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best roblox games of 2024

Best Roblox Games of 2024 So Far

Roblox is a hub for elusive video games, it has been enduringly serving enthusiasts offering them unique and astounding games, even in 2024. The app features immersive titles that stretch back to 2012 when the surge in popularity began. While there aren't new games that outrank the exclusive games available in Roblox, we have some…

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god of war games ranked

All God of War Games Ranked

God of War series, the pinnacle of action-adventure and science-fiction, is among the highly acclaimed video game franchises, it boasts several captivating and endearing titles, and in this blog, we have ranked them. The series comprises meticulously detailed gameplay, stunning visuals, and enthralling environments that stretch enthusiasts back to the mid 00's. The series exceptionally…

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most violent video games

The Most Violent Video Games of All Time

"Nothing good ever comes of violence" If taken seriously these words could change your views, however, in games this sentence is irrelevant, as the action can be acquired through violence, especially in most violent video games. Since the early 1970's the concept of violence emerged, causing people to crave for more. Thus, how the evolution…

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