Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide (Contains Minor Story Spoilers)

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide - vGamerz

If you’re anything like me, you love glamorous vanity items and collectibles in MMOs. This is a Final Fantasy XIV Mount guide for obtaining (almost) all of the mounts available in Final Fantasy XIV broken into categories. I say “almost” because there are two mounts that are only available to players from the original iteration of Final Fantasy XIV Online, The Goobbue, and The Legacy Chocobo. Also, the Gobwalker mount is speculated to be a drop from the final floor of Alexander Gordias (Savage), but no one has beaten that yet, so we’ll wait for now. The rest, however, are open for the taking!

 Final Fantasy XIV Mount guide | MAIN STORY QUEST

There are five mounts that you obtain in this game simply by playing through the main story quest. Please note that the last four of the five cannot be obtained before you hit level 50.

Company Chocobo (A Realm Reborn)

Company Chocobo-Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide-vGamerz

Unless you purchased a Collector’s Edition of either A Realm Reborn or Heavensward, this will likely be your first mount. Please note, however, that you will not be able to ride any of those others until you reach this point in the game. While not a direct reward from the main questline, “The Company You Keep” mission rewards you with membership into one of the Grand Companies, either The Immortal Flames of Ul’dah, The Twin Adder of Gridania, or The Maelstrom of Limsa Lominsa. After you are sworn into your preferred company, you can purchase your Chocobo whistle from the respective Quartermaster for 2,000 Grand Company seals. This happens shortly after you hit level 20.

Magitek Armor (A Realm Reborn)

Magitek Armor-Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide-vGamerz

This hulking mass is your reward for completing the quest: The Ultimate Weapon, obtained from Rauban in Northern Thanalan (3,3), which sends you through The Praetorium, the second of two main story dungeons which bring the Seventh Umbral Era to a close. Caution: watch for inattentive Lalafells when operating this motor vehicle.

Black Chocobo (Heavensward)

Black Chocobo-Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide-vGamerz

This mount requires the purchase of Final Fantasy’s newest expansion: Heavensward, and is your reward for completion of the “Divine Intervention” quest obtained by the House Fortemps Steward at House Fortemps Manor in The Pillars (6,6). The Black Chocobo has a neat hat, but that’s about it. Oh, wait…HE CAN FLY. Now, that’s only in the new Heavensward zones: Coerthas Western Highlands, The Dravanian Forelands and Hinterlands, The Sea of Clouds, and Azys Lla, and also only after you’ve attuned with all of the Aether Currents in each of those areas, but really what else are you going to do in this game besides go sightseeing? It’s BEAUTIFUL, according to the Final Fantasy XIV Mount guide.

*Fun fact: Your Grand Company Chocobo can learn to fly as well upon completion of the level 52 quest, “I Believe I Can Fly” from Amoulain in Foundation – The Holy Stables (7,11).

Manacutter (Heavensward)

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide-vGamerz-Manacutter

This mini airship is a gift from Cid upon completion of the Main Story Quest “Into the Aery” tasked to you by Estinien in Foundation, Ishgard (13,11). This questline takes you into, you guessed it, The Aery. This is a level 55 4-man dungeon that has some of the coolest music and scenery of any of the new areas.   The Manacutter is also a flying mount used in the Heavensward areas. It’s a pretty neat little airship, but it’s no dragon or anything.

Midgardsormr (Heavensward)

Midgardsormr FFXIV

Hey, look a dragon! After all the time this little guy spends sitting on your shoulder, upon completion of the story quest “Fetters of Lament” from Guidance Node in Azys Lla (18,31), he grows into a big ol’ winged beasty that you can ride. This is easily one of my favorites of the new mounts. I haven’t SEEN him eat any Lalafells, but he’s a dragon so I can’t say he won’t ever.

 Final Fantasy XIV Mount guide | SIDE QUESTS


FFXIV Unicorn

Ever wanted to ride around on a unicorn? Yeah, you want to ride around on a unicorn. Well, according to the Final Fantasy XIV Mount guide, Braya at the Conjurer’s Guild in Old Gridania (6,11) will give you that opportunity. You need only have your Conjurer class at level 30 and have completed your level 30 Conjurer class quest, then Braya will send you to cast Cure on an injured beast in the North Shroud (16,30). Please note that you must be a Conjurer during this quest, so don’t equip your shiny new White Mage Soul Crystal just yet. When you’re done, Braya will be so enthralled at how well the majestic horse has taken to you, that he will suggest that you two stick together. UNICORN POWER! (That’s the quest name. I’m not weird, I promise.)


