Nintendo Showing More Games at E3, New Details on Pokémon Sun and Moon


It looks like the claims that the new Legend of Zelda releasing for Wii U and NX would be the only game Nintendo would be showing at this year’s E3 were inaccurate.  While Zelda will be the only Nintendo game with playable demos on the show floor, the Treehouse livestream will be showing off other upcoming titles over the course of the event.  Pokémon SunPokémon Moon, Monster Hunter Generations, Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgetten Past, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE will all be shown off with live gameplay throughout the day on June 14th and 15th.  There will also be a Q&A session dedicated to Pokémon GO to kick off the livestream on the 15th.

On the topic of Pokémon, new details were revealed for Sun and Moon.  First, we have more information on the legendary Pokemon that are featured on the covers of the games, Solgaleo and Lunala.  Solgaleo is a Psychic/Steel type with the new Full Metal Body ability that prevents its stats from being lowered by any of an opponent’s effects and has the unique Sunsteel Strike attack that ignores an opponent’s ability when it hits.  Lunala is a Psychic/Ghost type with the Shadow Shield ability that reduces damage it takes while at full health and the Moongeist Beam attack that also ignores abilities.

We also have more details on the characters that will be in Sun and Moon.  Your mentor will be the young scientist Professor Kukui along with his assistant will be the peaceful bookworm Lillie.  Your rival will be the friendly boy Hau who appeared in the debut trailer.  The most interesting addition to the cast is the poltergeist-like Pokémon Rotom who will possess your specially-design Pokédex and accompany you all throughout the game.

A number of new features for Sun and Moon have also been announced.  Tracking down Pokémon will be easier with the ability to scan QR codes to add information to your Pokédex on specific Pokémon, including where they can be found on the world map.  We also have confimation that the Alola region will be spread across four large island rather than be restricted to a single one.  Finally, we can see a Slowpoke and a Luvdisc appearing in a pair of videos released on the official Japanese Pokémon Youtube channel, dispelling the rumor that Sun and Moon would only feature new Pokémon in the wild like in Black and White.

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s E3 plans or the new info on Pokémon Sun and Moon?  Given that the Treehouse livestream will be handled by Nintendo staff rather than journalists, be prepared to take any demonstrations that come from it with a grain of salt.  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Starters and Legendries Revealed

Pokémon Sun and Moon Starters and Legendries Revealed-vGamerz


A new trailer for the upcoming 3DS games Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon was released this morning, revealing the new starter Pokémon, the legendaries that will be featured on the cover, and the new region that the games will be set within.

As usual, the three starters revolve around the dynamic of one grass, one fire, and one water type.  The new grass starter, Rowlet, begins with a rare combination of grass and flying types.  While the other two are pure fire and pure water types respectively, it’s possible that they’ll each develop a second typing as they evolve.  Getting back to Rowlet, its profile on the official Pokémon website further reveals that it will have the Overgrow ability, a staple of grass-type starters since the third generation, that strengthens grass-type attacks when the Pokémon’s health is down to one third or less.  It will also start out with a brand new move called Leafage, although this will likely end up being a fairly low-tier grass-type move on par with Ember and Water Gun, which the other two starters begin with respectively.

The cat-like fire starter, Litten, has fur cloaked in flammable oils that it uses to generate its scorching attacks.  It has the Blaze ability, which is the fire-type equivalent to Overgrow.  While this hasn’t been officially confirmed, it seems likely that Litten will develop into a fire-dark type as it evolves.  Alternatively, it could become a fire-poison type given its relation to machine oil and several existing poison types relate to industrial waste.

Popplio, the water starter, is based on trained sea lions that were commonly seen performing in circuses and it can generate large, durable bubbles to perform tricks with.  It has the Torrent ability, which operates along the same line as Overgrow and Blaze.  What secondary typing it could develop as it grows is difficult to predict, but I would presume either psychic or fairy as the clown-like Mr. Mime has those types and Popplio is following a similar harlequin aesthetic.  We also catch a glimpse at the new professor that will be mentoring players and setting them off on their journeys, although there is no mention of his name.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it’s going to be Professor Palm or something along the same tree convention that all previous professors have followed.

We also get an extensive look at the new Alola region that the games will be set in.  As many predicted based on details in the original reveal trailer, this new region will be heavily inspired by the tropical islands of Hawaii, its name even being derived from the Hawaiian phrase ‘aloha’ meaning peace and compassion and is used to say hello and goodbye.  This is entirely new territory for the franchise and the tropic atmosphere is sure to make for some of the most unique games in the series.

