Character from Romantic-Comedy Anime Added to Mario Maker

No, this isn’t a mod or a prank, Nintendo has officially added the character Chitoge Kirisaki from the anime and manga series Nisekoi as a Mystery Mushroom costume for Super Mario Maker.  Like all other Mystery Mushroom costumes, the Chitoge costume acts as a replacement for the Super Mushroom power-up and transforms Mario into that character.  Due to technical details, Mystery Mushroom costumes are only available to use on levels using the original Super Mario Bros palette.  Unlocking the costume is a simple matter of completing either one of two event courses that Nintendo has released freely for all players in all regions.  Nisekoi is a romantic-comedy where Chitoge and the male lead, Raku Ichijo, absolutely hate each other, but are forced into a relationship by their gangster fathers to make peace between their criminal organizations.

Guest characters are nothing new to Super Mario Maker as Chief Arino from popular gaming show GameCenter CX and Felyne from the Monster Hunter series have been added in the past.  What makes Chitoge’s inclusion unexpected is that the Nisekoi series has no preexisting relation to Nintendo or the Mario franchise.  There has been a Nisekoi visual novel, but it was developed by Konami and released exclusively for the Vita.  This crossover is most likely the result of a sponsorship deal similar to the ones previously made with Mercedes-Benz and Southwest Airlines.  Either that or someone at Nintendo is an insanely big fan of the anime.

You can check out the official reveal trailer for Chitoge Kirisaki here.  Who do you think could be the next out-of-nowhere guest character to appear in Super Mario Maker?  My money’s on sci-fi slasher film icon the Predator.  Between Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Mortal Kombat X, that guy is appearing in everything these days.

Why it’s Great to be a Gamer Right Now


Christmas may still be a few weeks away, but for gamers everywhere it has certainly arrived early. Assuming you have one of the two leading consoles or PC your blessed this winter with a stunning line up of mainly third-party titles. There is so much on offer currently that it’s hard to find the time to enjoy them all.

Starting off in early September we had the mammoth 200 hour plus Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. A solid outing for Snake receiving all around praise from critics and fans of the series. Then at the end of October Xbox owners finally got their hands on Master Chief’s latest adventure with Halo 5: Guardians. This time questioning the hero for his actions giving this exclusive a nice edge. Then on top of the story you have the multiplayer aspect which will merge your days into weeks making you lose track of time altogether.
Image 1

Start on November rolled around bringing plenty of presents including Bethesda’s latest entry into the Fallout series which dropped another 200 plus hour campaign into the mix. On the same date the follow up to 2013’s Tomb Raider was released for Xbox One. Two highly anticipated titles leading into the third week in November. Come the nineteenth we had EA’s Star Wars Battlefront. Whatever your opinion no one can doubt that the Star Wars universe has never looked so glorious. Planets like Hoth and Endor now look so immersive that it’s impossible not to appreciate them. With multiple updates coming in the near future, this is something we could all be playing for a crazy amount of time.

Image 2

Nintendo’s Wii U on the other hand has a tremendous library of games available for anyone purchasing the console this holiday season, however for those of us that bought the console earlier in its life cycle there is little to shout about. Yes 2016 seem’s to be growing with games but their ending to this year is nothing short of disappointing. At the start of the year we had a Zelda and Star Fox lined up, now we have a Mario Tennis and Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival. Saying all this we have the much requested Super Mario Maker which can easily keep owners occupied until the new year. Creating and crafting levels until your heart contents is something that gamers have been dreaming of since the original Super Mario Bros. Now a reality its hard to put it down.

Image 3

These are just a handful of the stand out titles this winter so how is anyone suppose to enjoy all these? Normally we are treated to one or two major releases that stand apart from the crown, but this year it’s looking more like half a dozen. Unless your lucky enough to own all platforms and have the time to sink hours upon hours into all of these releases then sadly not every game can be played. This case is never-ending though as there is always another game to play. All these anticipated new games combined with every previously released title begs the question how we manage to say “I have nothing to play”. I’m not condemning others as I myself am guilty of this because when you sit down and think about it there basically an endless amount of video games to fall in love with. This is truly a gift and a curse.