Kirin-Final Fantasy XIV Mount guide-vGamerz

Dragon? No. Horse? Maybe? Por Que no Los dos? (That’s Spanish for “Why not both?”) Either way, this guy looks awesome, in the Final Fantasy XIV Mount guide. He’s your reward for completing the quest “A Legend for a Legend” given to you by the Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona (21,8) after you have obtained all six of the legendary ponies. These are dropped from the Extreme Primals (see below). He sends you to the Rathefrost to “sound the mystic whistle” and “bring forth the beast of legend”. Seriously though, is it a dragon or a horse?

Bomb Palanquin

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide-_Direwolf_Mount-vGamerz

I mean if you really WANT to sit underneath literally ticking time-bombs, that’s on you. This mount becomes available to you upon reaching Trusted status with the Kobolds. The daily quest givers can be found at the 789th Order Dig in Outer La Noscea (21,18), but they will only offer to work with you if you have completed the “Highway Robbery” quest in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (12,12).

Cavalry Elbst

Cavalry Elbst FFXIV

Available upon reaching Trusted status with the Sahagin. Their quest-givers are at Novv’s Nursery in Western La Noscea (17,21), and their quests become available after completing “They Came From The Deep” in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (13,12).

Cavalry Drake

Calvary_drake FFXIV

Trusted with the Amalj’aa? This guy is yours. Their quests are at the Ring of Ash in Southern Thanalan (23,14) and can be accessed after completing “Peace for Thanalan” given to you by Swift at the Immortal Flames base in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald.


Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide-_Direwolf_Mount-vGamerz

You know nothing, Jon Snow. Wait… the wrong fandom. Anyway, this mount becomes available when you earn the Trust of the Ixali in North Shroud (24,22) after completing “A Bad Bladder” from Scarlet in New Gridania (9,11). These daily quests are actually crafting quests, so keep that in mind when you’re pursuing this beast tribe.

Laurel Goobbue

Laurel_Goobue FFXIV

This mount comes from being Trusted with the Sylph in Little Solace, East Shroud (22,26) after completing “Seeking Solace” from Vorsaile Heuloix in New Gridania (9,11). Side note: Lalafells look HILARIOUS riding this big thing.

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide | MYSTICAL SUPER PONIES

These majestic horses are rewards for defeating the Extreme versions of their corresponding Primal fights. They have an OK drop rate, but are not 100%, so you will likely find some farming parties for those interested in collecting these mounts.

Aithon (Ifrit)

Aithon FFXIV

Boreas (Shiva)


Enbarr (Leviathan)

Enbarr FFXIV

Gullfaxi (Titan)

Gullfaxi FFXIV

Markab (Ramuh)

Markab FFXIV

Xanthos (Garuda)

Xanthos FFXIV

The Ifrit, Titan, and Garuda fights also have a chance to drop a Nightmare Whistle which can be used to summon Nightmare, the demon unicorn with a flaming horn. Seriously? How cool is that?!

FFXIV Night mare Mount

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide | GOLD SAUCER

MGP is the currency of The Manderville Gold Saucer. This can be earned by playing games in the Gold Saucer, playing Triple Triad with appropriate NPC’s, and by winning a Cactpot lottery. Unless you win the big one, it is a bit of a grind to stock up the MGP required to buy these mounts, just throwing that out there.



Purchased for 200,000 MGP from the Gold Saucer Attendant at (5,6) or (4,6) in the Gold Saucer.



Purchased for 1,000,000 MGP from the Gold Saucer Attendant at (5,6) or (4,6) in the Gold Saucer.

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide | PVP

Flame Warsteed

Flame Warsteed FFXIV

This steed is your reward for winning 100 PVP matches under the banner of the Immortal Flames. This is an achievement reward for earning the achievement “A Line in the Sand IV”. This means you must speak to Jonathas in Old Gridania (10,6) and “tell him a story” for him to give you the Flame Warsteed Horn.

