Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Manga Announced

The Legend of Zelda series has seen its fair share of graphic novels in the past, with adaptations of Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, and The Minish Cap to name a few.  A new manga adaptation of the series was teased by Akira Himekawa on his Twitter back in July of 2015, and he recently confirmed on his blog that it will be based on the Gamecube/Wii game Twilight Princess.  It is planned for a digital release on the app Manga One.  Whether or not there will ever be a physical release or if the manga will receive any level of international release is currently unknown.  The adaptation was originally planned to be released last summer shortly after the initial tease, but complications held it back until this year.  Given that it will now coincide with the release of Twilight Princess HD for the Wii U, I doubt anyone is complaining.

Twilight Princess boasts the darkest artstyle in the series and seeing how Himekawa captures it should certainly be interesting.  In fact, Twilight Princess is the reason the previous run of Zelda manga was cancelled.  Twilight Princess received a CERO B age rating in Japan, roughly the equivalent of ESRB T or PEGI 12, and the magazine that the previous Zelda manga was published in, Gakunenshi, aims at younger readers.

The release of the Twilight Princess manga wasn’t the only announcement Himekawa made.  He also announced that all ten of the previous Zelda manga volumes will be rereleased in a single collection.  This Perfect Edition will also include an additional five volumes of unreleased content.  Have you read any of the previous Zelda manga?  What do you hope to see with the Twilight Princess manga?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Five Ways To Improve Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess - vGamerz

The rumors are true. I’m ecstatic to confirm that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD has been announced for Nintendo Wii U. Recently been seen as more of a marmite choice in the series, I am on the positive side and even consider it to be not only my favorite Zelda but one of my favorite video games of all time. This was my first 3D Zelda which contributes to it having a special place in my heart. Considering this nearly ten years on the question begs, What improvements can be made?

Some fans believe the game should be preserved in its original glory, but really that would be pointless. So here I am going to pick five improvements that would bring Twilight Princess into the current generation and transform it from the “marmite” one into the great adventure we all want it to be.


Enhanced Visuals

One thing I learned from revisiting this gem is that the graphics have not held up as well as I originally thought. I still remember powering up my Wii on Christmas 2006 and being wowed by how lifelike Hyrule Field looked. Ten years on it doesn’t have the same impact. I will always have those unforgettable memories but by giving the visuals a new lick of paint I could relive this momentous moment only this time in dazzling 1080p. Following on from the direct i’m not going to lie the visuals were a little disappointing however there is signs that this could be stunning so hopefully by the time March rolls around we’ll have the perfect slick imagery.

Image 11.jpg


Ability To Skip Tutorial  

One common aspect that keeps getting thrown at Twilight Princess is the length of the opening tutorial. Some hate it with a passion due to it limiting the player with what they can do for a good chunk of time. Others enjoy going about Link’s daily routine. Basically enjoying the calm before the storm. Whatever your opinion because this was such a defining factor and put off many players, it would be better if you could choose whether or not to skip the opening. Yes leave the core bits but monotonous tasks like chasing a cat can be left out.

Image 2


Repetitive Rupee Messages

Another thing that most agree on that goes from a little niggle to a big annoyance is messages that continuously and unnecessarily repeat. The first time you find a rupee (no matter what the value) a message appears onscreen declaring this. An example of the text is “You got an orange Rupee”. Nothing wrong with this, it introduces the player to the currency of this world. What you don’t want is to be told that every time you boot up  the game. It may only seem a small grievance but trust me after ten hours of play time it grates heavily.

Image 5


Increased Difficulty

A feature of Twilight Princess I absolutely love is the scale of bosses. They are gigantic, yet for their size if you know what your doing they fall like dominoes. Some may be a bit awkward but all in all they don’t put up that much of a fight. So this time round I want these brutes given more of a bite than their bark, not the other way round. Really make these monsters pose a threat. An easy solution for this is to add a “Hero Mode” like Wind Waker HD received.

Image 3


Expand the Market 

Hyrule seemed a marvel at the time with its city center bustling with townspeople, however for all the shops that surrounded, very little were actually accessible.  Marlo Mart was a great start but only whetted our appetite for more. This felt like a missed opportunity, one that can be easily fixed. Add a clothes shop where you can customize Link, possibly even giving him outfits from other iterations. Install a mask shop in tribute to Majora’s Mask. Anything to make this town seem more alive. There is so much potential here so Nintendo please take full advantage.

Twilight Princess-Image 4

Apart from these minute issues, I adore Twilight Princess dearly and I’m thrilled to see an HD remake. Twilight Princess is due for release on March 4th 2016 for Nintendo Wii U. What’s your view on this hit or miss entry? What improvements would you make? Leave us a comment below to tell us why.