and with each day we get even closer to emptying our bank accounts. But you have to admit, these games look amazing! I find hard to believe if you haven’t at least preordered 2 of these by now. Let’s hope all this anticipation is worth it in the end.

How did you enjoy the article? Did you agree or disagree with our selection? Any game you felt didn’t belong here or games that should be here instead? Comment and let us know! Share with your fellow gamers.

Are you a born warrior? Battlefield 1 Awaits you!

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1

To satisfy the inner urge of a warrior soul, EA DICE Developers offers Battlefield 1, the shooter video game, a platform to fight off your rivals. The battlefield1 takes you to the warzones of World War-I, which makes you delve into the ruthless warfare of the great Old times. Battlefield1 is a first person shooter game that is designed for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One platforms. It makes you feel the fierce battle among the battalions of hostile countries that use combat vehicles and deadly weapons for mass massacre of the opponents.

Explore the warzones around the world

The battlefield 1 leads you to an epic scale of war. You find yourself surrounded by the opponents’ armies and your allies at the same time. You’re equipped with lethal weapons and combat vehicles to crush out the enemy, while fighting in the battlefields of Monte Grappa, to the deserts of Sinai, along the Italian coasts, across the lush green Argonne Forests, in the majestic Fao Fortress, and across the Sun-blessed Arabian Desert. You might not lose in the varied geographic locations; the game offers you detailed maps of the battle fields that guide you through the warzone.

Make a Strategy to defeat the Dynamic Weather

Dynamic Weather

Weather is an added foe of you in the game, which presents an ever changing landscape. While you’re heading to sabotage your enemies, while there is a continuous rainfall of shells and bombs around you, while opponents’ horses are galloping just behind you, the sudden appearance of a powerful sand storm adds to the chaos, forcing you to change your strategy (option). It’s the game of nerve and grit. The best thing available to you is “Options;” a wise selection of an Option may save your life.

Fight off your Friends and Family as your Opponents


The Battlefield 1 is a Multiplayer game as well, it supports up to 64 players simultaneously. You can enjoy the game with your friends and family. It offers Multi-Modes; the players can choose any one of their choice. The Multi Modes include; the Boot camp Mode, Conquests Mode, Domination Mode, Operation Mode and Team Deathmatch Modes to name the few.


The game depicts a mission of total annihilation of the old world, to pave ways for the creation of new world. The players observe ruthless killings, bloody slaughters, and all the violence that was part of the World War-I. It’s an appropriate game for adults of ages 18 and above, keeping in mind the content of the game. The Battlefield 1 takes you to a Historical trip, while you peep through the new landscapes, and familiarize you with new characters that were involved in the World war-I.

If you want to explore more about the game, you can visit www.vgamerz.com/new-battlefield-1-campaign-footage-is-utterly-hopeless/ . The game leaves strong emotional effects on you even after you have turned off your PlayStation. The battlefield1 is designed to be played on various gaming Platforms. However, if you want to enjoy the game at your laptop you might get useful information about that in this article www.vgamerz.com/best-laptops-for-battlefield-1-2016/ . If you would like to play the battlefield1 together with your friends and family, don’t forget to share this article with them, to experience the joys of playing together.

Tales of Berseria Review: The Game For Every JRPG Fan

Tales of Berseria Review

Platform: PS4, Steam

Publisher: Bandai Namco

Release Date: January 24th, 2017

In a genre permeated with the new generation growing weary of traditional JRPGs, the Tales series has remained steadfast. Despite the clamor for open world environments, the series has attempted to update it’s style while staying true to its roots. Tales of Zestiria was a step in the right direction but fell short with fans. I brought Zestiria, the collectors edition in fact, and while there weren’t any egregious errors, I just didn’t care enough to finish the game. Tales of Berseria, set 1000 years before Zestiria, is a return to form for every JRPG fan.

Disclaimer: This review may contain some light spoilers for early parts of the game.


“Everything is worth watching and discovering to learn more about the characters and the world”.