Upcoming Update Brings Checkpoints and More to Super Mario Maker

A free update has been announced that will bring five major additions to Super Mario Maker.  The most important change is the addition of checkpoints into the game, which has been the most requested feature by players since the game launched in September.  Simply shaking an arrow sign will turn it into a checkpoint flag that will save your progress in a level once you touch it, and a maximum of two can be placed in any stage.  Checkpoints will make difficult stages far more manageable and allow creators to be more daring with their designs.

The new update will also give makers the ability to combine Super Mushrooms and Fire Flowers in a single ?-block and only one will come out based on the state that the player is in.  Small Mario will receive a mushroom, while big Mario will get a flower.  The third addition will be a new, more challenging difficulty for the secret Gnat Attack minigame.  This minigame won’t be an asset for level creation and is simply a bonus for your own amusement.  Next, an official courses section will be added that features all levels designed by Nintendo employees.  Finally, a section for Event Courses will be added that includes levels surrounding special events.  How these events will be organized is currently unknown.

The update is scheduled to release on November 4th.  You can check out the announcement trailer here.  What are your thoughts on the new content coming to Super Mario Maker?  What do you still want to see added to the game?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

5 Super Mario Maker Tips

Super Mario Maker Tips Cover - vGamerz

Where do I begin? It can be quite daunting being released into the wild with a vast palette of Super Mario Maker contraptions. Do I use Koopa Troopas or Chain Chomps? Where do I place Bowser? Should I include a fire flower? All first-world problems. There have already been more than 2.7 million levels uploaded. Some are superb, some not so much. One thing that proves challenging is standing out from the crowd. Here I am going to give you some simple Super Mario Maker tips that will hopefully help you start raking in the stars.

Note: This is only from my experience using the game combined with a general feel for what thrives in the online community.

Mario Maker tips | Simplify

The first of Super Mario Maker tips is, I like to think I can be clever by trying to fool players on a stage. Spending hours upon hours developing a perfect scenario all revolving around one gimmick. Trolling is another example of this. What I have come to learn is, these plans hardly ever pan out as expected and nobody really enjoys these. When you think about it most Super Mario levels are reasonably simple therefore take a step back. Think! Does this stage need to be as complicated as it is?

Mario Maker tips | Simplify


Mario Maker tips | Be Minimal

With so many tools at your disposal, it can be so easy to get carried away. This is the second of Super Mario Maker tips. All of a sudden you then end up throwing every single enemy, obstacle, and power up at your disposal. Instead, try focusing on one particular asset. Build around this key element and expand. I for instance chose Spinies, stacking dozens on top of one another before making them supersized. The aim here was to Base a level surrounding the task of finding a Super Star in a small-time limit in preparation for the oncoming storm of Giant Spinies. Compared to my earlier stages, I used 50% items. So because of this, I felt my designs were progressing better at a much faster pace.

Mario Maker tips | Be Minimal


Think Outside the Box

Looking at what the online community has already created, It may seem as if everything in sight has already been created. A dampening notion yes, but instead take a break from viewing other creators’ levels and try thinking of something that has not been done before. Entrepreneur a new theme that you can be proud of. The best way to do this is simply to experiment. Yes, your first few attempts may be shoddy but you will progress much quicker. In no time at all your levels will be featured on the Star Makers page.


Image 4.jpg


Name Is Everything

Sure it may seem daft at first but really this is what catches the player’s attention. A grabbing name will reel people in regardless of what is on the stage. After hours of designing and perfecting a course. I realize it can be tempting to give your masterpiece the first thing that jumps into your head, so it makes it way online as soon as possible. Stop for a second. Think is this really the best I can do? Take your time and pick something that makes you proud. You don’t want to pick a name that you will regret.

