Enter the Gungeon Boss Guide: How to Beat The Gorgun

How to Beat The Gorgun

It’s time to talk about another boss in the amazingly addictive Enter the Gungeon and this time I’m here to share with you a guide on how to beat The Gorgun. She is a boss you will meet in Chapter 2 or Level 2, whatever you want to call it, and honestly, she is one of my least favorite bosses on that level. I actually hate her and whenever the boss fight starts, I don’t want to see her. But somehow it’s her that I keep getting, which is a good thing for today’s article since I know how to destroy her and get a perfect run as well. If you read on, you will do too.

So no matter if you love her (why would you?) or hate her, you have to do your best to avoid her attacks and take her out as soon as possible. You will need decently high damage and at least a mid-range weapon since you won’t get too close to her because of the trail of poison she leaves behind, but apart from that, you can do it without using your blanks. So let’s get this started!

How to beat The Gorgun in entering the Gungeon

Keep the distance and run away from the wave she throws at you (otherwise you won’t be able to shoot for a while if you are touched) – this is really easy because you should keep the distance anyway!

When she’s shooting the spiral: keep the distance and try to find the gap, it’s usually in a vertical manner and it’s relatively easy to keep avoiding the entire wave of shots if you start on the right foot.

When shooting randomly – just keep the distance and dodge all incoming bullets. Try not to be near a wall because that makes it a bit more difficult – but usually just keeping the distance is enough to get past this as well which is in my opinion her most dangerous attack.

Finally, don’t forget to step in the green goo that she leaves behind after she goes swimming: if you’re on it, just get away ASAP and you won’t be affected. Just don’t spend too much time there if you want to survive, OK?

This is it! Now you know all the tricks you have to know to defeat her – and trust me when I’m saying that practice makes perfect in her case. I really hate this boss, but I kept getting her during my runs and became a bit of an expert, and now, following the tips above, I almost always get perfect wins against her. Which is not bad – and you can get there as well.

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Enter the Gungeon Boss Guide: How to Beat Bullet King

Gungeon Boss Guide

Gungeon Boss Guide

In my opinion, Bullet King is one of the most difficult bosses that you can encounter at Level 1 (Chapter 1) because he fills the room with bullets and he has some pretty unexpected attacks that can take you by surprise. But I am here to help you get the most out of this boss and share with an Enter the Gungeon boss guide on how to beat Bullet King.

Although difficult, the Bullet King has mostly easy to follow patterns and you have to only worry about the unexpected throws of that fire bomb and him shooting the cannon. Also, since it’s level 1, you won’t have a huge choice of weapons and you will basically have to do with what you have – some weapons being better than the others. But since you don’t really have much of a choice here, we won’t focus on that. So let’s see…

How to beat Bullet King in Enter the Gungeon

Keeping the distance is the best thing you can and should do in order to get that flawless run against him.

If you stay close, the bullets will be very difficult to dodge, but if you can keep the distance, you will easily be able to squeeze through the openings.

More difficult is the circle of bullets – again, keep your distance and jump over those as soon as they’re about to hit (you can’t squeeze through, no matter how far you are!).

Finally, he throws that incendiary grenade or Molotov cocktail or whatever and it can cause some damage. The good thing about it is that it’s slow and if you manage to shoot it, it will go down. It leaves a decently sized area of fire underneath, but nothing to worry about so just try to keep your distance, shoot it when you see it and then stay away from the fire.

This would be it for the Bullet King boss in Enter the Gungeon. Just like with all bosses, constant movement is the key, together with good aiming. You can easily learn how to avoid his attacks and shortly he will turn from a very difficult boss to one you’ll be happy to see on your first Chapter!

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Enter the Gungeon: How to Beat the Wallmonger

The Wallmonger is one insanely difficult boss in Enter the Gungeon: you’re basically fighting against a huge wall that takes up the whole screen, shoots like crazy and has a few other aces up its sleeve that make him insanely difficult. I am here to help make the encounters with him a lot easier by sharing a guide on how to beat the Wallmonger boss in Enter the Gungeon – or at least have more chances at achieving this when trying.

The Wallmonger is one of the three (as far as I know) bosses you can encounter in Chamber 4 and he is by far my least favorite. I mean, looking at the image at the top of this article just shows you how insanely ugly and dangerous-looking this fella is! And he’s got a ton of bad attacks special attacks, combined with his room-filling regular blasts.

But let’s see how to beat the Wallmonger in Enter the Gungeon!

First of all, you will have to try and dodge his regular attacks: the bullets that turn the room into a real bullet hell. There’s really not much you can do in this situation than just try and dodge them, shooting whenever you have the chance. The good thing about this boss is that he takes up the entire screen so you can’t miss!

But he also has two special attacks that make our lives even more miserable, and we’re talking about them below (and how to counter them):

1. He spits fire or poison in the middle of the screen. In this case, you simply have nothing else to do than to stay on either the left or right side and avoid bullets in that area until the fire disappears.

2. He spits that row of bullets and in that case, everything you can do is to dodge them diagonally. It’s not going to be easy!

Certain weapons and items will help make your life easier. First of all, make sure you equip a weapon that causes a ton of damage – any weapon will do because he’s a huge target and you can’t miss. The better your weapon, the faster you’ll get it done! Also, I found out that flying helps a lot when it comes to that trail of fire, so if that’s an option, you have one less thing to worry about.

The fight’s not going to be easy, but it is doable now that you have some idea on how to dodge his special attacks and you can take advantage of the items and weapons you have. Don’t forget that anything that protects you from fire/poison is also a good idea. Apart from that, constant movement and as many hearts as possible will help you get past this difficult boss safely.

Do you have other suggestions and tips for players trying to beat the Wallmonger in Enter the Gungeon? Let us know by commenting below!

Enter the Gungeon: How to Unlock Secret Character The Robot

There are a ton of secrets, hidden characters and surprises waiting for those who start playing the amazing Enter the Gungeon roguelike that has just been released on Steam and we’re planning to share some of these secrets with you in a series of guides dedicated to the game. In this article, we’re going to share a guide on how to unlock the secret character The Robot in Enter the Gungeon – but it won’t be easy. It will be fun, though, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out this tutorial!

First off, let’s see what The Robot is all about!

Apart from looking pretty amazing (like an old computer bent on destroying any person, monster or robot it encounters), it also starts with a cool weapon: the Robot’s Right Hand, the Coolant Leak item (that sprays water around, extinguishing fires) and the Battery Bullets passive (bullets that pass over water become electrified). So yes, he’s a really good character, so let’s see how to unlock The Robot in Enter the Gungeon!

1. In chapter 2, go to the elevator room (where the elevator first was and now’s a hole) and jump down that hole.

2. You will get to a new room where the Elevator Monster can be found. Give him supplies to unlock the option to travel to any chamber.

3. After jumping down the elevator hole, you will get to a room where you will find an item that looks like a broken TV. Pick it up and hold onto it until you reach Blacksmith in Chamber 5.

Tip: While getting there, you might get to drop the TV or throw it to get past platforms. On each occasion, make sure that you pick it back up before leaving the room, otherwise it will disappear!

4. Once you get to the Blacksmith in Chamber 5, talk to her and give her the TV. And now you will have The Robot in the game! Here’s the little fella:

enter the gungeon robot icon

So you now have managed to unlock one of the secrets in the game, but there are more so make sure you come back soon to Vgamerz to find out everything about them all!