8 Great Gaming Gifts this Christmas

Seven more sleeps until Christmas day is upon us once again. This wonderful day brings so much joy around the world. What it also brings is a lot of disappointment when gamers wake up to realise they have been gifted Devil’s Third or even the unthinkable Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5.

So, if you are still struggling to find a present for that lovable gamer in your life, then maybe these eight items will help keep them sufficed. All products below were found from myself scouting the internet combined with some personal items I have or wish to own one day. Hope this helps with your shopping woes.


Any collectors or fans of Nintendo’s many IP’s would be delighted to receive a figure of their favorite character. Whether it’s Mario, Link, Pikachu, Samus, Fox or Marth, it’s very likely they’ll have a figure. Scan them into your Wii U for added content or just display them to make your friends jealous. With over 50 in the Super Smash Bros line, you may end up regretting the first one.

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Hyrule Historia

Zelda fans rejoiced once Nintendo agreed to shed some light on the infamous timeline. With Hyrule Historia, there was finally confirmation of when The Legend of Zelda games actually took place and, most importantly, in what order. For a detailed analysis on this, as well as how some of the greatest entries came about, this is a must for followers of the series.

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Milk Chocolate Games Controller 

A great stocking filler. A game controller completely made out of milk chocolate is sure to bring a smile to any sweet-tooth lovers. Slightly expensive for chocolate at around £3.99, but terrific for the presentation. Remember to brush your teeth afterwards.

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Pac-Man Ghost Light

Are you afraid of the dark? Well, fear no more as this Pac-Man ghost light will brighten up any room. With the feature to change into six different colors, this retro gift is a winner.

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Subscription to Loot Crate

The gift that keeps on giving. To keep any gamer happy all year round, how about giving them a subscription to Loot Crate? Every month, subscribers will receive a crate full of gaming goodies ranging from T-shirts to toys and every month is different. A bonus is that usually these products are exclusive to the company.

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For those willing to spend more than average, you could treat someone to a limited-edition figure. These statues are beautifully hand-crafted and completely unique to the industry. Including some some of the biggest franchises in gaming, you have Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Castlevania, Street Fighter, Legend of Zelda and Megaman. These hot collectibles tend to not hang around very long, so if you want one you better look for announcements and pre-order dates.

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Question Block Lamp

Ever wanted to punch a lamp? Well, now you can with this Super Mario Bros inspired Question Block lamp from 8BitLit. Just like in the Mario world you punch the bottom of the block to make it light up. Perfect nostalgic fun for any gaming room.

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Latest Video Games

So, this one should be obvious, but with an array of releases like Star Wars: Battlefront, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Super Mario Maker and Fallout 4, there is plenty on offer to keep your console busy for months. Shooter fans pick Star Wars. RPG fans wanting to devote hundreds of hours; Fallout 4 is perfect for you. Love adventure? Tomb Raider is right up your street. Finally, for creators everywhere, Super Mario Maker is waiting.

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So there you have eight gaming Christmas presents. Hopefully this will help with your decision making. What do you think is a great gaming present this Christmas? Leave us a comment below to tell us why.

Merry Christmas from Vgamerz


Castlevania Statue Unveiled

“He who wields the whip, is not easily defeated”. Castlevania fans rejoice as high-end makers First4Figures have shown off their latest work. At a striking 20 inches, we have Simon Belmont in a replica pose of his his original outing in the first Castlevania game. Cast in high-quality polystone resin, Simon has never looked more ready for action. Extra detail has been put in to ensure every feature of the vampire-killer looks accurate. From his metal armor to his locks of hair, nothing has been missed out.

The description reads: “Simon Belmont was a member of the famed Belmont Clan of Vampire Hunters, whose valiant efforts and Vampire Killer whip had seen the world rid of the evil Dracula and his henchmen. But peace would not last, as 100 years later Dracula was reawakened. As the heir to the Vampire Killer, Simon was entrusted with the duty of killing Dracula as his ancestors had done before.” Available in exclusive and regular, you have the choice of more pieces that can be swapped out to your liking.

