What Makes The Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Game?


Games orientated around a post-apocalyptic story are becoming a superior genre of game. With next-generation capabilities, we see these games brought to life in development that makes the game feel so realistic that it almost makes the player feel as if they themselves are being bombarded by infected, or scavenging for goods in what remains of civilization. The demand for such games has become increasingly potent since the release of The Last Of Us especially, the post-apocalyptic wonder that snapped up at least 200 Game Of The Year Awards. With a mass of games slotting into this genre it is hard to determine what exactly are the key elements in making them so enjoyable and memorable. Well let’s look into that.

Frightening Foes 

Obvious, I agree but it is a fact that the success of a post apocalyptic game is partially derived from an array of terrifying enemies to war with. It wouldn’t be as thrilling or exciting being thrown up against a score of infected bunny rabbits. Over the years we’ve seen the opposition come in all shapes and sizes, whether it be a mutated mole rat or an infected human splattered in blood. Alarming enemies generate an initial and fundamental line of fear within post-apocalyptic games and a good enemy will make your blood-curdle and your spine tingle as you consider confronting them.

Dying Light (Techland) is plentiful in a span of such enemies. Although, sluggish zombies linger in the streets throughout the day, after sunset, players are left to deal with the agile terrors of the night, Hostiles.

What Makes A Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Game Dying Light 1

These terrifying goons are brilliant for upping the fear factor within the game. As you flee before them you can hear them huffing and puffing behind you as they close in. It’s really effective for generating the intensity that makes a great foe.

Furthermore, enemies can possess the scare-factor for an array of reasons. Taking the Fallout series as an accurate example, the games are set after the occurrence of a nuclear apocalypse, causing various creatures and humans to become mutated due to being consumed by high levels of radiation. Subsequently, enemies are larger and more frightening in terms of their alarming and unusual appearance. I mean, I’m not particularly fond of being harassed by a mob of Giant Scorpions or the misfortune of bumping into a Deathclaw. The enemies are out of character and creatures who’d usually not bat an eyelid at your presence become enemies. This unpredictability generates fear as a result.

What Makes A Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Game Fallout 2


Nothing says ‘post-apocalypse’ like a lack of resources. Having to search every nook and cranny in the remains of what once a thriving civilisation, really provokes a sense of desperation, amplifying the whole ”survival” feel to a post-apocalyptic game. In resources being scarce players must use their noggin to tackle specific situations within such games as wisely as possible in order to conserve resources and to keep pushing forward. An admirable example of such a game is none other than Naughty Dogs own, The Last Of Us. The vast majority of situations throughout the duration of this absolutely fantastic game, can be tackled with stealth and a little patience, allowing the player to save resources for more hands on encounters. As the difficultly levels of the game increases ammo and food become increasingly rare to come by, having the player then assess each situation so thoroughly as not to draw attention, or a gun. Although a subtle aspect of the game, this style of gameplay is effective for deriving a sense of realism from The Last Of Us and it’s level of effectiveness is all to evident in it’s overall, mind-blowing success.

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140802185633

Urgency And Desperation 

Post-apocalyptic related games are commonly orientated around survival of the fittest, the desperation of fending for yourself in order to stay alive above all others. Post-apocalyptic wonders to date would not be nearly as successful had we been handed the key to survival on a silver platter, relieving us of all means of urgency and panic. Instead, these games are successful as we have to fight for the gift of life.

A very underrated example of such attention to detail is indie game, Lone Survivor (Superflat Games/ Curve Studios). Although the 2D- retro styled graphics may not exactly cause you to jump or scare easy, this game compensates with every other post-apocalyptic aspect being no less than perfectly-executed, complete with and eerie original soundtrack and the most effect sense of urgency and desperation. Throughout the game players must consume food and drink regularly in order to avoid falling unconscious and then awaking in your bedroom situated in the first initial area of the game. This may not sound like any particular reason to worry but with save points or in this case mirrors being so far apart, it is vital to avoid starvation.

Another post-apocalyptic game that has a very effective way of making the player remain on their toes is The Walking Dead Game (Telltale Games), but this is however for a very different reason. The Walking Dead Game is an interactive drama featuring various button sequences and decisions the player should make. The beauty in this game is it generates the post-apocalyptic panic by limiting times in which players can make decisions. In a matter of seconds a player must decide who to save between two people on the basis of who will benefit them most, what way a team of survivors should tackle a specific situation, all the while bearing in mind every decision has a consequent effect on the rest of the game, meaning a bad decision could have a detrimental outcome.

