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What Big Hero 6 Means for Kingdom Hearts III

Earlier at D23, one of my Kingdom Hearts III predictions from awhile back got confirmed. Big Hero 6 will appear as a world within the game. When I wrote my article predicting the worlds in Kingdom Hearts III, I said that the two franchises would be a good fit because of their similar tones. It also isn’t hard to picture Sora on the same screen as Hiro and Neku.

What I mean by Neku and Hiro sharing the screen with Sora is that I have a theory (a GAME theory) this world will feature the cast of The World Ends With You. To me, it makes sense because San Fransokyo is a logical place for Neku and the rest of the team to show up next since it’s similar to the real location of their game, Shibuya. Despite that, today another revelation was made on the game that might kill my theory.

During the same presentation where the world was announced, it was also revealed that San Fransokyo has a certain quality that separates it from most of the other worlds in the game series. This aspect is that the world will not retell the story of the movie, instead continuing it. In a way, that could mean that the story presented in the game could serve as a midway point between the original movie and the sequel. While a sequel isn’t officially announced as being made yet, Honey Lemon actress, Genesis Rodriguez, has confirmed that talks of a sequel have been occurring at Disney. In regards to the sequel, Rodriguez said the following:

“There’s rumblings of something else happening. I mean yesterday I just saw that it’s the third most grossing Disney animated feature, so this is huge for them. I doubt that they wouldn’t want to do another one. It was a huge success.”

However, just because the world is continuing the Big Hero 6 story doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be canon within that universe. It could turn out to be just that the story is like an elseworld idea or something. If that is indeed the case, the TWEWY characters still could show up to resolve some of their plotlines from KH3D.

Regardless of the TWEWY characters, Big Hero 6 shows something pretty significant about the state of Kingdom Hearts III. First, the announcement of the game in 2013 was way too early. Most fans already assumed that, but I doubt this Big Hero 6 world was even planned for the game when the announcement happened. Second, it looks like most of the worlds for the game will be coming from more modern titles. That’s interesting because the series has repeatedly shown that it strives off of the nostalgia of the players and only a handful of times has dabbled in more modern movies. Lastly, with Big Hero 6 and Tangled worlds announced, it seems even more clear to me that a Frozen world will appear in the game. For how big that movie is, especially in Japan, it would actually be really weird if it didn’t appear in the game.

With this game coming closer to release every day, we are probably only a few months away from getting a release date. Please be excited, KH fans.

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  • Nick Connor
    Posted August 22, 2015 at 4:59 am

    Another important thing to note: This is the first Marvel world to appear in Kingdom Hearts. Yes, it’s based more on the animated movie rather than the original comic, but it’s still a Marvel property at its core. Here’s hoping it’s just the beginning.

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