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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 ‘A Crooked Mile’ New Characters

Crooked Mile

A Crooked Mile, the third episode of The Wolf Among Us, introduces a new set of fables with very peculiar fates in which some of them are predestined to change the course of the upcoming episodes. The new reinforcements promise a strong antagonist force, as well as a talented ally frontier gifted with exceptional aptitudes. Among witches, doctors, janitors and vicious killers, this new episode really brings a huge amount of diversity. Meet all the new characters presented in A Crooked Mile.

The Wolf Among Us Greenleaf

1. Auntie Greenleaf

Aunty Greenleaf is one of the few rogue witches living outside of the 13th Floor magic group. She sells illegal spells in Fabletown’s black market and she has been supplying Ichabod Crane with illegal glamours for the past few years. Greenleaf is a nature and animal lover and she relies on her ancient tree to perform magical deeds. However, she’s now working for Bigby, meaning her underworld days have come to an end.

The Wolf Among Us

2. Bloody Mary

This ruthless and vicious antagonist seems to be a higher rank of the Crooked Man’s gang. Bloody Mary kills for fun and she is proud of her malicious spirit. She has been working with the Tweedles Twins and for some reason she has been hunting Ichabod Crane. It’s not clear yet but everything indicates that she’s directly involved with the murder of Faith and Lily.

The Wolf Among Us Crooked Man
3. Crooked Man

The Crooked Man is supposedly the main antagonist of the story and he seems to be behind all the criminal incidents in The Wolf Among Us. He directly employs the Tweedles, Bloody Mary and Georgie from the Pudding & Pie. Consequently, he has all the girls under control, explaining the famous phrase “my lips are sealed”.

The Wolf Among Us Swineheart

4. Doctor Swineheart

Swineheart is Fabletown’s resident physician and he has become a notorious ally by tending to Bigby, Grendel, Holly and Snow’s wounds. He runs the Special Research Section of the Knights of Malta Hospital and he’s skilled at the art of instrumental surgery. Also, he seems to be a kind and generous fable and he usually advices other fables.

The Wolf Among Us Flycatcher

5. Flycatcher

Flycatcher used to be a prince but after losing his family at the Woodlands, he came to Fabletown to become a janitor. He has been hired by the Tweedle brothers to maintain their office and he doesn’t seem too concerned about the town issues. He’s a true workaholic and he uses his endless work tasks to deny himself and his past.

The Wolf Among Us Tim

6. Tiny Tim

Very little is known about Tiny Tim. He is seen driving the Crooked Man’s limousine at the end of the episode, which indicates that he’s most likely his devoted driver.

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