Serpent Warsteed

Final Fantasy XIV Serpent Warsteed - vGamrez

The reward for the “A Line in the Glade IV” achievement. Win 100 PVP matches for The Order of the Twin Adder and then speak with Jonathas.

Storm Warsteed


The reward for the “A Line in the Storm IV” achievement. Win 100 PVP matches for The Maelstrom and then speak with Jonathas.

Logistics System


The reward for “Behind Enemy Lines” Achievement. Guide any one of the three Grand Companies to victory in 200 Frontline matches. Speak to Jonathas for your new flying ball…thing…

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide | TANK MOUNTS

These three mounts are specific to the three tank jobs: Warrior, Paladin, and Dark Knight. They require the completion of 200 high-level, full party duties through the Duty Finder to earn the achievement “But Somebody’s Gotta Do It”. The current duties that apply to the completion of the achievements are all of the Extreme Primal fights (this includes Good King Moogle Mog as well as Bismarck and Ravana from the Heavensward expansion), all three turns of the Binding Coil of Bahamut, and all four floors of Alexander Gordias (Savage). The applicable duties change and adapt with the addition of new high-level content.

Warbear (Warrior)

Warbear FFXIV

Complete 200 high-level duties as a Warrior and you can ride on a bear!

Warlion (Paladin)

Warlion FFXIV

Complete 200 high-level duties as a Paladin and you can ride on a lion!

Warpanther (Dark Knight – Heavensward)

Warpanther FFXIV

Complete 200 high-level duties as a Dark Knight (not THE Dark Knight…you don’t have to be Batman) and you can ride on a panther!

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide | PLAYER COMMENDATIONS

Player commendations can be awarded by other players upon successful completion of a duty. They are meant to reward the player or players who stood out during the trial. If enough players think you’re the bees knees, then Jonathas over in Old Gridania (10,6) will have a present for you.

Gilded Magitek Armor

Gilded Magitek Armor FFXIV

Essentially the same as the Magitek Armor from above, but GOLD. You need only impress 500 of your fellow adventurers to earn this mount.

Parade Chocobo

parade-chocobo FFXIV

Now, THIS is the guy you want. Stand out in the crowd to 3,000 of your compatriots, and you get to waddle around on a Chocobo that is CLEARLY well-fed. He is also wearing the coolest little crown on his head to show all of the other fat little Chocobo that you are the people’s champion. Well done.

Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide | ADDITIONAL PURCHASES

Ceremony Chocobo

Ceremony-Chocobo-mount FFXIV

This fancy Chocobo is one of your wedding gifts forswearing your technological, undying, cyber-love for another player in-game through either the Gold or Platinum. The Gold Plan costs $10 per person and the Platinum is $20 per person. The fun part about this mount is that it seats two, both you and your Eternally Bonded partner.


Sleipnir - FFXIV

You, too, can ride Odin’s trusty steed for only $24. It can be purchased on the Mog Station.


Ahriman FFXIV

This one is easy to obtain if you actually enjoy playing the game. You need only have subscribed to the game for 90 days (3 months), and Square Enix will thank you by sending this to you in your in-game mail. The 3 months do not have to be consecutive. If you skip a month and then come back, it still adds to your total, so that’s kinda nice.


Behemoth - Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide

This big guy is Square Enix’s thank you for your 270 days of service to their wallets. I mean the realm! Sorry, the realm. That’s nine months of subs. That’s a Final Fantasy XIV baby. After the time you put in, you’ve earned it.

Coeurl (A Realm Reborn)

Coeurl-Mount- Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide

The Big Cat is a reward for purchasing the Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The cool thing about this is that, even if you didn’t purchase the CE from the onset, you can still upgrade your account for $20 to get this and all of the other rewards on the Mog Station.

Fat Chocobo (A Realm Reborn)

Fat Chocobo - Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide

This guy. This guy is right here. This will be your favorite mount. Like the Coeurl, this mount is also a reward for purchasing or upgrading to, the Collector’s Edition. The Fat Chocobo mount, much like the Parade Chocobo, chases a patch of Gysahl Greens on a stick when you’re running. HOWEVER, I will do you one so much better. When you complete the “I Believe I Can Fly” quest that gives your Company Chocobo the power of flight, this little guy gets that power too, but instead of Gysahl Greens, HE CHASES CAKE! Guess he needed a little more motivation to fly. It’s amazing. Kudos Square Enix.