What Makes A Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Game The Walking Dead Game

Superb Settings 

Post-apocalyptic games thrive in success thanks to finely developed settings. Not only are these hypothetical post-apocalyptic settings great for allowing the mind of the player to indulge in how the aftermath of an apocalypse could look on some realistic level, but it is also ups gameplay standards by giving the player so much to explore and do. Well-developed settings can also be very effective in adding pressure on the story of the game itself, reeling in players emotions by making the characters within the game look extremely hard done by. Again, Naughty Dog’s The Last Of Us is a very prominent example of this. Set in a post-apocalyptic USA, we see the only means of safety being the scattered quarantine zones. As soon as the protagonists leave the safety of these areas, then having to navigate unstable skyscrapers and office buildings, flooded underpasses and booby-trapped places of refuge, we see a lot of pressure piled onto the story. Ultimately all of this makes the story unpredictable and as vaguely mentioned prior, it draws in players emotions, all of which is obviously effective in reflection to the outstanding success of The Last Of Us.

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140804214552

Sensational Stories

A jaw-dropping story is such a key aspect to driving post-apocalyptic games to their success. Although it seems an obvious aspect it truly is vital. An enthralling story will give a hypothetical game a sense of realism, making it seem much less far fetched. Post-apocalyptic games are much more enjoyable when they are believable. The Walking Dead Game (Telltale Games) is driven by it’s story telling, giving the player total control, almost making it as though they are the one surviving. The game is realistic and ditches the traditional idea of taking refuge in a shopping center with the rest of the survivors in your town and city. The Last Of Us (Naughty Dog) is hands down one of the best post-apocalyptic tales to date, purely because it is realistic and everything that happens within the game could happen given an infectious outbreak. It is always a winner to give the player the chance to feel like they themselves are within the game, especially within post-apocalyptic based games.

Even A Bit Of Originality 

Living happily, outbreak of zombies occurs, survive. This is a traditional timeline of the chain of events within post-apocalyptic games. This being the case, it is a breath of fresh-air when a game of the same genre is released that is a little different. In this case we are going to refer to Tokyo Jungle (Sony Computer Entertainment/ Japan Studio) a game based on survival of the fittest, but in regards to the animal kingdom as mankind has strangely disappeared. In a post-apocalyptic setting you play as animals, fighting to survive long enough for the player to discover the reasoning behind the disappearance to humans. Initially this game is just hilarious, playing as animals such as Pomeranians (cute fluffy dogs), Lions and even some prehistoric creatures. However, the games success as a downloadable game was due to it’s originality and the fact it was developed from a totally different perspective on a post-apocalyptic world.

What Makes A Perfect Post-Apocalyptic Game Tokyo Jungle

Games based on the aftermath of an apocalypse are becoming a particularly popular genre of game. With some great games already taking the gaming market by storm and with player demand for more of the genre I think it is only fair to say we can expect even greater releases from developers in this genre in time to come, all of which harnessing these very vital ingredients to the perfect post-apocalyptic game.

The Best PS4 Games


Since PS4 was released in November 2013, it has completely thrown us head first into the next generation of gaming. With greater graphics and smoother gameplay, the many capabilities of PS4 have allowed us gamers to indulge in some of the most memorable titles to date. Question is, of the many games available on PS4 spanning over a indefinite amount of genres, which are the must haves, which games would you be a complete loon not to play. Well, here I will provide a top 10 of PS4 games that have made the next generation of gaming so darn fantastic, games you simply have to get your hands on.

10. Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris 

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Do you have an online crew? A group of friends you just love playing every game imaginable with? Well, for you guys, this 4 player co-op adventure is no less than perfection. In this sequel to Square Enix’s Lara Croft And The Guardian Of Light, Crofty travels to Egypt in which she must team up with rival raider, Carter Bell and two imprisoned God’s, Isis and Horus in order to defeat the exceptionally evil God, Set.

