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Why 2019 is going to be Big Year in Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry

Gaming Industry

In the New Year 2019, numerous latest video games are scheduled to be released in the coming months. In late January, Kingdom Heart 3 has already emerged as a gift to video game leers. Some more major games are expected to arrive in the summer of 2019 such as the Last US: Part II on Play station 4. Nintendo game new version of Pokémon is also coming this year, the middle of 2019 will see many new video game launches. So why we think that 2019 will be the gaming industry year? Keep reading to find out.

The Year Started with Disney Games

If you love a ride into the world of Disney games, then 2019 is going to be a super cool year for you. The long-awaited arrival of Kingdom Heart 3 in January this year won the hearts of many in the world. Dragon Age also released in February 2019 that was all super hit. Here we will look at the most exciting and hottest video games of 2019 to be released.

  1. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil is the favorite classic horror game that is nearly ready to be released in the New Year. Leon Kennedy is the main character in the video game Resident Evil 4, which is why Kennedy and Claire both get involved in a breathtaking adventure in the middle of a surprise zombie outbreak in the Raccoon city. It is the best treatment for someone who loves action and adventure games with a touch of horror; it will work great on the new modern consoles as well.

  1. Kingdom Hearts 3

The famous gang of Rex, Buzz, and Woody is transferring from the actual motion picture to a video game in 2019 with Kingdom Hearts 3 set to release as a video game on Xbox One and Play Station 4. It is yet another exciting action game for the adventure lovers; when Kingdom Hearts 2 was released in 2005, it was a big hit on Play Station 2 and Disney characters are loved by everyone in the world. Alongside a cast of the Toy Story, Donald Duck and Goofy are also the characters of Kingdom Hearts 3.

  1. Apex Legends

It is a great shooter centered game available on a lot of gaming platforms in full colors. If you have enjoyed Titan fall games before, you will certainly enjoy Apex Legends made by Ripsaw Entertainment. It is an excellent first person shooting game and the greatest game for multiplayer mode. It is more of a Battle Royal game that is equally good for Play Station 4, PC, and Xbox One.

  1. Far Cry New Dawn

Far Cry 5 was a similar game was released last year in 2018, it was released on the Play Station 4 back in March last year, however, PC users and Xbox One lovers also enjoyed that game. In America, the open world first-person shooter was enjoyed for the first time by so many people. Far Cry new Dawn is a sequel to that game.

  1. Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 has been a work of art that has been delayed many times in recent years. It is also the third game in the open world. The game allows you to enjoy big mobility and you can go where you want. The game is fantastic for Xbox One users as well as PC users.

  1. Anthem

Like Destiny, Anthem is also playable on the Internet in which many players can participate and each one has the ability to fly in the air. It gives an Iron Man style that allows players to play whenever they want. It provides a layer of exploration for the game lovers that are unlike any other game on the planet. This game looks incredibly gorgeous; there is not a dull moment in the game that does not allow users to get bored. Released in February 2019, Xbox, PC, and Play Station 4 all support the game.

  1. Metro Exodus

Metro series of video games is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland shaped by nuclear radiation. The theme of the game is set in Russia like many other games; it is an extremely unpredictable game that keeps users busy and mentally engaged. It provides extreme weather conditions in Russia and also deals with many nuclear monsters that make your survival difficult. It is a game about survival and humanity, which is why it finally exists the underground subway tunnels of previous games. It is the most gruesome mage of 2019; its success remains to be seen as it is equally good for Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC.

  1. Trials Racing

The eight most gorgeous game of the year 2019 is Trials Racing which is a pretty straightforward racing game. It pilots a dirt bike through stages that are filled with dangerous traps and pitfalls. If you have any experience with bicycle or motorbike games, Trials Racing is all about your taste.

So do you agree that 2019 is the year for the gaming industry? Share your opinion in the comment box below

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