Play Fallout In Minecraft

The announcement of Fallout 4 didn´t really come as a surprise for anyone, we all knew that the game was in the making and that it would be announced soon, and then it did. But there are more ways to play Fallout then you might think of, it is with time even going to be possible to explore the wastelands in Minecraft

The Minecraft mod “Project Wasteland” I now being developed and looks really great, capturing that Fallout magic in Minecraft, opening up the amazing world of Fallout and its wasteland to a bigger audience then any Fallout game have at this moment.

The mod comes with its own Pip-Boy and UI that you know and love from the games. But the progress on the mod is going slow, which might be expected by something of this magnitude, so there is no release date given for the mod yet. But when it is available, it will be downloadable from

Take a look at the video below and be amazed by how different the Minecraft experience can be when mods like this appear:

What do you think about the prospect of playing Fallout in Minecraft?

Paid Mods Come To Steam


Valve has just announced that modders will be able to charge for their work on the Steam Workshop. They’re starting with Skyrim for now, with more games set to follow.

Steam has been keen on creating new ways for creators to earn revenue for their content, and while this may seem to be just another step along the way, it’s got a lot of people concerned. And while it’s fairly common for modders to ask for donations, having paid content will no doubt dramatically change the modding community.

Some are hopeful that the change will help grow the modding world, while others worry it will kill it off entirely. There’s a laundry list of problems Steam will need to work around. For one thing, there are already reports of mods, formerly available for free on Nexus Mods, now appearing on the Steam Workshop with a price tag. There are also reports of mods being uploaded to the Workshop by pirates looking to make money off other people’s work.

Valve has already responded to some of these problems. One of the rules for the paid mods will be that new additions to the store must first be available for free before they will be allowed to be sold. The purpose of this rule is to give the community the chance to find any content that’s been stolen and report it.

There is now a paid section on the Skyrim page of the Steam Workshop. On the Steam site, Valve wrote, “Bethesda Game Studios has a history of providing strong support for user modifications in their games. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has continued that tradition, adding a comprehensive editor and integration with the Steam Workshop back in 2012.”

Modders will be able to choose what price they will set for their mods, with a portion of their revenue going to the developer of the game. That portion will be different for each game as it will be set by the individual developers or publishers. But as far as Skyrim goes, there is already a mountain of free content on Nexus Mods. I recommend you go there now to get your hands on whatever you can find while it’s still free.