Story is Dynamic Dark and Engaging

Velvet's Demon Arm
Image Credit: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/tales-of-berseria-ps4/

The story follows the adventures of Velvet, a once doting sister turned vengeful demon. After a certain event unfolds in the first hour of the game, she is exiled to a jail cell for 3 years. In that time she has snacked on demons and had plenty of time to plot her revenge. With the help of her brother in laws Malakhim Seres, she escapes from the jail picking up the beginning of her rag tag group of companions. Mind you, this is only 2 hrs or so into the game and the world unfolds from here. It is easy to take this story at surface value but stick with it and you won’t be disappointed.

The story is told through the series staples skits, anime cut scenes and in game cut scenes. Everything is worth watching and discovering to learn more about the characters and the world. If you played Zestiria or watched the anime there are many call backs. Players will be able to see how the names and lore have changed. For example Malakhim are Seraphs that are able to be seen by the general population after the events of the prologue. Why did things revert? The game will explain it.

Berseria’s Characters Are Awesome

Tales of Berseria Party
Image Caption: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/tales-of-berseria-ps4/

This game follows the traditional scope for JRPG tropes. The only outlier may be Velvet because she is the anti hero to Zestiria’s Sorrey. She is selfish, arrogant, single minded in her revenge with no remorse. For some that has been a turn off but for me it is refreshing. One of the themes of the game is reason versus emotions. The characters are battling this dichotomy through out the game and it’s intriguing to see how it manifests itself in each one.

The skits and side quests help to further flesh out the characters, their motives and growth. If you’re a side quest skipper I wouldn’t suggest it for this game because you may miss things. You won’t miss anything major and important things are reiterated in the main quest so never fear. There have been some conversation about the English voice acting but I found it fine. Players have the option to change it before they start every save so test it out.

Music and World Building is Perfect

Environments in Tales of Berseria
Image Credit: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/tales-of-berseria-ps4/

Full disclosure, I’m not a fan of open world games. But this game seems to get the formula just right. With the inclusion of fast travel and items to lower enemy encounters players can travel the world unhindered if they choose to. The world is colorful, big and littered with random items and treasure chests. Early in the game players are tasked with finding various Katz by collecting Katz orbs that are everywhere. Opening these chests are easy especially if you go on foot.

Katz and Orbs
image credit: www.Gamona.de.com

The environments are not repetitive and reflect the region they are located. Hellwaus is an icy cold climate so there is snow everywhere, the NPCS are wearing parkas and the enemies tend to be colored in deep blues. The area music tends to be light giving the area personality. The whole thing flows and fits for each place characters visit.

Quality of Life Changes For Everyone

tales of berseria options menu
image credit: https://www.pcinvasion.com/tales-of-berseria-pc-technical-review

Players can customize every part of their game play experience at will. I mentioned the voice acting can be changed at the beginning of every game. The games battle difficulty can be changed in game at any time. When the game starts the sound came from my controller and TV. That can be changed at will as well. The skits can now be skipped through to help the time pass quickly. If there is a side conversation available the NPCS have a green exclamation point above their head. This even counts for staying at the Inn so players no longer need to waste Gil to not miss scenes.

I mentioned the Katz chests above but these chests also contain the costumes for the characters. One of my gripes was being nickeled and dimed for these, and you can still buy them, but there are more in game options.

Not So Great:

Skits May Be Too Long and Too Plentiful

Berseria Skits
Image Caption: http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/14/tales-of-berseria-gets-lovely-1080p-screenshots-in-english-and-new-trailer/

This is an odd complaint since I said this is a good thing about the game. Sometimes you want to get from A to B and you’re unable to do that because the game will stop you for conversation. When it does it can appear to be long winded especially if the skit is comedic. While it’s awesome for character building it can be annoying for players that want to grind away.

