H1Z1 Tips, Tricks & Guide to Survive


The highly anticipated H1Z1 zombie survival game from Sony has finally entered its Early Access stages and so far it seems that it’s a lot more than a Day Z clone and personally, I like it a lot more. However, just like every new game out there, it has a lot of challenges for new players and proves to be a tough nut to crack for some. We come to your help with a set of H1Z1 tips and tricks and a complete guide to survive the zombie apocalypse in this game.

The best part? These tips come straight from the developers of the game, so you know they are exactly what you need to hear in order to get the most out of the game and keep your brains intact. So, without further ado, here are the H1Z1 tips, tricks & strategy guide you need to read:

1. Be stealthy
Sounds can be heard by both zombies and other players in the game, so make sure that you don’t start a car or start chopping a tree unless you really have to. You might want to build a fire to stay warm, but that will surely announce your location to the entire world. So if you want to have the upper hand, be stealthy and take others by surprise – those who are not!

2. Loot everything you can
There’s no such thing as bad loot in H1Z1, so make sure that whenever you’ve got the chance, you search all areas and get everything you can find.

3. Wildlife is both helpful and an extra threat
As if zombies and other players were not enough to be afraid of, we also have wildlife in the game. Wolves and bears, for example, are really bad encounters and they’re best left alone, while deer can be extremely nourishing for you if you manage to take one down. Or you can use them as decoy for the zombies, since they will follow everything that moves.

4. Crafting is essential
Remember the second tip on this list? Well, crafting is what makes every item in the game useful: try out the discovery system in H1Z1 and craft as much as possible. You’ll start slow with bandages and other small items, but pretty soon you’ll be able to craft a huge variety of things. And this is the key for a long life in the zombie infested world!

5. Vehicles can be a great weapon
Sure, the noise that your running car will make will draw onto you all the zombies around and probably all the survivors too, but you are safe from zombie bites while inside a vehicle and you can cause all the mayhem in the world smashing the living dead with your power car. For fun, at least, this is a great option!

6. Trust no one
I think that we have already learned this lesson from playing other similar games: it’s a kill or be killed world out there, so it’s best to trust no strangers. Better be safe than sorry, even though there are indeed good people out there too!

7. Build your own house & defend it
Once you have enough experience and materials in H1Z1, you will be able to build your own house, grow your own crops and set up water collecting and filtration devices. Even better, your house’s walls will be strong enough to keep the zombies away! However, you also have to defend it as well as you can. Bring in allies to help you with defensive duties, set up all the traps that you can or even lure in hordes of zombies that will act like an undead shield for your home. That’s all you’ve got!

So these would be all the tips and tricks for H1Z1 that the devs have shared with us so far, but it’s a great starting point that helps us better understand the game and increases our chances of staying alive.

H1Z1: ‘Barricades Will Be Progressively Stronger’


Sony Online Entertainment hosted a H1Z1 design meeting today, where some of the upcoming features were explained. H1Z1 will introduce a housing system but to stay alive, players will need much more than just four walls. To create a solid defensive barrier, players must either find or craft objects that serve as barricades. The crafting system will be quite extensive and barricades, for instance, will be made off several different materials. This protective item will be dynamic and realistic, they can be damaged, dragged around or even destroyed. It’s all part of the immersion level that Sony is aiming for:

Our zombies are deadly, they can easily get inside houses. There’s real collision effects and they can bash barricades. That’s the real level of immersion we’re looking for.

Additionally, players will need to adopt certain strategies and behaviors depending on environment events. Reinforcing vulnerable zones will be extremely crucial. For example, covering the windows is a must, since zombies can break the window’s glass and get inside if there’s nothing to stop them. Sony explained that barricades will become stronger as players gain more experience and find higher quality resources:

Barricades will be progressively stronger. The more and better resources you find, the stronger your barricades will be. Crafting barricades with more experience and better materials will generate a more powerful defense.

H1Z1 will be available for PC and Playstation 4 on Summer 2014.

Sony’s H1Z1 Won’t Be a “Pay to Win” Type of Game


Sony recently announced that they’re going the multiplayer zombie survival way with H1Z1, a first person game that draws a lot of inspiration from Day Z and other similar products. Unlike those, though, H1Z1 will be a free to play game, with microtransactions included. Apparently, however, Sony are not planning to ruin the game by making it playable only if you spend money on it – on the contrary!

According to Sony, who are following a nice route with H1Z1, discussing with the community and creating a subreddit for the game, the microtransactions will only be available for the more cosmetic options and will not affect core gameplay. In other words, weapons and ammo and water will be free, but you will be able to purchase clothes and other wearables that won’t directly affect the gameplay.

Here’s what SOE’s John Smedley posted on reddit to explain the situation:

We will be selling wearables. We felt like this will be a good, fair revenue generator. However – we recognize how important finding wearables in the world is so you’ll be able to find and craft a lot of stuff. We agree that’s something important.

We will NOT be selling Guns, Ammo, Food, Water… i.e. That’s kind of the whole game and it would suck in our opinion if we did that.

Nor will we sell boosts that will impact #2.

Emote Pack – of course we’ll have the basics for free. But we felt like this is another good and fair revenue generator.

Character slots – feels reasonable.

Crates – You can find crates sometimes in game. They’re filled with random cool stuff from the store. We’re considering letting you see what’s in them before you buy a key (ala Dota 2.). This idea isn’t fully locked yet.

He went on to explain that all the purchased wearable items can be looted from players that you kill, but the player that purchased it also keeps the purchased item even after death. I already see this turning into an easy to exploit thing as friends will start killing each other just to get the item. There will, however, be some durability attached to all wearables and eventually you won’t be able to wear them, but I still think that this will be heavily exploited by gamers.

However, it’s good to hear that Sony doesn’t plan to ruin the game with microtransactions and instead goes for the “pay for extras” method, which will probably be always accepted by most gamers.

What do you think about this pay scheme? Are you satisfied with it?