Bound by Flame Tips, Tricks and Strategies


If you want to get the shiniest horns ever in the Bound by Flame history, you might want to check out our tips, tricks and strategies article below where we share some… uhm… Bound by Flame tips and tricks for all the players out there, from how to build your character and put those skill trees to good use (and not become a useless tank, like many do) to how to beat the final boss in the game. Pretty much everything you need to know to get you started and running!

1. Don’t rush to become a demon! I know that I said something about shiny horns in the intro, but that also prevents you from wearing a helmet. Becoming a demon also reduces your ice resistance (and defense in general), so it might not be the best suited route to take in the first place. It’s true, your fire spell abilities will increase, which helps a lot. Probably going for the Rogue – demon combo is the best option.

2. Don’t be afraid to go Rogue. Playing as one, with all the stealth abilities and the demon combo is extremely exciting. This opens up the possibility for multiple approaches and the dual daggers are really fun to play. Still, you need to think your build for the final boss battle, otherwise you will have a really tough time there, since Rogues generally have low health and damage resistance.

3. Become an expert fire spell caster. You really need to max out all of the fire skill tree and reap the benefits. And have in mind that if you want to play the Hero, you can (and should) still max out the fire spells, as this is not what turns you into a demon, but the in-game choices.

4. Understand the character builds. To put it short, Warrior is tank, Ranger increases damage per second and Pyro goes great for support on all builds. So focusing solely on your Warrior tree will make it very difficult to play later on, as you will be able to absorb a lot of damage, but cause little. My suggested build is 45% Pyro, 30% Ranger (or Warrior, whichever is your favorite) and 25% the secondary style. Choose the right traits, find out what works best for you and try to balance things as much as possible.

5. Dodge is your friend. This is basically the right approach to any type of battle, including all the bosses. Learn the attack patterns of your enemies and dodge at the right time. If you manage to combine this with keeping your character permanently on the move, you will be able to easily flank opponents and take them out quickly.

6. Increase your health. You will need it, despite knowing how to dodge, despite being a great player. The bosses get more and more difficult, trust me, so you will need all the health you can get, as well as resistance from the Warrior tree. Go for Tough and Colossus or at least one of those to make your life easier.

7. Long range attacks are your friends, too. Always have some crossbow bolts with you and learn how to fight from a distance. Not manly enough, I know, but it will save your demon’s behind on numerous occasions. And you never know when you need some extra bolts to put to good use…

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Titanfall Guide, Tips and Tricks: How to Dominate in Every Map


Titanfall features multiple classes, weapons, maps and game modes. As obvious, each class displays a different set of weapons/abilities and each specific battlefield has its own tactics. However, there are numerous general strategies that warranty players’ dominance independently of the class and map chosen. In fact, it’s all about tactical positioning, approaching and movement. The game has a quite balanced combat system and every pilot-titan combination has its own strong and weak points.

If you’re wondering how to dominate everywhere without having to make a strategy plan for each map, then you probably should follow the tips and tricks stated below.

TF21. Follow the Objectives [General]

I know most players can’t resist the temptations of open-fire encounters. But each match has its own specific objectives and if you don’t follow them, you’ll most likely fall behind. Apart from the Attrition deathmatch mode, you should look forward to accomplish the main goal before the enemy team does. Even if your score is not the best, at least you won’t end up in the losing side.

2. Use and Abuse the Minimap [General]

Titanfall’s minimap is a precious relic that should get all your attention. This tool will provide the most crucial information about the battlefield. It will display nearby IA (small orange and red dots) and player enemies (big red dots and triangles). And it will also inform you about the game mode’s objectives and your team’s performance.

3. Seek Higher Ground [Pilot]

Tactical positioning can be quite tedious sometimes but it really pays off at medium-long periods of exposure. It’s true that you’ll get vulnerable at higher grounds, since you won’t be able to move a lot or take proper cover, but on the other hand, you can easily spot enemy pilots and take them down from afar. Besides, you’ll have a general view of the match and the possibility to decide where to go next.

Titanfall Screenshot4. Adopt a Dynamic Posture with Parkour Movements [Pilot]

The more you move, the harder it is for enemies to hit you or fatally wound you. As in every FPS game, moving is one of the main keys to survive and in Titanfall this element’s value has been intensified. Running and jumping are not the only options towards a dynamic posture anymore. Players can now use a set of pilot maneuvers, such as wall running, double jumping and mantling.

5. Permanently Look for Cover [General]

Covering yourself is probably the most efficient way to survive deadly blows and constant fire. Some maps don’t provide huge amounts of cover places, however you should always keep in mind that open spaces are your worst enemy. If you remain covered while in combat, you’ll at least have a chance to react and fight back.

6. Take Advantage of Environmental Elements [General]

Apart from the innumerous objects that can work as cover places, Titanfall displays an interactive environment that can help you survive or reach certain places faster. For example, the zip lines spread over several maps will certainly help you travel between points in a much faster way.

Titanfall Screenshot7. Engage from Long Distances [General]

If you shoot your enemies from long distances, there’s a huge chance that they won’t know where you’re shooting from at a first glance. Furthermore, you’ll have the surprise element with you – with the proper gear and a fierce aim, picking kills this way will be a piece of cake!

8. Exploit Your Enemy’s Weaknesses [General]

Dissimilarity doesn’t just bring superior points, it also brings inferior ones and in Titanfall every strong trait is followed by a weak one. You should always identify your opponent’s class and build and immediately counter him. For example, CQB pilots are extremely powerful at close encounters; try to take them down from afar.

9. Apply Pilot’s Reverse Psychology When You Engage in Titan Mode [Titan]

When commanding a titan, instead of having a dynamic posture and a cover instinct, you should focus on getting the most kills possible while absorbing damage and dodging deadly blows. It’s a question of taking the most profit from your titan before it goes down.

Titanfall Screenshot10. Avoid Facing Several Enemies at Once [General]

If you realize that several enemies are approaching you, then the best thing to do is to run towards your allies or seek cover and try to take them down one by one. The second option is rather risky but very rewarding if successfully done. Note that you can use specific tactics to counter massive numbers; one of them is the frag grenade.

11. Rodeo Titans [Pilot]

Titans are quite hard to kill, especially if you’re using your pilot but there’s a simple trick that can take down titans in a blink of an eye – the rodeo maneuver. This tactic is generally deadly for enemy titans, since your pilot will climb into the titan’s back and inflict a lethal attack that will either disable or kill the machine.

12. Dodge Incoming Fire [Titan]

Surprisingly, pilots can’t dodge enemy attacks but titans can. Titans have the ability to instantly perform a sideways slide that is particularly helpful against rocket and gunfire.

Titanfall Screenshot13. Detonate Grenades in Midair [Pilot]

In Titanfall grenades don’t have a detonator but you can manually blow them off. This trick is particularly deadly against ejected pilots. To trigger this event, you must launch a grenade and shoot it using a Smart Pistol Mk5.

14. Cloak When in Trouble [Pilot]

Cloaking is a general skill for all pilots and it’s mostly effective against titans. If you enable this ability in front of enemy pilots, they’ll still be able to spot you, however enemy titans have no way to detect invisible targets, so if you’re in trouble don’t hesitate.