It’s Hard To Get Ingredients For Cooking

TOB cooking menu
image credit: http://www.abyssalchronicles.com/tales-of/tales-of-berseria

Cooking is always one of my favorite things in the Tales series but they made it more complicated. There is a basic recipe that players can easily buy and find ingredients for but some others require an extra step. Players will need to use the ship exploration to find new recipes and ingredients for those recipes. The game keeps track of where you get them but you have to wait a 30 minutes to get it. Even then, those ingredients are RNG based so you may not get what you need. As you travel to different locales foraging for the stuff in dungeons and the environment may help but I just want to buy it.

The Battle System Is Fun But May Be Broken

“At this point, I can probably perform Power Ranger call outs of all Eizen and Magilou’s Mystic Arts”.

Battle System
image caption: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/tales-of-berseria-ps4/

I wasn’t a fan of Armitization in Zestiria. I wanted to see all my characters on screen and didn’t want powerful spells locked behind combining. They did away with that system in Berseria. However, Velvet has the potential to allow players to button mash and strong arm their way through the mobs with no real strategy or skill. For example, when she is in her demon form she can’t be killed but her health is ticking down faster the longer she is in the stance. This quirk can be exploitable if you know what you’re doing.

The way the game tries to explain the battle system can be a bit confusing and overwhelming as well. Luckily the help tab is easily accessible for review at any time for pointers. Artes are still here in their Tales glory but when your other characters perform them there is no way to shorten or skip the sequence. At this point, I can probably perform Power Ranger call outs of all Eizen and Magilou’s Mystic Arts. It may be annoying for some players but I can tune it out.

Enhancements, Dismantling and Mastering Skills Can be Overwhelming

Tales of Berseria weapon system
Image Credit: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/tales-of-berseria-ps4/

I’ve used this system for the characters weapons and I’m still not sure what I’m doing. The game will throw repetitive sets of gear at you but each one may have a unique extra skill attached. The characters can permanently learn the skill that each piece of weapon/armor contains after their earn enough experience for it. What that means is that characters may have on a low level piece of gear even if a better one has come along until said skill is mastered.

This has become more of an issue for me as later party members trickled in. There were sets of gear that I dismantled that may have had skills for them to learn. Players will either, not worry about it, save sets of gear until they get a whole party or re-buy old sets of gear to have the party member learn skills later on. I went with the save set option once I figured out the pattern. The one bright side is that there does not seem to be a limit for the amount of items and armor you can carry so horde away.

Exploration and Hide Out Are Underwhelming

Exploration in Berseria
Image Caption: http://www.dualshockers.com/2016/09/14/tales-of-berseria-gets-lovely-1080p-screenshots-in-english-and-new-trailer/

I mentioned the exploration when it comes to recipes but it serves another purpose. Players can find extra outfits, rare sell-able items and special items that provide lore for the world through exploration. Players will have to send the ship out constantly at 30 minute intervals to unlock additional islands. This feature while interesting didn’t add much to the experience. Another feature was the introduction of a hide out players will acquire for story reasons. There is no way to customize the building at all which is a let down. Since players can already get costumes from exploration, incorporating furniture in the finds may have helped make it feel more like home.

Menus Make The World Go Round

Tales of Berseria menu

Most JRPGS have menus in it. It comes with the genre and it is to be expected. This game just appears to have an abundance. There are so many tabs that the game makes fun of you and gives players a title for it. The good thing is that they are easy to sort through and manage to stay organized.

Nope I Don’t Like This At All

“I had to train myself to look in that corner at all times in fears of missing a skit or wasting valuable exploration time”.

Why Are the Notifications There?

I have virtually no complaints about this game except for one thing, the placement of notifications. In the lower right hand side there are two icons, one for when your exploration ship returns and when a skit is available. The exploration icon is a gray white ship that is kind of easy to spot. The skit icon is a green outline of a person and the name of the skit doesn’t always stay active. I missed this entirely for the first 2 hours of the game. Mainly because a lot of the environments have blend-able backgrounds like grass. I had to train myself to look in that corner at all times in fears of missing a skit or wasting valuable exploration time.

Who Is This Game For?

Tales of BerseriaDisclaimer: Since this is my first review for the site I will say that I do not care for traditional review scores and will instead recommend if this game is worth the time of the player.