Super Mario Maker Tips-vGamerz


Make It Fun

Probably the single most important point when making a stage. The core reason we all play video games. Is this enjoyable? There are plenty of levels designed to frustrate due to their difficulty. Rarer are stages that are pure fun. When finishing up your latest entry think; Would I want to play this? If you dislike your own level then there is little chance anyone else will.

Image 5

So there you have it 5 Super Mario Maker tips to hopefully help you create some masterpieces. What tips do you think would help make a level better? Created a stage you want to share with the world? Leave us a comment below.

5 Great Super Mario Maker Levels

Everyone’s favorite plumber turned 30 this week. A huge achievement for a character that is as popular as when he made his debut.  To celebrate this event Super Mario Maker has been released worldwide meaning for the first time we can officially create our own Mario Levels. The game itself is a wonderful experience that is incomparable. Now that the online community have got their eager hands on the tools, modders globally have been working tirelessly trying to create the best levels. In it’s early game life there have already been some genius designs made. So to highlight some of these here are “5 Great Super Mario Maker Levels”  that are worth spending your time on.

Note: This is simply from my online experience. Credit to all of the makers below. The main two criteria I have picked from are originality and fun. I want you to experience these levels and enjoy them as much as I did. So in celebration of Mario “Here we go!”


Don’t press Anything (AA64-0000-000F-7D4C) By Niramou

I wont spoil anything here however I think the title is a little bit of a giveaway. What I love here is the uniqueness. The temptation to touch the controller and push buttons to try and save the helpless plumber is agonizing. Like a chaotic roller coaster all you can do is hang on and pray you get out alive. Not one for the faint hearted.

Image 1


Bob-omb Battlefield N64 (536C-0000-0026-0267) By Andre GX 

Big fan of GameXplain, so nice to see some well designed levels by one of their co-founders; Andre Segars. Straight from Super Mario 64, Here we have as close to as we’ll ever get Bob-omb Battlefield in a beautiful Super Mario World style. Everything from the opening cannons to the star behind the Chain Chomp is present. A great ending that culminates with King Bob-omb looking for a rematch. Can be quite difficult this one though, so keep at it.

Image 2


Sonic1 Memory (6BC6-0000-000F-86F4) By ツヱ-

Sonic in a Mario Game! Impossible. Well after 24 years the blue hedgehog  finally makes an appearance. This level is a bonafide nostalgia trip. For any lovers of the 2D Sonic era this is a must. I couldn’t help my self,  All I did throughout this level is smile continuously. From the minute the mushroom was picked up and the sound effects kicked in I was smitten. The stage itself is a great nod to pass Sonic games making it feel as authentic as you can get. Who would have thought this was possible all those years ago?

Image 3


The Great Escape (B2FA-0000-000F-82CE) By CB*Crazykg

“We’ll dig our way out”. Never in my life did I imagine I would see a Super Mario Level based on the The Great Escape, yet here we are. Not only is this stage based on one of my favorite films of all time but it is superbly made. Burying underground, running from Nazi’s in the form of Chain Chomps combined with eerie patches of darkness make a great tribute to one of the most iconic films. All that is missing is Steve McQueen on a Motorbike. You can’t have everything.

Image 4


Press right, run and enjoy. (7CA1-0000-0011-1B5D) By Pyro 

Again a title that you should take literally. This is one of those stages that you think “How has someone possibly created this?” The premise is you are Mario in his Kart racing against a spiny to the finish line. You don’t have to do much as you navigate through paths avoiding enemies and traps but its a joyous ride throughout. The saying “It’s not about the destination, its about the journey” never applied so much.

Image 5


There you have it 5 Great Super Mario Maker Levels for you try out; Enjoy! If you have a Wii U feel free to add me on fordy004. What Super Mario Maker levels would you recommend? Leave us a comment below to tell us why.

Super Mario Maker: 5 Levels We Can Expect

With only a few weeks before the worldwide release of Super Mario Maker, it’s time to take a look at what we levels can expect from the community. Sure there will be some masterpiece’s. Stages that I would of never thought of in a million years but also stages that Mr Shigeru Miyamoto would never have thought of too. Thats exciting! Seeing millions of gamers come together to design smart, sophisticated and super Mario level’s.