From traps of all shapes and sizes, to hungry crocs, to putting your trust in a team mate not to release you as you hang helplessly from a grapple, this game is enjoyable on almost every level. The Temple Of Osiris is solely orientated around team work. Scattered throughout the Egyptian setting are temples in which players must come together into order to complete puzzles and in turn be rewarded with an array of different items.  Even to progress further in the game and unlock new areas compulsory to the story, players must bash their bonces together and complete other puzzling tasks. To top it all off, the game offers well, a darn right good laugh! I mean, it’s rather amusing having your friend beg you not to drop them from a ledge and tormenting them by repeatedly doing so!

Square Enix really exploit the social aspect PS4 has to offer  in The Temple Of Osiris and in doing so, they have created one of the most enjoyable co-op games to date.

9. Child Of Light 

Child Of Light

Ubisoft’s poetic story of Aurora as she tries to reunite with her father is thoroughly indulgent to say the least. Child Of Light is set in the fictional wonderland of Lemuria, beautifully portrayed with stunning visuals. After Aurora initially wakes in the mystical land after being stolen from her home, she encounters a firefly and the pair proceed to find the Lady Of The Forest who may the only one capable of sending her home. Upon rescuing her, The Lady Of The Forest enlightens Aurora that Queen of Darkness, Umbra has Lemuria consumed with evil and that Aurora’s only hope of seeing her father again is to free Lemuria from Umbra’s clutches. Intent to be united with her father, Aurora complies and so begins one of the most alluring games available on PS4.

Child Of Light is a platforming role-playing game, featuring more turn-based combat and parties. Interchangeable party members make encounters with enemies really quite addictive as players can chooses specific members to play to their strengths and weaknesses. Also, as mentioned prior,  Child Of Light possesses captivating visuals. Ubisoft’s imaginative setting really engrosses the player, it is almost impossible not to become lost in the dark and sinister atmosphere that is portrayed so effectively. Even from a more 2D-platforming perspective the game has the power to engulf you in what is so aesthetically pleasing, I mean even the enemies look great. To top everything off, Child Of Light presents us with a protagonist that is easy to fall in love with, which we all know is a key aspect to maintaining a player’s interest. Aurora’s innocence is endearing, she is lovable and oblivious initially and it is incredibly interesting watching her character develop as the game progresses. Her sweet, child-like exterior doesn’t contain her sassy and courageous personality for much of your play-time, I assure you.

Child Of Light gives us more nostalgic players a chance to revisit what makes more simple platforming games so additive. Much like legendary platformers – Crash Bandicoot or Ubisoft’s own Rayman, Child Of Light is another game that is just impossible to leave alone. You’ll be tearing you hair out before tearing your hands off your controller, trust me.

8. Destiny 


With beautiful cinematic story-telling, vast and vibrant planets to explore and  a dynamic selection of enemies to take on, Bungie’s wonderful first person shooter is a game that will maintain your interest for a prolonged period. The story picks up after an event known as The Collapse, in which many established colonies of humans, living on planets throughout the solar system, were mysteriously terminated. The remains of the human race congregated on earth, protected by a celestial body known as The Traveler, which levitates above the planet. The player occupies their own guardian and must battle their way through an army of alien races, in order to revive The Traveler and ultimately maintain mankind.

Destiny allows the player to choose from 3 different classes of Guardian: Titan, Hunter and Warlock, each wielding different abilities and special moves. Players may also pick a race, altering the physical appearance of their guardian: Human, Awoken or Exo. Even initially this game has the ability to reel in a players interest, as I think we all know too well how enjoyable it is tinkering with a players appearance, it is almost an art form for gamers. In addition to this, the surroundings of Destiny are magnificently enticing as although not entirely open-world, the vast lands a player may explore are beautifully presented, each well-suited to the enemy race occupying the planet. On the topic of the enemy races, Destiny throws us up against a total of 4 different alien races known as: Fallen, Hive, Vex and Cabal. Each race vary hugely in appearance and possessing different abilities and ways of tackling a player. It is worth noting also, that each race is not only hostile to the player but to each other as well and it is common to see the differing aliens warring among themselves. It’s great if you want to kick back, relax and watch the numbers of enemies dwindle away before storming in to finish them off. To top it all off, Destiny has an intriguing story. Bungie have limited the knowledge the game hands the player, encouraging them to tie up lose ends by checking out the Grimoire Cards on the allocated website (Grimoire Cards are earned naturally through story progression). This lack of insight can coax a player into looking further into Destiny, to fill in the gaps essentially. Destiny is also an exceedingly social game. The main hub (The Tower – Earth) is a place where players flock alongside other guardians, performing actions and messing around. From here, players can proceed to different planets together, head to online game modes (The Crucible) or just take a break from rescuing mankind.