Griffin (Heavensward)

Griffin-Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide

This mount is your reward for purchasing, or upgrading to, the Collector’s Edition of the Heavensward expansion. If you purchase this upgrade, then this will be your first flying mount in the new expansion. Just remember that you cannot fly until you have attuned to all of the Aether Currents in a specific zone.

*These final mounts are not so many rewards for purchases that YOU make, but instead for purchases your friends make. They can be bought with Gold Chocobo Feathers. You earn 5 Gold Feathers for every one friend you recruit, or if your one friend subscribes for 150, 210, and 270 days.

Draught Chocobo

Draught Chocobo-Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide

This Chocobo, like the Ceremony Chocobo, is a two-seater for you and your recruited friend who has subscribed to the game for over 90 days. Get your friend to stay for 3 months and you two can ride across Eorzea on Chocobo for as long as your little hearts can stand it.

Amber Draught Chocobo

Red Draught Chocobo-Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide

Did your friend quit after a week? It’s ok. Just recruit another one to get 5 more feathers, because you can also purchase this mount for 8 Gold Feathers at the Calamity Salvager in either Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (12,13), Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (11,14), or Old Gridania (10,8). This mount is also a two-seater.


twintania-Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide

This is it. The big momma of them all. Remember Turn 5 of the Binding Coil of Bahamut? The enormous brick wall boss that trolled so many people for so long is now at your beckoned call. Talk about a fall from grace huh? For a WHOPPING 15 Gold Feathers, you can divebomb people all over Ishgard (where flying is allowed of course). According to Final Fantasy XIV Mount Guide, Twintania can be purchased at the Calamity Salvagers in each city-state as well.

Alexander Raid Trailer Released for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

Fantasy XIV

Fantasy XIV

Square Enix (known for its Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Kingdom Hearts role-playing video game franchises, among numerous) has released their trailer for the new raid coming to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward.

The raid itself will be released in two versions: Normal and Savage. Normal will be slightly lower in difficulty to the original raid, Binding Coil of Bahamut. Savage will be a lot more difficult, and tailored more for the hard core raiders of the game. This way everyone will be able to participate in the raids without being gated or blocked.

Normal-mode is set to be released this upcoming Tuesday with Savage following suit in two weeks time. Loot does drops from both versions, though Savage will, naturally, have higher stats and item level.

Fantasy XIV alexander armor

We get to see some of the inside of Alexander in the new trailer as well as the armor and weapons that drop and they look incredible. They really keep in theme with Alexander with the coloring and overall look. I’m really excited to get in there and see what lies in wait for us and see how different it is compared to the raids in A Realm Reborn.

Check out the trailer below:

Do you plan on tackling Normal or wait until Savage? Or are you going to try out both versions and see the difference in difficulty? Let me know in the comments! I’m really curious to see who does what!

FF14: The Collectibles Guide – Gathering Edition



Gatherers and Crafters have another way to level in Heavensward, and that is from turning in collectibles. It’s a new addition to the game and a welcome one indeed. The extra experience helps in the lengthy grind to level 60.

At level 50, you can pick up the quest titled Inscrutable Tastes. Upon completion of this quest, it will unlock the ability to collect. An action called Collector’s Glove for all disciples of lands, and Collectible Synthesis for all disciples of hands. At level 56, you can collect items of that level to turn in for blue gatherer scrips and blue crafter scrips which is what we are eventually aiming for.

The scrips can be used to buy gear, as well as Regional Folklore tomes for gathers and Master Book III’s for crafters.

For now, if you are level 50, you want to focus on leveling. This means doing your Grand Company turn ins each day as well as gathering the collectible items. For Miner, it’s Yellow Copper Ore, and for Botanist, it’s Old World Fig. Fisher is a little bit different as the fish they want changes each day compared to botanist and miner which all but a few remain static(the static items for Botanist and Miner are Yellow Copper Ore and Old World Fig). The items for botany and miner are also from unspoiled nodes which spawn twice per Eorzean hour.

At the moment, just while we are leveling, we want quantity over quality. The quality means a little more experience if you met that threshold but that also means less items to collect per run. Getting two items at a 66k experience apiece is way less than gathering four items worth 60k experience apiece.


