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Top 10 Definite Coming Features of Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

The new Watch Dogs release date has been settled for May 27th and Ubisoft has been unveiling some of the upcoming features of Watch Dogs Rumors and unaccredited information has become official statements and therefore an imminent reality. Hacking is surely the main attraction of Watch Dogs but in this upcoming version of Chicago, hacking is just one of the multiple possibilities. If you’re still wondering what’s so great about the features of Watch Dogs, then you surely don’t want to miss the following list with the top definite features of Watch Dogs announced so far.

features of Watch Dogs1. Deepest Open World | Features of Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs will present a vast and dynamic world where everything will have a certain level of interactivity. Players will be able to shape Chicago as they wish, either through direct actions or passive decisions. This doesn’t necessarily mean Watch Dogs will feature the largest or biggest open world ever made. Instead, it will have the deepest world ever created, as Ubisoft creative director Jonathan Morin stated:

The game is massive and Chicago is massive, but don’t expect, like, the biggest open world ever done. Do expect the deepest one you’ve ever seen, though.

2. Advanced Graphics and Effect Quality

As expected, Watch Dogs will feature advanced graphics and effect quality. Special effects will also be added in order to intensify the levels of immersion and realism. The recently announced minimum system requirements indicate that Watch Dogs will be a power-hungry game, which makes perfect sense – to run a superior graphic quality game, you need a proper machine.

3. PC Version Will Display Better Visuals

It’s no news that PC can bring better results when it comes to graphics but this time it’s not a mere assumption. Watch Dogs PC version will indeed display a higher visual quality compared to consoles, as Ubisoft senior producer Dominic Guay specified:

(…) we’re not going to support very old PCs. If you have very powerful PCs, then it’ll scale up, and it scale up to even higher resolution, obviously, than you can have on PS4 or Xbox One.

watch_dogs_being_hacked.0_cinema_640.04. Multiplayer: ‘Paranoia and Surveillance’

The multiplayer element in Watch Dogs will have a particular objective based on hacking and getting away with it. Killing other players is never the main goal of multiplayer matches, instead, players need to find the intruders and prevent them from stealing or hacking you, as Ubisoft lead game designer Danny Belanger clarified:

I think a good image is it’s based on paranoia and surveillance. Someone can be in your game, trying to get something from you and you have to find them before they get it.

5. Hacking Chicago:  ‘It’s an All-Around Tool’

Aidan Pearce has a very peculiar weapon, his cellphone. With this tool, he can literally go anywhere and reach anyone. Due to the high interaction of Chicago’s virtual world, players will be able to hack basically every technological device using this versatile tool. And the possibilities become limitless, as Belanger explained:

It’s so hard but I’ll have to go with jam-coms because if you disrupt people, the cell phone, the police scanners, it has so many applications, it’s so cool. It’s an all around tool.

6. Reputation System: Features of Watch Dogs

Even though Watch Dogs is an action game, there will be a strong RPG element that allows players to shape their own fate within Chicago. Each and every decision will generate reputation points that will consecutively categorize Aiden Pearce as a possible hero or villain. However, certain decisions can be misunderstood by citizens or the media, meaning that a good intention can easily turn into a negative influence. Watch Dogs will focus on consequences and emergent missions rather than branching stories.

Watch Dogs7. Car on Demand: Owning Cars is a Possibility, Customizing Them is Not

Car on Demand is the name of the upcoming feature in Watch Dogs that will allow players to own a limitless amount of cars. Once you have a car, you can easily call upon it to drive around during your missions. The bad part is that cars can’t be customized, as Belanger explained:

So basically we have that concept of collecting cars, you cannot customize them, but you can own them all. You can call them in during free-roam at anytime to use them in missions.

8. Aiden’s Style: Features of Watch Dogs

Character customization won’t be a problem in Watch Dogs. Even if Aiden’s face will remain the same for everyone, he can easily dress in a very distinct way. There’s a huge amount of costumes in game and more are still being created right now, as Ubisoft animator director Colin Graham said:

There’s a ton of costumes. There’s a huge amount of them. Every time I get a new version of the game, there’s more costumes.

9. Most Buildings Can Be Accessible

The open world element will be quite noticeable while exploring Chicago, since most of the buildings can be accessible in one way or another. It’s true that certain buildings are not available for exploration but these are a minority. Most buildings are access free or reachable through hacking, as Morin stated:

You cannot go in every building no. But there are several of them as well as ways to hack into others as well.

Watch Dogs10. Minigames: Poker and Chess

Who would say Aiden Pearce would get a chance to play poker or chess? Well, according to Ubisoft, features of Watch Dogs will include several other minigames; however the company didn’t officially announce any further information about this matter.

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