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The VgamerZ Monster Files: The Bile Demon (Dungeon Keeper)

Bile Demon

You see this thing’s name? Its malevolent, I-eat-your-face appearance? You’ve probably already made your snap judgments from that, and they’re unlikely to be flattering. Does the Bile Demon look like the kind of guy who volunteers at a soup kitchen? Or has a sensitive side, writing poetry and sobbing at girly movies like The Notebook? No, it doesn’t, and no it doesn’t.

Not that I support judging a book by its cover –grandma told me not to do that, after all– but you’d be exactly right. That’s really all you need to know, but in the interests of more word-typery, I’ll continue anyway.

This sentient tumour hails from cult classic Dungeon Keeper. In this 1997 PC release, you were tasked with building your own evil empire beneath the ground, and defending it from the goodly Heroes who invade to end your reign of terror. To do so, of course, you needed an army of your own.

By means of portals, you could attract all manner of ghastly beasts. If your food stocks were high enough, the portly horror that is the Bile Demon would join your ranks, shuffling about on its leg-arms and farting and generally being unpleasant. And while it may be a bad house guest (you don’t want to use the bathroom after this guy), it’s certainly something you’d want on your side in a battle.


In combat, it’s a fearsome foe. As its appearance also suggests, it’s quite resilient, and takes a lot of punishment. It’s a powerful attacker too, with those bizarre twin dangly mace-things it has. But the Demon’s best trick is its use of poison, by way of farts. These can be fired as a projectile or unleashed the old-fashioned way, which creates a sort of AOE health sapping effect when enemies draw near the cloud.

Like all huge red disgusting blob monsters, the Bile Demon is also a dab hand at manufacturing. In the workshop, they can forge traps and doors to bolster your dungeon’s defenses. Not many creatures perform that function, so there’s another bonus for this guy.

In summation, this hideous beast isn’t one of gaming’s finest creations. For some of us, though, it’s quite an icon. Who could forget the sight of Ol’ Biley giving you the finger when you slapped him? Nobody, that’s who.



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