Activate Truth of Mountains/Truth of Forests depending on class. If you have already gathered from the unspoiled node before, activate collector’s glove. If not, go gather and then wait for the next hour.

When you have collector’s glove active, the gathering interface is similar to normal gathering. Click on the item you wish to collect, in this case Yellow Copper Ore, and you will be introduced to another interface. Kind of like a mini game! The numbers on the left, 0/30 are important. If you go over that, the chance of successful gather drops rapidly. Each time you try to increase the item’s collectible rating, the number will rise depending on what move you have done. You can get it to it’s max, 30/30 and be okay. You just cannot go over that.

Yellow Copper Ore and Old World Fig both need a rating of 240 for the collectible appraiser at Mor Dhona to accept. The rotation I used to gather four items at 240 rarity plus is the following;
– Activate Collector’s Glove.
– Use Toil of the Mountaineer(for Miner) or Toil of the Poineer (for Botanist), depending on which class you are.
– Click on the item you wish to collect to bring up what I like to call Collecting Mini Game.
– Use Discerning Eye.
– Use Methodical Appraisal.
– Use Methodical Appraisal.
– Use Sharp Vision if you’re below 100% to gather and don’t want to potentially miss.
– Gather your four items
– Hand them in at the appraiser in Mor Dhona and be rewarded with that sweet sweet experience.

Each time you gather the item, you will be greeted with another menu asking if you want to preserve the item along with it’s collectability rating.

Now, this won’t work very well with the higher level items needed. For those items, you need a rating of 450 otherwise the appraiser won’t accept it. There are several different ways of getting an item to 450+, however I will be listing the two that I use. One relies more on RNG but that can be helped by increasing your Perception rating. The more perception, the bigger the number. For example, Methodical Appraisal works by increasing the items rarity by Perception x1.

The first rotation which can be a hit or miss. There have been times when it’s worked and other times when I fall short a couple of points. You need a base of 500GP if not using Sharp Vision or Field Mastery. I recommend this if you don’t have fully melded Forager’s Gear.

– Collector’s Glove
– Toil of the Mountaineer or Toil of the Pioneer
– Field Mastery or Sharp Vision(if needed)
– Utmost Caution
– Impulsive Appraisal
– Utmost Caution
– Impulsive Appraisal
– Impulsive Appraisal
– Impulsive Appraisal
– Collect

The second rotation which can still be RNG based depending on perception. You need at least 600GP to accomplish this.
– Collector’s Glove
– Hit the node which contains the item that you are after
– Single Mind
– Utmost Caution
– Impulsive Appraisal
– Single Mind
– Utmost Caution
– Impulsive Appraisal
– Impulsive Appraisal
– Impulsive Appraisal
– Collect

A third rotation, which also costs 600GP. Doesn’t use Single Mind so lower levels can use, provided they meet the GP(which can be reached via food).
– Collector’s Glove
– Hit the node to reveal the item
– Discerning Eye
– Methodical Appraisal
– Discerning Eye
– Methodical Appraisal
– Discerning Eye
– Methodical Appraisal
– Collect

The higher your stats, the more you can play around and work up a rotation that best fits where your stats are.


Collecting as a Fisher is different. The size of the fish directly affects their collectability, so the bigger they are, the better the rating.

When you fish a collectible fish, a menu will pop up asking if you would like to preserve the item as well as it’s collectability rating. Unlike in Botany and Mining, Fishing collectibles are more RNG based.

Fishing is also unique in the fact that, depending on the fish and level, you will be getting a decent chunk of experience. More than botany and fisher! So for gathering the blue scrips, it’s highly suggested that you go with botany and/or mining as you’re not as reliant on the RNG aspect, not as much as fishing.

Good luck on leveling, gathering and collecting those scrips! Hope you’re enjoying one of the new aspects of gathering, I definitely am, and if you have any questions or anything to add, just post in the comments!

FF14: I Believe I Can Fly – How to Unlock Flying and Aether Current Locations


Flying has now come to Eorzea! The expansion sees three of the new areas be traversed by flight, which is incredibly handy because the new areas are massive. And traversing the lands from the skies is amazing – the view is absolutely gorgeous.

