NBA 2K15 Guide: How to Get A and A+ Teammate Grade Easily

NBA 2K15

Even though we’ve discussed a lot of strategy in the NBA 2K15 My Player guide a while ago, getting that perfect teammate grade in the game might not be too easy. Therefore, I have decided to share with you a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you improve your overall game and, most important, get the A or A+ Teammate Grade easily in NBA 2K15. Because, no, it’s not all about being the best scorer in your team in order to become a legend!

So if you’re struggling with your ratings or you simply want to take your game to the next level, check out Vgamerz’ guide on how to get A and A+ Teammate grades in NBA 2K15!

1. Play for your team
Simulation games are getting more complex and closer to reality as the years go by and NBA 2K15 is a great example for that: it no longer works if you want to be the “Mr. do it all” and win the games on your own. No, instead be a team player and work together with your teammates and you’ll already be on your way to improving your teammate grade a lot. Pass the ball, wait for the pass, stick to your man in defense and don’t try to do everything by yourself because you will fail, turnover the ball, foul, miss and so on, negatively influencing your final grade.

2. Watch out for turnovers
Turnovers hurt your rating the most and you should do your best to eliminate them from the game. In order to do so, play smart and don’t rush things out. Don’t hurry to pass the ball when you’re not sure it’s going to reach its destination and you’ll probably already reduce your turnovers by 80%!

3. Learn to box out
An extremely easy thing to do if you’re playing the right position – learn to box out properly and you will get a ton of rebounds in the game or, even better, you will force your opponent to commit a foul which will give you an extra bonus. So learn to do this and make sure you get as much as possible from it in every game.

4. Good shot selections
OK, I know you’re Mr Perfect and you can score anytime from anywhere, but just don’t do it in NBA 2K15 if you want a better teammate rating! Shoot according to your position and skills in order to get the good shot selection bonus and make sure you never shoot randomly to get a penalty. For example, if you are an expert sharpshooting point guard, seize the moment when you are alone behind the three point line and take your shot. Even if you miss, you’ll still get a rating increase (even though chances are that you will score too!)

5. Set screens
This was a great way of improving your rating in the previous versions of the game and it still is. It’s also the easiest thing to do in order to get some extra teammate rating juice, so make sure that every time you’re in offense, you set up one or two smart screens for your teammates to get a bonus. A bit here and a bit there is what results in a perfect A+ rating!

6. Perform combos
Pass the ball, set a screen, get the ball back, break your opponent’s ankles with a crossover and finish strong with a wide open slam dunk. This is a combo that bags you a ton of teammate rating juice and you should always go for combos like this (or simpler ones) in order to increase your rating. Make sure to perform some of those special moves and chain them together in order to become a real legend!

7. Pick and roll
Part of the tip above, the pick and roll is the easiest possible move to try out in NBA 2K15, but it’s also extremely efficient. You will get a ton of assists this way and an amazing rating so make sure you don’t shy away from the classic pick and roll!

8. It’s not all about the offense
I know that that’s where the fun part is, but you can bag a ton of points from playing a smart defensive game. I’ve already told you about boxing out, but there’s more about that. Try to stick to your man and try to block all his shots to get the good defense bonus even if he scores. I sometimes use this trick: I retreat a little bit to give the fellow the impression that he’s about to have an easy open shot, and right when he starts shooting, I sprint towards and try to block the ball. Your timing has to be perfect though: if you do this too soon, he will no longer shoot and if you do this too late, you won’t get your bonus (or worse, get a penalty).

Another strategy to get this good defense bonus is for longer attacks from your opponents. As soon as the shot clock gets to 4 seconds, leave your man behind and sprint towards the one with the ball. He will be forced to take the shot so you don’t risk him sending a pass and if you get there and jump on time, you will either block the shot or at least get the Good Defense bonus.

And there you have it – my tips and tricks to get a perfect teammate grade in NBA 2K15. Do you have other strategies that work well? Comment below to let us know!

How to Fix NBA 2K15 Crashes, Freezes and Other Errors

NBA 2K15

The launch of NBA 2K15 has been met with a standing ovation, the game proving that it is indeed the best basketball simulation out there. However, not everybody has been able to fully experience and enjoy the game and instead they have been plagued by NBA 2K15 crashes, game freezes and other errors, not to mention the already popular problems regarding the face scanning feature of the game.

We are here to hopefully help you get these problems fixed and therefore enjoy this great game as it’s supposed to. So read on for our tips on how to fix NBA 2K15 crashes, freezes and other errors that you might experience throughout the game.

First of all, if you are experiencing crashes or performance issues and you’re running the game on a PC, then you must make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements for the game and adjust your settings accordingly. Lowering down the graphics usually does wonders to the game’s performance, so that’s a good place to start with. If you still get crashes and errors, check out the recommended suggestions below:

– disable the internet connection. Right now, the servers are extremely sluggish, but they will surely be fixed soon. However, if you disable your internet now, the game won’t try to connect to the servers and you can easily play the game.

– make sure that your graphic card drivers are up to date. If they are not, download the latest version and try playing the game again.

– Some users have reported on forums that they managed to fix NBA 2K15 crashes by disabling the Steam Overlay option. After you do so, make sure that you restart your computer before loading the game again.

– Change your screen’s refresh rate to 60Hz, if that’s not the case already. The idea is to have the refresh rate identical to that of the game.

For now, these are the only fixes and recommendations that we have for fixing NBA 2K15 crashes, freezes and game errors. If you have other problems, let us know and maybe somebody will be able to help. Even better, if you know a fix to these problems, let us know also!