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Until Dawn Best Ending: How to Keep Everyone Alive

Until Dawn

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is slowly becoming one of my favorite games of the year and I love playing it over and over again. Because, yes, I wasn’t able to keep everyone alive on my first try and I simply knew that I had to get the best ending and offer all those people a chance for a better tomorrow. And once I did it, I decided to share with you this guide on how to keep everyone alive in Until Dawn.

Please have in mind that game spoilers are included in this guide, so if you haven’t played through the game once, you might want to do that first to make sure that you’ll still be surprised by all the… surprises.

So let’s see how to keep all characters alive in Until Dawn!

How to keep Mike alive

Probably the easiest character to keep alive. You can only lose him in the last chapter of the game, when Sam has the option to either Save Mike or put the light switch on. Obviously, go for the first option and then wait a bit until everybody’s out of the lodge before running to the light.

How to keep Sam alive

Another easy character to keep alive – she also can’t die until the final chapter. After helping Mike, correctly complete all QTEs and stand still when prompted not to alert the Wendigos.

How to keep Ashley alive

In chapter 9, when she hears a noise, choose to ignore it and stick with the group. Also, in the final chapter, if Sam chooses to save Mike, she will be OK too.

How to keep Chris alive

This is a fun one to keep alive as decisions that don’t seem to affect him at first will actually seal his fate. So first, when you have to choose between killing Chris or Ashley (when they are tied up) choose to shoot yourself in the head (you have blank bullets, don’t worry!). Next, when running away from the Wendigo, shoot it and not Ashley.

How to keep Jessica alive

This is a tough one to keep alive! When she’s kidnapped, make sure you don’t miss any (or too many) QTEs with Mike and you always choose the riskiest paths. If you delay getting there for too long, she won’t be alive in the elevator. Finally, in chapter 10, when she’s being followed by the Wendigos, make sure you always choose the hide option to keep her alive.

How to keep Matt alive

When the scene with the deer happens, just ignore the deer and don’t attack them. Later on, choose to jump off the platform instead of trying to save Emily and everybody will be just fine! Finally, in chapter 10, when he’ll be followed by the Wendigos, make sure that he’s with Jessica and you always choose to hide and complete all QTEs.

How to keep Emily alive

In chapter 8, when she’s being followed by the Wendigos, make sure you correctly complete all QTEs and she will be safe. Some routes are a bit easier than the others (so you could leave the conveyor belt), and it doesn’t really matter if you have the flare gun or not. Later on, when Mike wants to shoot Emily suspecting her of being bitten by the Wendigo, DO NOTHING.

How to keep Josh alive

One of the most difficult characters to keep alive, Josh’s fate is sealed by you finding all the Twins clues throughout the game. If you miss one, he won’t recognize the tattoo on his Wendigo sister.

And this is it! You now know everything about keeping all the characters alive in Until Dawn!

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