Hidden clause reveals that deleting your Facebook account wipes your Oculus data


Back in 2014 Facebook confirmed the acquisition of virtual reality developer Oculus. The deal is thought to have cost around $2 billion and was most likely an attempt for Facebook to enter the VR industry. But it’s a hidden clause found six years later that’s got people really talking.

As discovered by @CixLiv on Twitter, there’s an interesting sub-clause on Facebook’s delete profile page. It says that deleting your account will also wipe your oculus information. This includes achievements, existing store credits, and even previous app purchases. In other words, Facebook reserves the right to forcibly remove the ownership of any Oculus app you’ve purchased.

Another strike against Facebook

Oculus Rift facebook Beat Saber gameplayIt’s no secret that the social media giant has a taste for personal information. Back in 2018 company CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg had to face a US Senate to explain his company’s behaviour. According to several leaks, Facebook had been selling its customers personal data to other companies and even governments.

It got so bad in fact that the European Union had to rework its entire online privacy act to protect people. Now if a company wants to do business in an EU state it has to ask consent to collect data. And if the consumer doesn’t want to give said data away, you can not deny them access to your product or service.

Since the Oculus Rift is another source of valuable data, it makes sense that Facebook would want to protect that. By tying it to your Facebook account, it’s effectively monopolizing information about you. It’s a bizarre concept but sadly not a new one.

Perhaps the craziest thing of all is that if you create a burner Facebook account just for Oculus, you can get banned. It’s actually against the Oculus terms and conditions to not use your official profile. Hopefully, the backlash regarding this encourages Facebook to rethink its business strategy at least a little.

Facebook CEO plans to solve the problems of FB in 2018

Social Network

Every year since 2009,  Mark Zuckerberg,  the founder of Facebook takes a challenge for the rest of the year that, unlike those who promise to lose weight, quit smoking or cut toxic relationships,  if it ends up fulfilling.

His challenges, which he makes public through his social network, have gone from  learning Mandarin Chinese,  creating an artificial intelligence  system  to control his house, to other more eccentric ones such as  wearing a tie every day,  eating meat  from animals alone that the same mate  or go through  each of the 50 states of the United States.

But for this year, the billionaire Silicon Valley decided to take over the network he directs, but specifically, the way people are using and abusing Facebook.

That’s why Zuckerberg took as a challenge this year something that, we assumed was his work during the rest of the time:  Improve Facebook.

But not to make it faster, easier to use or take less time to load, but to be able to  protect the community from hatred and abuse,  to ensure that “time spent on Facebook is time well spent.”

Zuckerberg knows that he will not be able to prevent all the errors or all the abuses that have occurred in his network, but he assumes that this site is currently making too many errors when using his prevention tools. And his idea is to conclude 2018 in a  much better trajectory.

One of the goals that Zuckerberg wants to achieve is to be able to correct the centralization problem of the power that, according to him, has been created on the internet. For him, people have lost faith in technology as a force that allows them to free them and put more power in their hands,  partly because of them and other big companies and governments that use technology to spy on their citizens.

It is interesting to see that Zuckerberg sees the centralization of the Internet as a problem to be solved considering that there are  few companies that want to have everything like Facebook,  so we will have to see if we can actually see changes in the platform during the year, or if your promise to lose weight, this will simply be something that will be left only in good intentions.

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