Fallout 4 Guide: How to Debug Your Settlement

Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Sanctuary Hills

From time to time, you might encounter a naughty bug in one your settlements. Basically, most settlers will disappear and/or they won’t perform their assigned tasks. As a result, the settlement’s happiness will drastically decrease. Here’s how can you resolve this issue.

This seems to be a random bug that doesn’t happen that often. I only found it during my second journey at Sanctuary Hills. My settlers went missing, I couldn’t find more than 4 out of 16. Despite my amazing stats, the happiness decreased from 78% t 52%, which clearly meant that the settlement was bugged. Some people still can see their settlers but their stats get bugged too. This is a quick guide explaining how to debug and unstuck your settlement.


Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Build a Bell1. Build a Bell

Build a Bell on V under Resources>Miscellaneous. Put it in an relatively accessible zone to avoid further path/stuck bugs. This item will allow you to call every single person living in your settlement, including companions and traders.


Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Ring the Bell2. Ring the Bell

Now, ring the bell several times.  Wait around 10 seconds between usages. I did this five times and everyone came back. The settlers that you see will quickly get to you and the ones missing will eventually return to the settlement. They might get stuck in barricades and fences if you have any, so you might want to look around after spamming ringing the bell.


3. Leave the Settlement

Aright, so now to refresh the settlement go anywhere else and come back. The loading screen should refresh the settler’s confusing bug. If they disappear again, try to do the same procedure. Call them with the bell to get everyone in place, then save the game.


Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Assign Settlers4. Re-Assign Everyone

The boring part comes now. You need to assign everyone one by one again. If you don’t, they’ll most likely go back to do whatever they want. Missing, walking around, everything else but working on the assignment you gave them. Click E on each settler and then assign them to food, security or trading.


5. Wait for the Assignment Delay

Once you’ve re-assigned everyone, wait around two minutes. In my game, the 16 settlers took awhile to assume their re-assignments. Some kind of delay took over and around two minutes after my last assignment order, the system was still sending messages.


Fallout 4 - Unstuck Settlement - Move Settler6. Exchange Settlers

If your settlers remain bugged, try to send them somewhere else. Send a few to another settlement and get fresh ones from any outpost you wish. Then, check if the bug is finally gone. If so, repeat this method until all your bugged settlement is fixed. To move a settler, click V, then select someone and click R, now pick a new settlement choice.


7. Save and Restart the Game

Ultimately, save your progress and restart the game. All your settlement stuck bugs should be revolved by now. At least they worked in my games. Remember that you might have to repeat certain steps several types until it fully unstuck.


This is how you debug your settlements. If you’ve followed these steps, your settlement should be bug free now. Or at least, your settlers shouldn’t be wandering around anymore. This is a settlement bug fix and it works in every settlement.

Fallout 4 Guide: How to Easily Get a Hazmat Suit

Fallout 4 - Diamond City - Hazmat Suit

Hazmat Suits are essential to perform certain missions in Fallout 4. There are several ways to get one but here’s the quickest and easiest way to get it.

During your journey, you’ll most likely find a Hazmat Suit somewhere. But for whatever the reason, you might not have one when you need it. Either because you’ve forgotten where you put it before or because you’ve sold it by mistake. Or as it happened to me, a settler stole it from my cabin. And that is a huge problem since it will delay your mission that needs a Hazard Suit to protect you from radiation. You can always explore several places to get one for free but that can take sometime. Here’s the easiest and quickest method to get an anti-rads suit.

Fallout 4 - Diamond City - Hazmat Suit1. Travel to Diamond City’s Market

Do a fast travel to Diamond City’s Market and make sure you get there during day time.

Fallout 4 - Diamond City - Hazmat Suit

2. Enter the Fallon’s Basement

During the day, enter Fallon’s Basement which is located downstairs at your right side after entering Diamond City’s market. Just after the hairdresser shop.

Fallout 4 - Diamond City - Hazmat Suit

3. Check Becky’s Shop

Inside the basement you’ll see tons of clothes, suits and dresses. Approach Becky and ask her to browse her goods.

Fallout 4 - Diamond City - Hazmat Suit4. Buy the Hazard Suit

Search for the Hazmat Suit in the list and buy it. It costs 183 Bottle Caps. Remember not to lose it tho, because it’s the only one she has for sale.

And this is it! Now you have your own Hazmat Suit in the game and now the missions that involve heavy levels of radiation will become a breeze for you!

Fallout 4 Guide: How to Easily Kill Swan

Swan is a mini boss in Fallout 4 and you will most likely meet him when doing the Road to Freedom mission in the game. He’s normally really difficult to defeat because of his high health, so normally Power Armor would be required, but I personally managed to defeat Swan easily, without a lot of headaches and without Power Armor. I was also really low on ammo, so I took him out with a regular shotgun. Do you want to know how? Then read on for Vgamerz’ guide on how to easily kill Swan in Fallout 4.

