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The Best Indie Games on Mobile Ports You Should Try Out

Indie Games on Mobile

The indie genre is incredibly special, whether an individual likes it or hates it, they still can’t make up for a denial of a small creator for their hard work, to show their support for independent developers, some install indie games on their mobile while others swing around the indie games on their PC’s. In the 21st century, mobile devices certainly are the most reliable method for communication and entertainment, hence playing indie games on mobile devices will remain the affordable option even for a few decades. Let’s guide you to what indie games you should play.

Sky Children of The Light: The Soothing Adventure into Dreams

Sky Children of The Light is a soothing video game that’s both captivating and mind-boggling. When playing, the game emits the energy of a dream. In this video game, you roleplay as a Child of Light, equipped with various superpowers and a magical cap that helps you fly.

The video game features explorable dreamlike realms with countless stars that hold uncanny secrets. Your mission is to set the stars free that are trapped in the shape of spirits and restore the lost constellation. The setting of the video game is set above the clouds, where you will be doing loads of quests, such as freeing spirits from the constellation of stars, sending and receiving gifts, and interacting with fellow gamers.

Mekorama: The Best of Indie Puzzle Games on Mobile

Mekorama is a tiny game in both size and duration span, it’s a delightful indie game developed by “Martin Magni” a Sweden developer. The Mekorama is a 3D puzzle video game where you will be assisting a tiny robot that is on a journey to its home. Mekorama is a peaceful and calming video game with the only objective of winning, it’s easy to grasp.

On your adventure, you will encounter various perplexing paths that are inevitably too complex to overcome. The gameplay difficulty gradually increases as you keep advancing, and there are up to 50 unique levels. Now’s the time to embark on your adventure into a diorama world. Because this video game won’t occupy too much of your storage space.

Monument Valley: The Best of Story-Telling Indie Games on Mobile Devices

The puzzle genre in video games as a whole is intriguing, isn’t it? It’s broadening day by day with exclusive titles. And the indie developers’ love for this category of video game never fades away. Monument Valley is an indie-puzzle adventure developed by Ustwo Games, that is similar to Mekorama in terms of setting. However, Monument Valley features a solid plot, in the video game, you will simulate Princess Ida, who is on a mission to return the sacred geometry that is her possession at the moment.

To advance players must manipulate their paths, and find different ways to pass the level. In short, you have to try out all the odds required to win. The gameplay is visually amusing with meticulous graphics and an immersive narrative. If you find Monument Valley astounding, you have a sequel too.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza: The Best of Indie Cooking Games on Mobile

Countless video games center on cooking a variety of different foods and ultimate food chains. But Good Pizza, Great Pizza remains one of the best on mobile devices. According to local surveys, Pizzas are one of the cheapest energy sources and almost everyone likes it. Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a cozy video game that lets you experience what it feels like to run a pizza shop.

In the video game, you will be managing everything from taking orders to baking pizzas. The video game features up to 200 customers all with different preferences and distinct personalities. These customers will demand different toppings, while there will also be some who will order without any. Messing something up will sadden the customers, resulting in a low evaluation of your business. Despite being a cooking video game, it follows a unique storyline, every in-game morning will start with the coverage of the latest game news.

Désiré: The Best of Reality Check Indie Games on Mobile

Désiré is a fascinating video game that impressively tells the tales of a young boy’s struggle from childhood to adolescence. The boy named Désiré suffers from bullying, mental illness, and depression. As the player, you have to guide the Désiré through four stages of life. In brief, the video game elaborates on the theme of psychology and frankly depicts how lowly a human can be if they act upon their urges.

The point-and-click gameplay of Désiré may take players about 4 hours on average to complete the campaign. However, the puzzle-solving and diving into the mesmerizing narrative may indefinitely take you more than just a few hours to complete.

Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery: The Best of Indie Games for Exploration on Mobile

Tiny Room Stories Town Mystery is a point-and-click video game where your objective is to escape different and random rooms. Every level spawns the player on a small chunk of land. These chunks are a part of a big town called Redcliff. Where calamity has struck upon its residents, and we are entirely alone in the whole city. That’s where the plot and the gameplay center, your objective is to uncover the reasons behind this strange phenomenon.

The levels are relatively difficult to complete and as you progress you will have a hard time advancing. The key to winning remains the exploration and puzzling-solving aspect of the video game. So dive into the narrative that’s brimming with various puzzles as well as a beautiful background.


The indie games genre remain popular in 2023 and 2024 as well. People are starting to pay attention to what they are playing, and starting to show some enthusiasm about it. On a scale of 1 to 10, what’s your opinion on the indie games genre and its evergreen popularity, don’t forget to drop your reviews of how good this list looks.

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