The new legendary Pokémon that will be featured on the cover art for the games were also shown in full.  A white lion will be the star of Pokémon Sun while a bat with a moon-shaped wingspan will represent Pokémon Moon.  No details on them were revealed outside of the appearances, but an earlier leak claimed that their names will be Solgaleo and Lunaala.  Even if that leak may be accurate, these may only be the Japanese names for these legendaries and their names for other regions may still be in the works.

Interestingly, I think that these new legendaries may actually be taking advantage of the Hawaiian setting by paying homage to a Hawaiian demigod named Maui.  Maui is a popular figure in Polynesian legend and his feats include battling the sun itself and taming it like a wild animal and slaying a giant bat.  Perhaps the new Pokémon games will have a central theme of recreating some of Maui’s adventures.  Then again, the series has never been exceedingly faithful to the real-life locations they’re based on, such as Black and White being based on New York City and having legendaries based on The Three Musketeers and Japanese deities.

One last thing to note is that the Japanese trailer is very different and has a few additional details not seen in the international trailer.  Namely, we have confirmation that character customization will return in some capacity as there are four different skin tones to choose from for your character.  While its a extremely weak amount of customization compared to many other RPG’s, it is a step up from X and Y where there were only three tones.  Whether or not costume customization will return remains to be seen.  The Japanese trailer also may have given us a glimpse at the new rival character at 2:07.

What are your thoughts on all the new information we’ve received with this new trailer?  Which starter has caught your eye as your personal favorite?  Do you have any theories on the significance of these new legendaries?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Announcement: Video Analysis & Theories

Earlier today (26/02/16), fans of the Pokemon game series waited anxiously to hear news and potential confirmation of the newest installments to the series leaked the day before. However, after a very tense wait, the details leaked prior were confirmed and the squeals of excited Pokemon fans echoed worldwide, Pokemon Sun & Moon are officially on the way, due later this year (2016).

Now, in correspondence with the order in which the Pokemon games are usually released, fans were expecting more of a Pokemon Z release, especially after the X and Y game releases followed by the Ruby and Sapphire remakes (Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire). I appreciate this makes little sense to those outside the community of avid Pokemon fans however, those within these borders will understand that it was what we were expecting. Now, that said when the titles Sun and Moon were trademarked, it was fair to say we were surprised however, the excitement for these new installments is still present regardless. Now, let’s look into the reveal video itself.

Although a brief video, we can make several assumptions about what we can inspect in the latest installment. The first notable thing we can see in this video is the new assumed flying type Pokemon, resembling either a woodpecker or humming bird of some kind. This leads us to believe the obvious that there are in fact going to be a number of new additions to the Pokedex in Sun and Moon. Could this mean some more mega-evolutions are going to be unveiled also? Furthermore, we can see numerous conceptual designs for vehicles. The most recent incorporation of cars and land vehicles in the Pokemon game series was in X and Y in which Lumiose City possessed a taxi service to help to traverse the enormous city. Could this be hinting towards a potential follow on to Kalos much like Black 2 and White 2? As it no longer seems we are getting Pokemon Z, or for a while at least shall we say.


new pokemon


Pokemon Sun And Moon Theories 

As expected of the dedicated Pokemon fans, many theories of the new installments have already arisen in regards to the new designated region, new potential mega-evolutions, legendaries and generally about how the new games are going to tie in with it’s predecessors.

From what I have gathered so far, there are several reoccurring ideas:

  • Zygarde and it’s newly released forms are to be associated with the sun game. This is because of it’s forms needing photosynthesis in order to develop.
  • Sun and Moon are definitely going to have some relation to Kalos, whether they actually be based in Kalos or islands situated around Kalos. This is due to references in X and Y for instance, the sundial in Anistar City (Pokemon Sun).
  • Potential Mega-evolutions of Solrock and Lunatone both representing each of the games, possibly posing as exclusives.

All of these are relatively plausible ideas seeing as Zygarde’s new forms would seem redundant if only used in the new Pokemon movie. Futhermore, it would seem out of character for Nintendo & Gamfreak to not incorporate Kalos into the new games in some shape or form also considering how they are due a Pokemon X and Y follow on of some sort.


zygarde forms


As this year progresses more teasers are bound to be put out there to taunt us but until the profoundly awesome moment in which these new games are released, it is fair to say we are going to let our minds run wild with these brilliant theories in order to get by.