This game is for JRPG enthusiasts who want some comfort food. In the vein of I Am Setsuna, Tales of Berseria scratches an itch that Final Fantasy 15 left wanting. If players are into story, character development, free extras and plenty of game modes to challenge themselves with this is a good fit. It is worth the 60 dollar launch price and if you were like me, the Collector’s Edition provides some great goodies as well.

Have you played Tales of Berseria? What did you think of the game? Did you have some of the same likes and dislikes? Let us know in the comments section.

The Next Assassin’s Creed Game Eyes to Bring the Franchise Back to Relevancy

Assassin's Creed Assassin's

Assassin’s Creed Game

A decade ago, Ubisoft introduced us to a world like no other. The world of Assassin’s Creed, where the Assassin’s are the good guys and the Templers (those who stand for the wrong goals) are the bad guys. Since then, the Assassin’s Creed franchise has built a platform on the seemingly endless battle between Assassin’s and Templars. Venturing from location to location across history’s greatest time periods. From: The Italian Renaissance, Ottoman Empire, the American Civil War, Victorian England, the Age of Pirates, and the French Revolution.

For now, the next installment of the franchise will continue their tradition of fighting within the past. If following the rumors, it looks like the next title game for the Assassin’s Creed franchise will be called, Assassin’s Creed: Empire. However, Ubisoft has yet to confirm this.

So, where will they take us this time?

Easter Egg Within an AC Game

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Scouring the internet is a lot of fun. Especially when the fandoms are in full force yelling at one another about the who, what, where, and when. However, Ubisoft themselves have dropped a few Easter eggs to the next possible Assassin’s Creed game.

Let’s start with the oldest one that got a lot of rumors flying. This one dates to Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Now, if you were strictly the story you may have missed this one. This was not one that in the heart of the game, rather it is found when the present-day character can move about Abstergo Industries. Looking through the emails on the computers, you would come across one that shows the name Osiris and a view of pyramids. Hinting of a possible character/title and the location. Ancient Egypt, perhaps?

Osiris after all is the Ancient Egyptian God of the dead who laid final judgment of your place in the afterlife. Kind of fitting since Assassin’s basically lay a similar judgment upon their enemies.

Easter Egg in Ubisoft’s 2016 Game

Watch Dogs 2 gameAnother playful and clever tease and Easter egg Ubisoft unleashed upon its Assassin’s Creed fan was within its big game release of 2016, Watch Dogs 2.

In one of the side missions offered, you’re tasked with stealing the newest game trailer for Ubisoft’s upcoming game. As part of the mission, you intercept a phone call between two Ubisoft employees discussing the security of the trailer. One employee stating the after the leaked trailers of Unity, Syndicate, and Osiris, they want assurance it won’t be hacked and leaked. There’s that name again!

Subtly hinting that the rumors a leaked picture and trailer (check video below) on the web that were allegedly of the next Assassin’s creed title could be true.

What to Expect

Assassin’s CreedExpectations on Assassin’s Creed games have always been high. Especially after the release of the original Assassin’s Creed and its direct sequel, AC II. This is when the company started pushing out a game annually to satisfy their fans. This started a decline in the success of the franchise. The franchise could have possibly saw death with the release of Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Thankfully, Syndicate kept the franchise above water for the time being.

This sparked a change of winds for Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed. They went on to make the decision that they will not make a yearly game anymore. Allowing the developers to release games that are complete and full of their best work. Meaning no more bugs, glitches, and poor execution. Even if that means yearly gaps. Not to mention, Ubisoft has been looking to get rid of the boring dialogue dominant story and turn their focus to be more decision based. Much like The Witcher III setup.

This brings us to now. It’s been over a year since we last saw an Assassin’s Creed release and we’re only left with leaks and Easter eggs.

Will we see the Assassin’s in 2017? As of now, we probably won’t. But one thing is clearer than ever. Ubisoft has all of us on the edge of our seats again. Let’s see this time around if a lengthy wait will be truly worth it.

RUMOR ALERT: Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls VI Project on the Horizon?