Now this list is slightly different. Here I have chosen 5 levels that I believe the community will create in its droves. Thousands, possibly millions of modders will be at the helm of the first ever official Mario level maker implementing similar concepts. These are pretty much my predictions for the majority of the online content which I am not saying is a bad thing it’s just what I believe we will see. So without further ado lets begin


The Absolutely Everything

Madness ensues. Everyone including myself is bound to create one of these sooner or later. When your tired intricately placing enemies in specific places as you try to outwit your opponent, you then decide “screw it”. What comes next is every enemy, obstacle and power up all thrown together in a beautiful mess. These levels are purely for fun hitting there peeks when friends visit.

The Absolutly Everything


The Impossible 

No not a stage inspired by the Ewan McGregor film (That would be pretty dark).  Spikes, fire and perfect jumping. The three key elements that are likely to appear here. The odds of you accomplishing these are slim, however thanks to the rule that all levels can only ever be submitted online once the maker has completed said level will limit these at first. Eventually though when the professionals get to grips with the mechanics we’ll be getting levels that baffle us. Mainly how is anybody suppose to finish this? Along with what evil mastermind conjured up this deathtrap?

The Impossible


The Amiibo

With the bulk of  new Nintendo release’s we now get amiibo compatibility. Certain characters are only applicable to certain titles makes sense. You may be thinking the Mario amiibo and possibly a few others will work here. Nope, this time Nintendo are going all out.  Every single amiibo released so far is applicable. A stunning 73 amiibo will feature. These unlocking 8-bit sprites for each one. I could make same stereotypical joke about the inclusion of Sonic therefore this being the best 2D Sonic ever but I’ll resist . Luckily purchasing them is not needed as they are all unlockable. The full list is detailed on the official Nintendo website. As insane as this is you know people are going to devote entire stages to them.

The Amiibo


The One Enemy Onslaught 

Who’s your favorite Mario enemy? I’m partial to Chain Chomps. In normal circumstances you were lucky to see more than one…but these are not normal circumstances. No this world is your oyster. You want a hundred chain chomps? You can have them. You want a stage dedicated to dozens of Bowser’s? Here you go.  Dedicating levels to Goomba’s, Koopa’s or Bob-Omb’s can give these sometimes forgotten minions a chance to shine.

The One Enemy Onslaught


The Classic with a Twist 

Everyone remembers their first time playing level 1-1 in Super Mario Bros. Who knew at the time that it would become such an iconic stage? Now with the freedom of Super Mario Maker there is a strong chance this legendary level will be recreated. What we wont be seeing nonetheless is a simple re-hash. Instead it will seem a simple stroll past the first Goomba, leaping over the warp pipe before suddenly the carpet being pulled out from underneath our feet. What comes next is anybody’s guess?

The Clasic With a Twist


We all cant wait to get our hands on Super Mario Maker come mid-September but what really will the online be filled with? Whats levels do you think we can expect? Leave us a comment below to tell us.

6 Games To Get Excited For This Autumn/Winter

You may be thinking 2015 is coming to an end so we should start looking to the future. 2016 is edging closer and there seems to be promising possibilities with a New Zelda, Uncharted & Dark Souls on the horizon, nevertheless there is nothing to fear as the remainder of 2015 has some fantastic titles lined up; Possibly the strongest for years.  So what should I play? Yes there are far too many games with far little time to explore every single one. True even one of these games could last you longer than the chilly season but really in our hearts all us gamers are greedy.

