Mighty No. 9 Live-Action Movie Is Currently Being Made

Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9

The movie is based upon the legendary robot, Mega Man’s newest game coming in September, Mighty No.9. The movie is from Legendary Digital Media, Contradiction Films and Comcept.

Comcept’s CEO and the responsible for Mighty No.9‘s existence, Keiji Inafune, commented on the collaboration between Legendary Digital with Contradiction as a “really amazing” duo.

“The announcement that Legendary Digital is collaborating with Contradiction and comcept on creating a live-action project based on Mighty No. 9 is really amazing, not only for myself and the rest of the team at comcept who worked on the game, but also for all the fans who have supported the project,” said Inafune.

“This collaboration will give our creation the ability to reach people all over the world. Thanks to all of your support, we have fulfilled another one of our dreams.”

Mighty No.9 is set to launch on September 18 for almost every platform there is while the movie still hasn’t gotten any details on its release. Tell us what you think of a Mega Man based movie and if you will be willing to watch it.

Keiji Inafune Goes to Kickstarter For Another Mega Man Spiritual Successor

Keiji Inafune

Keiji Inafune

Mighty No. 9 is considered a “Mega Man spiritual successor” made by its creator itself. After breaking crowdfunding records with the game, which is due to release on September 15th on North America and September 18th on Europe, Keiji Inafune and Comcept turns to Kickstarter once again. The new project will also be… a spiritual successor to Mega Man! Named Red Ash, the new game is not inspired by the 2D series, but the open-world adventure Mega Man Legends.

Similarities between Mighty No. 9 and Red Ash don’t stop there, as both protagonists are called Beck and can get different kinds of weapons in their left arm. Aside from these similarities, Inafune and team intend to create a gigantic anime-like world, mixing elements from action-adventure games and RPG in a near-future setting.


Comcept is asking for $800,00 to fund the project and in just three days they gathered around $260,000. The numbers are quite low compared to Mighty No. 9, that got $950,000 in funding on its first day. Alongside the game, a Red Ash anime by Studio 4° C also has a project, asking for $150,000 on funding.

One of the explanations for Red Ash not attracting a lot of buzz from players come from the July 4th holiday during this weekend, according to GameInformer. Also, players must be skeptical with the project since Mighty No. 9 still wasn’t released yet, which makes sense for a consumer’s point of view, but not that much for a developer studio that work in different projects at the same time. We believe Red Ash probably will hit its objective but won’t get all stretch goals as its predecessor had.