Bethesda's Elder Scrolls VI Project

Has The Time Come for The Next Chapter in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Franchise?

It’s 2017 already. Thus, marks the beginning of year 6 since the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been released. Although, sure…you can argue and say the October 2016 release of the remastered version of Skyrim for the next-gen consoles and PC counts. But, it’s not the release we really were excited for. Bethesda for the most part have been hush-hush on opening coming out and saying the Elder Scrolls VI project is in the works. But, just because they haven’t said it doesn’t mean they haven’t been hard at work on it.

It’s clear that Bethesda doesn’t need to follow the popular trends to be successful. They’ve paved their own path to success and it continues to work well in their favor. They’re never in a rush to release sequels to popular games. Unlike, some other companies. I’ll leave names out of it but they know who you are (Hint…Call of Duty).

Bethesda aims to please. They strive to create the best possible game no matter the time is takes to do it. Just look at the gaps in years between sequels of some of their games; Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim took 5 years. Dishonored to Dishonored 2 took 4 years. Fallout 3 to Fallout 4 took 7 years. Shall I go on?

Time means very little to the developers at Bethesda. However, is anyone complaining? The results speak for themselves. ($750 million in sales for one day during the release of Fallout 4)

Official Unofficial Hints

Being completely direct, in an IGN interviews with Studio Head Todd Howard after 2016’s E3 conference, Howard said that Bethesda will be making a new Elder Scrolls game. I know—lets the cheers rain down!

However, that’s about all that has been official when talking about the next instalment of the Elder Scrolls franchise. Howard never said Bethesda was currently working on the game current though. Which, for a lot of us sounds like more waiting. Sadly, that’s the truth. But just how far away are we from getting our next fix of the Elder Scrolls?

The Waiting Game

It’s safe to say that none of us shall expect another Elder Scrolls game in the next couple of years. Studio Head of Bethesda, Todd Howard, has said that the Elder Scrolls VI development is “very long off” from any kind of release. As you may already know, the Elder Scrolls huge world design is not a simple feat to accomplish. Especially now that the next-gen consoles have introduced the stunning 4K formatting.

Bethesda has stated after Dishonored 2 dropped in late 2016, that they’re working on 2 huge projects that much like the size of Skyrim and Fallout 4. These 2 games will  be released before the Elder Scrolls VI project will be.

If Skyrim was any indication of how advanced Bethesda is looking to expand and improve-on means, we could be getting next-level pioneering in effects and gameplay as a result! You know…when it does come out.

The Conclusion

As for me, all I can say is it’s going to be a journey to its release. I don’t expect to TES6 to be released until 2019 at the earliest. Maybe at 2017’s or 2018’s E3 Conference we’ll finally be told much more about the future of Elder Scrolls VI. Until then, keep playing gamers.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Is Almost Here!

Resident Evil 7 game

The highly-anticipated release of Capcom’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is almost upon us. After being teased at 2014’s E3, gamers have long been marking their calendars for the day they will finally be able to slide this baby into their consoles. Well—the time is almost here. On January 24th, we all can pretend to line up politely then make that relentless mad dash to the checkout counter. Excitement is understandable, but let try to be a “little” civilized folks. I love throwing some elbows as much as the next guy, but remember to BREATHE. We’re all gamers waiting for our copy, no fight club please.

We’re looking at an incredibly stacked year for gaming in 2017. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be the first of the big games to drop. The horror-survival game looks incredible! Presented in the finest format available; the 4K resolution is truly awe-inspiring. The long gameplay demo release at this past years E3 conference showed an improved stunning environment. From the eerie rooms and hallways, the life-like look of the weapons, even down to the unbelievable effects of the wounds on the body and the blood.

For the first time, you will play in the first-person. Making it even more horrifying to the user experience. If that’s not enough for you, RE7 for the first time ever will also be available on VR (virtual reality) for PlayStation VR. Imagine submersing yourself into a first-person horror-survival game where all your senses are essentially being attacked while being forced to keep yourself alive. It sounds…so much fun! I honestly can’t wait for the hundreds of YouTube videos of people’s reaction to playing this on VR. Someone’s definitely thinking outside the box over there at Capcom.