But how do you fly? It’s clear that when you arrive, you don’t have the ability to fly. During the main scenario quests you will be given a black chocobo whistle and an aether compass. Summon the chocobo, bind that compass to your hotbar(you will find it in Key Items) and you can start searching for those air currents.

Using the compass, it’ll point you into the general direction of where the air current is. You will still have to look for the current, though it’s quite unmissable. It looks like a weird ball of swirling wind. Attune to the current and it’ll disappear. Then onward to the next current!

Each area has a total of 15 air currents. 10 of those are ones you must find throughout the area, the other 5 are from quests. 1 of those quests is always a main scenario quest. There is an exception to this and that is the last area where all currents are gotten as rewards from the main story quest.

For quick and easy access, here is the list of all the air currents, the ten you have to attune to, as well as the quests located for the remaining five. It’s well worth hunting for as many currents as you can when entering a zone, though mark down which ones you’ve done in case you get stuck. If you cannot remember how many you have already found, you can go to the travel menu and in the aether currents tab you will see how many you have collected. Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you where the found ones were located.

Attuning to these currents allows your black chocobo mount to fly. To have the ability to fly on other flying mounts(grand company chocobo, fat chocobo, primal ponies as well as some mounts gotten from quests), you will need to complete an additional quest titled; I Believe I Can Fly. This quest is located in the Ishgard in the Foundation. The quest giver is Arnoulain located at the following co-ordinates; (31×23). This quest requires you to go fight some mobs with your chocobo buddy.

There’s a little too much for me to cover here but feel free to check out more blogs related games.

Coerthas Western Highlands – Falcons Nest
(x34, y26) , (x23, y9) , (x30, y33) , (x25, y27) , (x29, y24) , (x24, y8) , (x31, y11) , (x11, y18) , (x21, y34) , (x43, y7)
For All the Nights to Come; (x16, y22)
Baby Steps; (x16, y22)
Protecting Whats Important; (x16, y22)
Bridge Over Frozen Water; (x32, y35)
Purple Flame, Purple Flame; (x16, y22)

The Dravania Forelands

(x26, y22) , (x30, y24) , (36×22) , (x9, 36) , (x12, y19) , (x22, y20) , (x19, y34) , (38×28) , (x25, y12) , (x27, y39)
Chocobo’s Last Stand(part of a quest chain); (x31, y22)
A Lesson in Humility; (x16, y23)
Mourn In Passing; (x23, y19)
Natural Repellent; (x24, y19)
Some Bad News; (x31, y22)

The Sea of Clouds

(x34, y20), (x27, y27) , (x25, y38) , (x10, y34) , (x12, y29) , (x32, y36) , (x9, y19) , (x23, y19) , (x26, y13) , (x32, y18)
Clipped Wings; (x17, y37)
Bolt, Chain, and Island; (x11, y14)
Sleepless in Ok’Zundu; (x9, y14)
Flying the Nest; (x10, y14)
Search and Rescue; (x16, y37)

The Dravanian Hinterlands
(x36, y26) , (x37, y21) , (x27, y26) , (x23, y23) , (x17, y15) , (x18, y31) , (x20, y37) , (x5, y33) , (x11, y23) , (x5, y21)
Ebb and Aetherflow(in Idyllshire); (x7, y6)
Taking Stock; (in Idyllshire); (x5, y6)
Louder Than Words; (x21, y15)
Saro Roggo’s Common Life(in Matoya’s Cave); (x6, y6)
Forbidden Knowledge(in Matoya’s Cave); (x6, y6)

The Churning Mists

(x17, y28) , (x7, y27) , (x20, y26) , (x23, y19) , (x30, y35) , (x36, y26) , (x34, y15) , (x21, y20) , (x16, y20) , (x18, y8)
Road Kill; (x27, y33)
The Bathing Bully; (x29, y36)
The Unceasing Gardener; (x12, y32)
Into the Aery; Foundation (x13, y11)
Waiting to Inhale; (x32, y15)

Azys Lla
No field aether currents, huzzah!
You will do these quests in the following order:
Systematic Exploration ; (x21, y15)
In Node We Trust; (x6, x10)
Chimerical Maintenance; (x27, y10)
Close Encounters of the VIth Kind; (x37, y11)
Fetters of Lament; (x18, y31)

Enjoy the lands from a new perspective as you can now fly through these giagantic areas. Oh, and take a jacket, it’s really cold up there!