So to make things slightly easier I’ve created a list of 6 games to excited for this Autumn/Winter. Yes traditionally 5 games would have been chosen though this time I found it impossible not to include these enormous franchises. So lets get this list rolling:

Star Wars: Battlefront (Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC)

Image 1

Many feel the golden days of Star Wars Video Games are long gone. Rogue Squadron and Knights of the Old Republic are titles of a time now extinct. Then Star Wars: Battlefront was beamed out to the world. Could EA create the perfect game that every fan has long awaited for? Will my 10 year old self finally get to be amerced in an authentic Star Wars Universe? Early gameplay sure does look encouraging however I’ve had my hopes dashed before. So I’m trying to stay grounded, even with the mouth-watering premise of storming across the planet Hoth. All I know is that this galaxy has never looked so beautiful. Stunning set pieces seem to be preparing us for an experience like no other. It’s just a shame about the absence of single player…


Halo 5: Guardians (Xbox One)

Image 2

Microsoft’s flagship franchise is already onto its fifth entry (Not including spin-offs). Master Chief is nowhere to be seen and as Spartan Locke you are given the responsibility of finding the soldier whilst also stopping a plot to destroy the entire galaxy. No pressure. Throwing Locke into the protagonist’s role gives the Halo series a fresh approach which it has been needing for a years. Being released as a beta in “The Master Chief Collection” players have had sometime to adapt to the new mechanics and therefore we can hope 343 Industries have had enough time to eradicate any bugs. The last thing anyone wants is a broken launch. Deja vu anyone?


Super Mario Maker (Nintendo Wii U) 

Image 3

The last major stop on the 2015 Nintendo train finishes in September with the much hyped Super Mario Maker. After years of wanting to be able to design your own Mario levels, Nintendo have opened the “fludd”gates, finally giving their seal of approval to Modders everywhere. In true Nintendo style they have gone all out, giving us access to four generations of Super Mario which includes Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World (My personal favorite) and New Super Mario Bros. Having the ability to create your own levels is awesome, but to witness what the online community can conjure up is beyond my imagination.


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Playstation 3 & Xbox 360)

Image 6

Lately Kojima and Konami have not be on the best of terms, so here’s hoping that when Snake’s latest mission drops all can be forgotten and normality will resume; Highly unlikely. Oh well at least we have the newest entry to keep us going. Arriving in early September, The Phantom Pain is set after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and throws everyone favorite sleuthing hero into depths of Afghanistan right in the midst of the Soviet-Afghan war. Seeking revenge for his fallen comrades you know there are no limits for how far Snake will go to succeed.  With talented actors like Kiefer Sutherland returning and facial motion capture being installed (A first for the series) it’s no wonder why we all cant wait to jump back into Snake’s shoes.


Fallout 4 (Playstation 4, Xbox One & PC)

Image 4

Now this is how to announce a blockbuster of a game. After years of pining for a new entry into the Fallout franchise suddenly nonchalantly Bethesda dropped the announcement that not only have they been working on a new iteration but its complete. Want gameplay footage? Here you go. When is it out? This November! Wow talk about knocking us all out of our seats. Bethesda showed companies everywhere that revealing a game a couple of months before release gets you all around public praise. On top of this I have no doubt that business wise it will get you sales too.

Roughly taking place around the same time period as Fallout 3 the newest entry has gone all out including regions resembling Boston, Massachusetts and New England. The game unlike it’s predecessors begins on the day the bomb drops creating this post-apocalyptic world. I think its fair to say Bethesda have something special planned with this game.


Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One & Xbox 360)

Image 5

Remember these are games that are released this Winter. Sorry Playstation users, Microsoft have taken this one for the kill. Planned for release simultaneous with Fallout 4 the timed exclusive that every Xbox owner has been waiting for comes Rise of the Tomb Raider. Following on from the events of 2013’s widely praised “Tomb Raider”, Lara’s continued search of the supernatural leads her to Siberia to try and uncover the truth. Keeping in the same strong style the series adapted, footage was one of the highlights of E3. It’s no wonder why as the glorious world Lara is uncovering only becomes more picturesque at every turn. Can it top the original though?

So there you have it my top 6 games to get excited for this Autumn/Winter. From the planet Hoth to the apocalyptic land of Boston, Winter sure does have vast collection of titles lined up. What will you be playing this season? Leave us a comment below to tell us.