First things first. We need to get to Swan’s pond, which is radioactive pond right at the beginning of the Road to Freedom mission. You have the exact location marked on the map below, it’s where my character is currently at:

road to freedom mission guide 01

Now, in order to easily defeat Swan, we have to prepare a little bit: first, save the game as you might need reloading in case you can’t do it the first time. Then, enter the area from the south (where the Road to Freedom sign is) and move straight forward to the pond. When you are close to it, send Piper to the left side of the Pond, then you move after her… If Swan doesn’t spawn, you will have to enter the pond, but get out quickly.

Once he appears, you will have to draw him to an area to the right of the pond, where we have a few trees. Shoot at him, then run away. Wait for him to get close, then run again (you can use sprinting, you won’t need action points later on!) Just make sure that he’s really close and you stay alive during this process. Head over to the trees and again wait for him to get as close as possible. Go through and look back. Swan is large and stupid:

fallout 4 guide how to kill swan 1

fallout 4 guide how to kill swan 2

Yes, that is true! Just like Deathclaws who get stuck behind doors, Swan will get stuck behind those trees and you can easily pop him up. He will still throw rocks at you, but won’t do anything else. You can easily take him out with any weapon, even a pistol if you have enough ammo. Just make sure that you don’t change your position so that he doesn’t move and you’ll be just fine.

Oh, and there’s some nice loot waiting for you once you take him out:

fallout 4 guide how to kill swan 3

This is it! This is the easiest way to kill Swan in Fallout 4! Hope you enjoy it!

Fallout 4 Guide: How to Get All Building Materials

Fallout 4 Guide - Building Materials

To build and expand settlements, players need to gather a vast variety of materials. Finding and collecting them however, is not always an easy task.

Apart from dismantling all the stuff present in your settlement areas, it is also possible to scrap inventory items to obtain core materials. As in every game, some components are way more uncommon than others, so they might be harder to find. Here’s  a helpful list with items that you need to scrap in order to get your desired material:


Acid – Abraxo Cleaner; Anti Freeze Bottle; Suprathaw Antifreeze;

Adhesive – Duct Tape; Sealed Wonderglue; Vegetable Starch;

Aluminum – Coolant Cap; Distress Pulser;

Antiseptic – Abraxo Cleaner; Turpentine; Abraxo Cleaner;

Asbestos – Biometric Scanner; Coffee Pot; Extinguisher; Oven Mitt; Pack of Cigarettes; Teapot;

Bones – All Bones (ex: Tibia); Animal Parts and Corpses

Broken Light Bulb – Street Lamp;

Ceramics – Bathtub; Toilet; Ceramic Bowl; Coffee Cup; Sink; Teapot; White Plate;

Circuitry – Alarm Clock; Distress Pulser; Enchanted Targeting Card; Military-Grade Circuit Board; Telephone; Hot Plate;

Cloth – All Dresses, Suits and Outfits (ex: Laundered Green Dress); All Hood and Hats (ex: Hood with Straps); Box of San Francisco Sunlights; Cigar Box; Couch; Kitchen Chairs; Pre-War Money; Last Edition Newspaper; Pack of Cigarettes, Paintbrush; Rug; Trifold American Flag;

Cork – Antique Globe;

Copper – Fuse; Hot Plate; Light Bulb; Power Relay Coil; Telephone; Vacuum Tube;

Crystal – Camera; Microscope; ProSnap Camera;

Fiberglass – Abraxo Cleaner; Cigar Box; Jangles the Moon Monkey; Telephone;

Fiber Optics – Biometric Scanner; Microscope;

Fuse – Street Lamp;

Fallout 4 Guide - Scraping Inventory Items

Gears – Adjustable Wrench; Camera; Desk Fan; Gold Watch; Microscope; ProSnap Camera; Typewriter; Silver Pocket Watch;

Glass – Beer Bottle; Empty Milk Bottle; Fuse; Glass Pitcher; Lamp; Light Bulb; Nuka Cola Bottle; Shot Glass; Vacuum Tube;

Gold – Gold Items (ex: Gold Watch, Gold Lighter);

Leather – All Hides and Leathers (ex: Radstag Hide); Some Arm and Leg Pieces (ex: Leather Left Leg); Gas Masks; Harness

Nuclear Materials – Alarm Clock; Biometric Scanner; Distress Pulser; Nuclear Material;

Oil – Blue Paint; Flip Lighter; Gas Canister; Oil Can; Soap;

Plastic – Automatic Institute Pistol; Bread Box; Enchanted Targeting Card; Files; Plastic Spoon; Pack of Cigarettes; Shopping Basket; Scissors; Anti Freeze Bottle;

Rubber – Baby Bottle; Fridge; Street Lamp; Tire; Extinguisher;

Screw – Antique Globe; Desk Fan; Hot Plate; Typewriter; Toy Car; Toy Truck; Antique Globe;

Silver – Silver Items (ex: Silver Fork; Silver Locket; Silver Bowl); Enchanted Targeting Card;

Spring – Spring; Camera; Flip Lighter; Kitchen Scale; ProSnap Camera; Typewriter;

Steel – All Pistols and Rifles (ex: Pipe Auto Pistol); Ball-peen Hammer; All Melee Weapons (ex: Tire Iron); Some Armor Pieces (ex: Raider Left Arm); Blue Paint; Extinguisher; Flip Lighter; Gas Canister; Kitchen Scale; Mailbox; Oil Can; Radiator; Safe; Shopping Basket; Screwdriver; Scissors; Stove; Street Lamp; Toy Truck; Turpentine;

Wood – All Trees (ex: Maple Tree); Wooden Objects (ex: Table); Ball-peen Hammer; Box of San Francisco Sunlights; Cigar Box; Paintbrush; Picture Frame; Screwdriver; Trifold American Flag


Note: There are numerous items in-game and this list does not comprehend every one of them.