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Due for release in Q1 of 2016 the exclusive figure can be yours for $439.99 with the regular coming in at $399.99. Limited to 299 and 750 pieces respectively, you need to be quick if you want to grab one of these collectibles. The statue is delivered in full color packaging with an authenticity card and a individual numbered base. If you have already purchased the Dracula statue, then you are entitled to the same product number. This applies to all future releases in the Castlevania series.

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What do you think of the statue? Will you be buying one?

Head to www.first4figures.com to grab one of these beauty’s and leave us a comment below to tell us your thoughts.

This Cat Mario Statue Looks Meow

Meow. This statue does look purr-dy. Now that we have the obligatory cat puns out of the way,high-end makers of quality statues First4Figures have revealed their latest creation. Here we have Cat Mario straight out of 2013’s Super Mario 3D World. When Mario grabs one of the super bell power-ups, he instantly gains the power of a cute, agile cat. With these new skills he can run at a quick speed on all fours whilst also be able to scamper up any walls in his way.

Standing at 15 inches tall, the figure comes in three different versions. Firstly you have the “Lucky Cat Mario Exclusive” ($399.99) which comes with an empty question block with a lucky bell power-up on top. This extremely limited version is made from quality polystone resin then combined with an eye-catching gold finish that represents what happens when he turns into Golden Statue Mario. The much sought-after feline is limited to 125 pieces worldwide and, at the time of writing, this is sadly sold out. However, there is a waiting list that you can sign up for.

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Other versions of the statue can still be bought that include exclusive and standard. The “Cat Mario Exclusive” ($259.99) limited to 750 pieces again comes with the empty question block and the lucky bell above. However, it lacks the golden finish. The “Cat Mario” standard ($209.99) on the other hand is a bit more forgiving with 2000 pieces available, however, the statue comes alone. This is the second figure in the Super Mario Series so if you managed to pick up “Tanooki Mario” you are entitled to the same model number.

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Lucky Cat Mariohere

Exclusive Cat Mariohere

Cat Mariohere

What do you think of this latest figure? Will you be purr-chasing one? Leave us a comment below to tell us your thoughts?

First4Figures: Meta Knight Swoops In!

Makers of high-end collectibles First4Figures have announced their latest addition to their line-up. Straight from planet Popstar Meta Knight the mysterious leader of the “Meta-Knights” finally gets his chance. Flying into action on the Battleship Halberd deck, Meta Knight readies his trustee Sword, Galaxia in preparation to take on any unwanted visitors through a blaze of flames. As Kirby’s rival Meta Knight is one of the most popular characters in the series and has been anticipated by many for some time.

Highly limited to 500 pieces the exclusive version ($259.99) comes with LED’s that make the flames flicker and his eyes light up to add “dramatic effect”. The regular version ($239.99) on the other hand is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide. The figure comes in deluxe full color packaging with moulded foam interiors. The packaging itself is normally just as detailed as the product with unique artwork added for each individual statue. Due for release in Q2 2016, Meta Knight is now available for pre-order

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First arriving on the NES in Kirby’s Adventure way back in 1993 (The year I was born frighteningly). The masked knight then went on to make more than 15 appearances across multiple consoles. Created by Masahiro Sakurai, Meta Knight was then added to roster of Super Smash Bros Brawl in 2008 before returning for the 3DS and Wii U versions. Hopefully the figure will not be as broken as his debut in Super Smash Bros.

Cast in high quality polystone resin the statue stands at 16 inches. The figure has been hand-painted to capture all the detail necessary to fulfil all of his features. The second statue in the Kirby collection will fit perfectly in size next to their previously released Sword Kirby. If you have authenticated your Kirby figure then you are entitled to receive the same number authenticity card for Meta Knight and any other future releases to this series.

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First4Figures are a United Kingdom based company that produce high-quality statues of gaming giants from The Legend of Zelda to Sonic the Hedgehog. They even have a Shenmue statue! I’m holding out for a Banjo Kazooie one personally.

What do you think of the Meta Knight figure? Will you be purchasing one? Leave us a comment below.