In terms of gameplay, the creators have stressed “not to expect a shoot off”. Making it sound like you will need to manage your ammunition wisely if you aim to make it to the end. Calling for the much useful real life skill of improvising. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect some of lethal weapons at your disposal. You’ll be able to wield: the always handy chainsaws, powerful explosives (grenades, etc.), flamethrowers (because who doesn’t love a flamethrower?), and the original classics like handguns and shotguns.

Some of the new features include puzzle solving and healing ingredients, like herbs. The healing herbs are a huge benefit to the constant chaos and damage you’re sure to encounter throughout the game. The interesting new thing I believe is the puzzle solving. I mean think about it, imagine trying to deal with a puzzle of some kind and being attacked in waves by monsters and infected people. That battle of focus will undoubtedly by challenged to epic proportions while trying to solve a puzzle. It sounds so stressful…I can’t wait!

I’ve been trying to patient for the release of this game. Truth is, it hast happened. One of my best friends asked for this game for her birthday and I jumped for joy by preordering it as her birthday gift. She went crazy, as one sane person would. Getting the gift of joy. Of course, that joy comes in a box of horror with ominous noises. But besides that, pure joy.

We’re coming down to the end now; Under 2 weeks until the release date. This early contender for GOTY (Game of The Year) should delight fans as the past 10 have. The new improvements with gameplay, design, and format, set this game up to be played day after day. For all the gamers of the world, prepare yourself for this game. It’s one not to be missed or delayed in playing. Don’t let your friends tell you how good it is, go experience it first. Check it out on January 24, January 26th in Japan.

Kite Game Review

Kite Review

In the distant future, weapons development and research has been banned worldwide. Sounds like a difficult thing to keep in check, right? Such is the case, as secret weapons base Arch City continued their research, hidden away from the Kite Review world. A robot outbreak threatens to destroy everything Arch City has worked for, and now it’s up to you and your Human Operated Remote Droid – or H.O.R.D – to take back control.

Lab Cat Games’ Kite is a fast-paced top-down shoot ’em up beaming with retro flair. The first thing you see upon booting up the game is a fierce looking woman right before she gets outfitted with her droid equipment. The whole sequence is oozing with 80’s cyberpunk flavor, and it sets up the sci-fi mood of the game. Kite is filled to the brim with bright and colorful pixel art that creates a clear image of the city. Speaking of Arch City, you’ll be exploring outdoor, lush environments with all sorts of trees and plants. At the same time you’ll be wandering in an out of hi-tech buildings littered around.


Mags, the name of the H.O.R.D you control, has three slots for weapons. She can carry two small weapons which include pistols, swords, shotguns, and the like. Additionally she can carry one two handed weapon for the big guys, which include what you’re probably expecting – rocket launcher, rail guns, and more. Kite plays out like a typical top down shooter, and swift bullet dodging is the name of the game here. To help you out, Mags is equipped with a bullet time-esque ability called the “Tempo Drive” that lets you elegantly weave around incoming projectiles. She also has turbo legs that lets her zoom around at the speed of sound. To top that all off, she also has access to two special abilities that can be swapped out for different ones. Basically Mags is packing heat, and you’re going to need it!

The early levels of Kite are designed to get you used to the volatile pacing of the game. Picking off enemies one by one is one of the best methods of dealing with any group of enemies, and to do this you’ll need to take things slow. You’ll learn quickly that rushing in guns blazing will get you overwhelmed very quickly, and when things get super chaotic it’s almost impossible to keep up with the action. Remember the trees and plants we mentioned earlier? Those can abrupt into flames if you shoot them, and fire lingers around for a couple of seconds. Touching the fire will appropriately damage Mags, so it’s a bit of a control mechanic. While there definitely is a time and place for shooting everything in sight, control and precision are rewarded too. Some levels also have mines hidden around, and they’re only destructible if you’re close enough, further reinforcing this design.