Fallout 4 Guide: How to Easily Kill the Feral Ghoul Stalker

Fallout 4 Wallpapper

During a Brotherhood of Steel assignment named Cleansing the Commonwealth, players have to defeat an elite monster – the Feral Ghoul Stalker. There are several tactics to do this but here’s the quickest and easier way.

The Feral Ghoul Stalker is a ferocious mutant creature with a very fast and strong attack. It has a great mobility as most ghouls and it has a relatively high resilience to physical damage. A strong weapon with a slightly high fire rate and accuracy is advised. Else, you need to move a lot and risk getting killed on the first turn-back.

Fallout 4 - Kill the Feral Ghoul Stalker - Institute Rifle1. Pick an Adequate Weapon

To do this assignment, I picked the Institute Rifle, a lightning damage-based weapon with 18 damage, 66 fire rate and 76 accuracy. Despite the seemingly low damage output, this weapon is very efficient against ghouls and the shooting is also very fast. The important here is to pick an adequate weapon to make things easier.

Fallout 4 - Kill the Feral Ghoul Stalker - Feral Ghoul Stalker2. Lure with the Companion

Send your companion to the entrance door of the Feral Ghoul Stalker’s location. The creature will spot an enemy presence and will immediately become aggressive. This will buy you some time to engage yourself and do some free hits.

Fallout 4 - Cleansing the Commonwealth - Feral Ghoul Stalker3. Open Fire

While your companion tanks, move towards the room’s entrance and do some free hits until it changes target. When it comes for you, you should back off to the hall and dodge his attacks as much as possible by moving around.

Fallout 4 - Kill the Feral Ghoul Stalker - Feral Ghoul Stalker 4. Aim for Vitals

Now, time is all you got. Aim steadily for the head and chest. Avoid missing shoots or you’ll hardly make it. Eat food or use health regeneration items if your health falls below half.

Fallout 4 - Kill the Feral Ghoul Stalker - ProtectronOPTIONAL. Protectron

If you’re having difficulties or if you want to be on the safe side, enable the two Protectrons located at the third level of the station. The terminal is located on the same side of the Stalker, you just need to unlock it first and then release the machines. They will tank and shoot any nearby enemies.

Check the full mission guide here at VgamerZ: Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Cleansing the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Mission Guide: The First Step

Fallout 4 Wallpapper

Mission three can be difficult for some players, specially if they haven’t been exploring much. This mission requires you to find several locations without many clues. If you don’t want to spend time exploring, here’s a quick guide.

After finishing Mission 2: When Freedom Calls, Preston will tell you that a nearby settlement has requested aid from the Minutemen. Preston has to protect the new established camp, so he asks you to go in his place.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Tenpines Bluff1. Go to Tenpines Bluff

Go to Tenpines Bluff and talk to the settler couple in a little farmhouse. This location is to the east of Concord. There’s several dangers in the way, so be careful. They ask you to do something for them once you get there.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Corvega Assembly Plant

2. Go to Corvega Assembly Plant

The long journey begins here. You’ll need to walk the main south road from Concord until you find a massive power plant. Gear up before you engage and enter the building, there are many enemies inside.


Mission 3 - The First Step3. Clear the Entrance from the Bridge

Start by clearing the area from the broken bridge that stands in front of Corvega’s entrance. Either by sniping with a rifle or by simply shooting with any gun. Once you’ve eliminated the scavengers there, you’re ready to enter the plant.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Locket Vault4. Search Room by Room

Once inside, you should carefully approach your enemies, there are really many of them so don’t engage fearlessly. There are two main levels and a roof. Note that the first level has many valuable items, including a locket vault with ammo, so do not skip it.


Mission 3 - The First Step5. Kill Jared

At the third level, you’ll find yourself in a car building room. There are several turrets and a few enemies in a platform above you. However, the most important here is to kill Jared, the key element to finish this mission. He’s also up there, so just kill everything that moves.


Mission 3 - The First Step - Roof6. Return to Sanctuary

After leaving the building through the roof, there will be a lot of enemies again. You can kill them all or simply run away. Your mission is done so the decision is yours. Return to Preston at Sanctuary to receive your reward.


And this is it! You have completed one extremely important mission early on in the game – and a really exciting one, too! Stay tuned with VgamerZ for even more Fallout 4 related guides or read the next exclusive mission guide: Fallout 4 Mission Guide: Taking Point: Sunshine Tiding Co-Op.