Beginners Guide to Hunting in Final Fantasy 14

guide to hunting in ff 14.

Final Fantasy 14

So, you’re a new adventurer just wandering about the zones in Final Fantasy 14. Maybe you’re questing, or perhaps you have decided to do some mining or gathering in Final Fantasy 14. It’s a low level area so you feel safe enough to stroll on through without a care in the world.

Until you see that level 50 mob right in front of you. If you’re lucky, it’s got a blue symbol and you’re safe. It won’t aggro you until you aggro it. If you’re unlucky, well, chances are you’ll be lying face down on the ground with a total of zero health. Oops. The red symbol means it’ll aggro you on sight. And most pack quite the punch!

Hunts are back with a fury in Heavensward as you need the new tomestones at level 60 for the new armor and jewelry in Final Fantsasy 14, and the new Centurio seals are used to upgrade it. Is it worth doing? Well, in a way yes. You do get more seals from hunts than you do from the clan board(which that entails hunting specific world mobs for experience and 3 seals apiece at level 1 hunts). The seals cap at 500 so be sure to spend before you hit or risk missing out.

There is some hunting etiquette out there that will make the life of a hunter a little bit easier and less stressful(hopefully!). Defeating a certain amount of hunt marks in specific zones will also yield ingame achievements, and some titles come from defeating ex amount! Pretty nifty.

Here is the unspoken ‘rules’ of monster hunting. I use the term very loosely as some are not rules persay but tips to help maximize your ability to get full credit on mobs.

If you find a hunt mob, check it’s name. If there is a blue symbol, it’s a B rank. If there is a red symbol, it’s either an A rank or an S rank. You can usually determine the rank by size as well. B ranks are small sized, A ranks are medium sized while S ranks are usually pretty big.

B ranks are not usually worth going after once you’ve done your weekly hunt. They don’t award any tomestones or seals apart from the weekly hunt bill. That doesn’t mean you can ignore them – others might be on the lookout too.

B ranks spawn every 30 seconds after they’ve been hunted down. A ranks spawn roughly every 4 hours after they go down. S ranks often spawn 36 hours after their last defeat and some with certain conditions that need to be met before they appear.

If you can, join a hunt linkshell. There are plenty out there and if you let it be known that you’re in need, you’ll find yourself invited into one or more.

Before you shout that the mark is there, make sure you use the position tags. It’s the side arrows with pos in the middle. Have the mark selected, use the position tag and it’ll put a flag on the map for easier time seeing where the location is.

Do not ninja pull. This is a surefire way to get you blacklisted. Pulled accidentally? Just say sorry and move on. Sometimes, especially on PS3’s, the monster doesn’t render right away so getting too close without knowing happens. If you do this intentionally, you will be kicked from any hunt linkshell as well as blacklisted. People take monster hunting seriously.

You will miss hunts. Sometimes it gets pulled before you can make it. Don’t let it get to you too much. Shouting and verbally abusing others will land you in trouble with a GM.

A good way to get enough credit for full seals/tomestones is one; joining a party and two; going white mage. Throwing a couple of stones or some holys and then spam medica II. Not only does it build aggro, thus contributing(and attacking a couple of times ensures your participation), but spamming medica II heals everyone in the party. Which is good. But it also allows others a bit more time to join in and get credit.

Also, for healers, is there is status effects in Final Fantasy, try to esuna/leeches if you can. Some debuffs cannot be dispelled and in that case, keep healing. You might need to throw out a revive or two just in case(have I mentioned the big marks pack a nasty punch?).

You can do this on tank jobs but attacking and using all of your aggro generating abilities. As for DPS, just go wild. With a combination of all three, you should get full credit, even if you’re late to the fight!

Don’t just join a hunt and scout party and not be prepared to scout for the marks. Leaving the rest of the party to scout while you sit idly by isn’t very fair.

As of patch 3.0, you can now teleport whilst on a mount. This makes it a little bit quicker since you can teleport to a zone and start moving rather than having to mount up. If you’ve unlocked flying in the new Heavensward expansion zones of Final Fantasy, it makes it even more quicker as you can avoid the ground terrain.

Have fun! If it stresses you out too much, take a break. This is a game and we all play games for fun.