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Watch Dogs: Mobile Application Will Be Free


The upcoming action-adventure game Watch Dogs will feature a mobile application, the ctOS Mobile. This software will allow players to directly connect via mobile devices to the world of Watch Dogs. Ubisoft hasn’t specific which features will be subsequently available but regardless what this application can or cannot do, it won’t cost any money. According to Creative Director Jonathan Morin the ctOS Mobile will be mainly focused on challenging players to perform real-time activities:

@Jonathan Morin: The app is “ctOS Mobile” but it focus on challenging console/PC players with real-time gameplay. Ho and its free ;).

Possibly, this application won’t just allow players to connect and check how’s the virtual world of Watch Dogs at that precise moment. It will most likely display simple features involving hacking activities and alternative mini games that don’t require a console or PC. It’s known that it will feature several mini games like chess and poker. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an incorporation of the same games in the mobile application.



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