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The VGamerZ Monster Files: Mewtwo


GAH! Hold on to your underpants and lock grandma in the closet (for her own protection, naturally), it’s Mewtwo!

Anybody who vainly endeavored to catch this bugger back in 1998 knows what a fiend Mewtwo is. Your buddy Brian lied and told you that hammering the Up and A buttons helped, but it didn’t. It didn’t. What the hell, Brian? It was a long ol’ slog to catch this thing, which cemented its position as the ultimate Pokémon.

This mutated monstrosity was the result of –once again– scientists playing around with things that should really be left darn well alone. In this instance, experiments with the DNA of Mew. Now, ‘horrific gene splicing’ isn’t a phrase you’ll find in many of Nintendo’s family friendly games, so you know the brown stuff has hit the fan right here.

The result was a terrifying, remorseless feline death machine of deathly death. With death on.

In the original Red and Blue games, it could be encountered only after defeating the Elite Four. This would allow you access to the cave it resides in, where you’d have quite the fight on your hands. This guy had Master Ball written all over it, what with its high level and steadfast insistence on breaking out of every other darn kind. That Recover spam was probably the first thing in video games I ever raged at.

I STILL don't know why the little one has a tail growing out of the back of its head.
I STILL don’t know why the little one has a tail growing out of the back of its head.

Back then, the Psychic type was king, and Mewtwo was its… king. (I didn’t think that sentence all the way through.) Still among the most fearsome special attackers in the game, Mewtwo remains among the ‘Uber’ pokemon banned from standard play. It certainly isn’t moving any time soon.

With the release of X and Y, this beastly beast was given two Mega forms. Only Charizard shares that honour, which says a lot about the villain’s popularity. As does the clamour for Number 150 to return to Smash Bros. Now there’s an added element of mystery about this titan, as it may also morph into a physical attacker (Mega Mewtwo Y) and beat on you from a whole different angle. Just to add to the fun.

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