Of course, we can’t all be perfect and precise, and there will be moments where you are completed outnumbered and overwhelm. This is where the combat of Kite really shines, as utilizing every tool at your disposal feels fast, fun and extremely satisfying. Mags has about four different resources you’ll need to manage, not counting her health and shields. You have weapons that run on energy, weapons that run on bullets, your turbo legs, and your tempo drive. Managing all of that plus using your two abilities all the while dodging enemy gunfire takes some practice, but once you pull it off you’ll feel like a invincible combat droid.


The RPG elements also complement the gunplay perfectly. As you rescue researchers, you can develop better gear for Mags. Mags has a ton of different equipment slots, much like an action RPG. There are also the aformentioned weapon choices that let you play Mags however you want, from a long range sniper to a close, in your face laser axe wielder. Mags also has access to four different upgrade trees, much like character specializations you find in MMOs. The four different trees are tailored towards Mags’ base abilities, so you can build her to your favorite playstyle.

Kite is a slick game that is not only fun to play but cool to look at as well. The RPG elements go hand in hand with the shooting action and doesn’t feel tacked on. The different weapon types and upgrades give you plenty of options to play around with and adds a lot of replayability. Pick up Kite if you want some good ol’ shoot ’em up action wrapped up in a stylish package.

Final rating: 8/10

Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan Cards Preview #2


Things weren’t off to the best start with some of the first cards we saw being added with One Night in Karazhan, but the full list is now available and we can make some definitive statements on what we can expect in Hearthstone‘s near future. Hearthstone Let’s see if this update saved its best for last and how it will shape the game.

The developers are really pushing for Discard Warlock to be an archetype and this one card could be what makes it a reality.  The biggest drawback to discarding has always been that, even with a hero power that draws cards, it quickly drains your resources and you simply can’t regain momentum.


Malchezaar’s Imp allows you to maintain momentum even while discarding several cards and has a strong stat line to keep it alive long enough for a considerable effect.  The one caveat is that the deck would have to be aggressive in nature if you’re discarding that many cards as you can’t risk losing anything too valuable.


Given how powerful aggro decks have been for so long, I welcome something like Violet Illusionist into the game with open arms.  Granted, she won’t be enough to counter aggressive decks on the same level as Antique Healbot on her own, but she’ll offer more survivability across the board without being overpowered.


Hey, neutral beast-synergy that isn’t junk.  It also works with dragons and murlocs, but only one for each.  It’s a bit of a strange concept, but you really only need it to hit one of your minions for this to be good.  Even if you have to play it on it’s own, it still has a decent stat line on its own.  It’s less so now that 3/4 minions are becoming more and more common, but it still looks like a decent card.  It’s just strange to think of where it will find its place in constructed with how sporadic its effect is, but just remember that you don’t always have to get maximum value out of card for it to be good.


The final prize at the adventure’s end, Medivh, is interesting for a couple reasons.  For one, it shows that characters who are already playable heroes can also be cards, which could have some interesting results in the future.  Second, he gives you a neutral weapon that spends its durability whenever you cast a spell to summon a random minion matching the spell’s cost.  We’ve already seen this effect with Summoning Stone, but the Atiesh weapon has greater potential as your opponent won’t have an easy way of removing it.  Cards like Acidic Swamp Ooze can counter it, but it’s not something that is going to drive cards like that up in the meta on its own.  The high cost and unpredictability will probably make Medivh too niche for most competitive decks, but he will definitely find his place in certain control decks.


♫The rich get richer♫

♫And the poor get poorer♫

♫And Ben Brode lauuughs at your pain♫

I certainly hope that the bosses in this next adventure are at least fun, because One Night in Karazhan is undoubtedly the weakest Hearthstone expansion in terms of a meta shift.  Between Firelands Portal making Mage stronger and Purify making Priest weaker, this expansion is not only maintaining the status quo, but actively cementing it.  There are a few new archetypes that can emerge from some of the new cards, but most of it merely supplements what is already dominant in the game.  All signs point to Medivh throwing a lame party and I already feel like I have a remorseful hangover.

