FIFA 21 icon Swaps 2 plus Headliners promo are now available

Icon Swaps 2

Continuing on from the first set of Icon Swaps, EA just released the second set of objectives. This second set will allow players to earn the remaining ten tokens. These tokens can be traded in FIFA 21 for various rewards including unique player packs and various legends of the game.

Much like the first set, Icon Swaps 2 features objectives primarily across Squad Battles and Friendlies. However, this time around the sports game’s competitive mode, FUT Champions has also entered the fray.

Icon Swaps 2 nerfs golden goal rule

FIFA 21 icon swaps 2 objectives

The first Icon Swaps was well received in the community thanks to its golden goal rule. Whenever a player scored first, it became tradition that the opponent would leave and forfeit the game. This sped up the grind and allowed players to earn tokens faster.

However, EA has attempted to put a stop to this. For Icon Swaps 2 you are required to finish games in order to complete many of the objectives. One example of this is “Score in 10 separate matches using Premier League players.” If you score a goal and then leave you will not earn progress towards this objective.

Alongside Icon Swaps 2 EA has also released a new promo. Dubbed Headliners, these cards are better versions of the existing one to watch cards. When a player performs well in real life and receives an in-form, their respective Headliner card will also improve. Whilst a One to Watch card simply matches its in-form counterpart, the Headliner card will have slightly better stats.

Also, Headliner cards are selected specifically because the player in question is playing well in real life. This makes it more likely that they’ll receive upgrades in the future. The most expensive of these new cards is a 91 overall Bruno Fernandes which is extinct at 2 million coins on PC. Headliner cards will be in packs for two weeks whilst Icon Swaps 2 ends February 12. So, you’ve got plenty of time to grind out the new objectives. Good luck!

FIFA 21 Icon Swaps have arrived alongside the new Freeze promo

Icon Swaps

As per tradition, EA Sports today unveiled its latest Icon Swaps for FIFA 21. For many players this is the most exciting part of Ultimate Team’s yearly life-span. Not only is it a great opportunity to earn yourself a legend of the beautiful game, but this year has added unique player packs too.

The format developer EA Canada seems to have opted for is based around player choice. If you want to play it same and get a guaranteed icon, you can. If you’d rather risk your tokens for a big pull instead then that’s an option. Alternatively, you can play it safe with the new player packs and build up assets for a squad building challenge down the line.

FIFA 21 Icon Swaps

FIFA 21 Icon Swaps Freeze promoThe guaranteed icons that you can net for season one are Vidic, Hagi, Suker, Koeman, and Henry. These vary in cost with Henry being the most expensive at seventeen tokens. As of week one, you can only get up to eight tokens. Five of them are awarded through Friendlies whilst the other three can be earned in Squad Battles.

If you’d prefer to build up your assets instead, there are packs for just that. Two tokens can be traded in for two Ultimate Packs. Three tokens nets you five 85+ overall rated players guaranteed. Finally, five tokens will earn you an incredible twenty five 83+ overall rated players guaranteed.

And today’s updates doesn’t just stop at Icon Swaps. Replacing the previous FUTMAS promo, the new Freeze promo has plenty to offer. The most notable part of the promo is the full Freeze team that comes along with it. This includes several meta defining cards like Mane, Martinez, and Hazard.

Throughout the event EA Sports will be releasing daily SBCs to go alongside the full Freeze team. There will also be several new objectives to focus on for untradable Freeze cards starting with Yannick Bolasie. Sound like a lot? Then be sure to get stuck into Icon Swaps as soon as possible to not miss out.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered looks to be in the works

Hot Pursuit

American publisher Electronic Arts no doubt has its hands full right now. There’s already confirmed releases for FIFA 21, Madden NFL 21, and Star Wars: Squadrons. On top of that, recent news regarding Battlefield 6 suggests it could be the biggest in the franchise yet. But it’s the new leak of a potential Hot Pursuit remaster that’s got everyone’s attention.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was released in 2010 as a soft reboot to the 1998 original. It was the last game in the series developed by Criterion, with Ghost Games taking over afterward. Whilst not necessarily the most iconic Need For Speed, most fans will have fond memories of it.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

Speed Hot Pursuit supercar race

The news of a potential remaster was leaked via multiple postings across two different stores. First, Amazon removed an Xbox One listing for Hot Pursuit Remastered. This was followed by Australian retailer Mighty Ape doing much the same.

It’s listing on Amazon had it priced at £34.99 (roughly $45) which seems reasonable for a remaster. For many, it’s probably not the game they expected EA to green light. After all, the likes of Carbon and Pro Street have never been given the reboot treatment and are more widely liked.

The choice to remaster Hot Pursuit probably comes from the fact Criterion was responsible for it. After the fair success of Burnout Paradise Remastered, Criterion were handed back full development rights over the Need for Speed franchise. Remastering a game that it made in the past would certainly be easier than working on someone else’s title.

Regardless, Electronic Arts’ eagerness to get Criterion back into active development is nice to see. It has been responsible for some of the best arcade racing games ever made with Hot Pursuit itself outperforming just about every Need for Speed since. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more from them in the future.