What are your thoughts on One Night in Karazhan?  Do you have more optimism for what it can offer Hearthstone than I do?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Hearthstone: One Night In Karazhan Cards Preview #1

One Night in Karazhan is bringing some of the most fondly-remembered boss fights from World of Warcraft into Hearthstone and, while they’re always fun challenge, it’s the cards they award that make a lasting impact on the game.  While adventures introduce significantly less cards than card packs, just one or two especially good cards can turn the entire game on its head (e.g. Undertaker, Grim Patron, Tunnel Trogg).

Let’s go over some of the new cards that have been revealed and see where the game may be going with this update.  Be sure to also check out the announcement article which briefly discusses three more new cards that won’t be examined here.


One of the themes for new cards being introduced with this expansion are the portals.  There will be five different portal cards, each for a different class and each with a different effect, and the Firelands Portal will be the first one you get as one of three cards rewarded from the free prologue mission.  For constructed play, this portal probably won’t see play as a simple Fireball is much more reliable in most situations.

In Arena, however, this takes Mage from being incredibly strong to outright broken.  Having strong removal and a strong summon combined into a single card is incredibly powerful in Arena’s playstyle, even for 7 mana, and the fact that this is a common card is bound to make Arena Mage’s almost impossible to beat.  It wouldn’t be so bad if it had just been made a Rare card, and Arena is the only place where rarity of adventure cards has any impact.  It’s just another friendly reminder that the Hearthstone developers don’t play their own game.


To play Moroes, you’re first going to need a meta-shift where everyone stops playing board control cards.  Once people stop putting cards like Flamestrike, Ravaging Ghoul, Lightning Storm, Explosive Trap, and Consecration, then Moroes can finally find a spot in your deck as a worse Imp Master.  Granted, there are cards like Steward of Darkshire and Hobgoblin (at least in Wild) that Moroes can synergize with and we may get another card along the same lines in this expansion, but there’s no chance Moroes will ever see competitive-level play.


This is an interesting inclusion, although its viability is a tough call.  It’s essentially a defensive version of Unleash the Hounds and that could be a potent play.  It’s a card that demands your opponent’s attention and could turn the pace of the game in your favor.  However, it’s highly vulnerable to AoE effects like the ones I mentioned under Moroes and that alone could render it unplayable.  It’s usefulness is going to rely heavily on the current meta, but it should be able to find its niche.  It should at least be a handy Arena card with how much room it gives you to turn the tide.


This is easily the coolest new card being added to the game and the best part is that he’s free to everyone with the prologue mission.  That’s very important as his biggest benefit is that he’ll allow new players and those playing on a budget to play around with legendaries they haven’t collected yet.  He’s also a neutral demon with a lot of viability, so we may actually see Sacrificial Pact enter the meta.  Finally, he has a new type of effect that automatically triggers at the start of the game just from having him in your deck.  That’s a fascinating ability and there’s plenty of potential for more cards that work along the same line.


Hey, have you heard of this new game called Chronicle: Runescape Legends?  It’s a really cool digital card game with great production values and a unique premise.  Instead of summoning monsters to fight for you, you battle your own creatures and create your own mini-adventure with the goal of growing stronger than your opponent for a final battle at the end.  It’s free-to-play and you can check it out for yourself here.  Maybe it will have the decency not to sell playable versions of underpowered cards.

Okay, so One Night in Karazhan isn’t exactly getting off on the right foot with some of it’s early reveals, but there are some really good cards mixed in.  Sadly, aside from a couple of really cool legendaries, this is looking to be the weakest adventure yet in terms of meta-shift.  There are still plenty more cards left to reveal and we may see something grand emerge down the line, but I’ve never wanted to switch to a different card game more than after seeing some of the terribly designed cards featured above.  At least the boss fights should be fun.

What are your thoughts on One Night in Karazhan?  Which of the new cards is your favorite?  Which one most needs to be thrown on a bonfire?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.