You can never have too many games orientated around space and the extraterrestrial, as consciously or sub-consciously we all have an underlying interest in the unknown. Destiny is another gem in this genre of game and it does well to feed our insatiable interest in what lies beyond Earth.

7. LittleBigPlanet 3 

LittleBigPlanet 3

This Playstation exclusive is quite the treat for a players more imaginative side. LBP 3 is set in the wondrous fictional world of Bunker. Under false pretenses our protagonist, Sackboy releases 3 evil titans and then must stop them and our evil antagonist, Newton from destroying the creative and blissful place in which they live. A simple premise I agree, however this game will not constrain your imagination with any boundaries. Furthermore, featuring full voice acting unlike LPB’s previous installments (including the narrator of the tale – Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie portraying extraordinarily evil Newton), this game will hurl the player into an incredibly awesome adventure.

Much like it’s predecessors, LittleBigPlanet 3 is a platform-puzzler, featuring layers in which players can hop back and forth from as they let their imagination run wild (LBP 3 has 16 layers unlike the first two games which only provided 3). The game also has 3 new playable characters known as Toggle, Oddsock and Swoop, each harnessing different abilities key for tackling certain obstacles throughout the game.  LittleBigPlanet offers players a vast variety of  things to do. Players can either lose themselves in the intricate and well-created levels of the story, gaining item rewards and allowing those more competitive players to try and beat scores. The story also allows players to play with their friends or randomers playing the same level. It is rewarding doing so as some parts of levels require more than 1 player to access certain items. For those a LittleBig more social, there is the LittleBigPlanet community. This online orientated aspect of the game allows players to play levels created by other players. Whether you play them alone or with friends it is exciting exploring the imaginations of others. Also, if you feel up to the task, here you can make your own levels for other players to play, like, heart and review. However, despite the overwhelming amount of ventures LBP offers us, I can almost guarantee that you will spend hours in your Pod dressing up your Sack character with the enormous amount of clothing items you can either earn or purchase, but don’t feel like a moron, all LBP players do it.

LittleBigPlanet 3, a game that would initially appeal to a younger age group is so much more than a ‘child’s game’. The game offers ample opportunity to do or create well, pretty much anything you can think of. It is another game that allows players to enjoy the social side to PS4 and alongside a brilliant story, this game has everything to keep a player hooked for hours. Join the LittleBigPlanet community if you haven’t already, share your imagination on one of PS4’s most wonderful games.

6. Wolfenstein: The New Order

wolfenstein the new order

Bethesda’s Nazi-slaughtering first person shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order is hands down one of the best first-person shooters out there for PS4. The hypothetical story of Nazi’s winning the war and dominating the world is sinister and gripping as it allows players to ponder what could have been had the war concluded differently. Playing as B.J Blazkowicz, the player must murder Nazi’s and overcome their array of robotic weapons in order to reunite with the rebels and conquer Nazi forces, ultimately retrieving their world from the German lunatics.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of  Wolfenstein: The New Order is unquestionably the weaponry. From dual-welded pistols to being armed with two hefty assault rifles, from blowing heads of with an enormous laser gun to shredding through enemies with a shrapnel shotty, the onslaught of weapons you can attain are insane, you certainly wouldn’t want to be a Nazi on the receiving end. The New Order may as well feed the player to the lions, well specifically to big robotic dogs. Yes, we aren’t only taking on an army of Nazi’s, but also giant robotic dogs that have a tendency to snap at you when you least expect it and massive mechanical men that would gladly rip you limb from limb. Bethesda have introduced a rather riveting leveling system. In order to make weapons more agile, accurate or powerful, or to gain access to new abilities players must complete a challenge in order to reach the next segment of each designated section. This is great for allowing the player to utilize all aspects of combat within the game, offering suffice opportunities to try out new and effective ways of taking on the Nazi’s. The New Order may lack online aspects but the challenging campaign is more than enough to keep you occupied for quite some time. You’ll have to at least play it twice to give both of the alternate story-lines a whirl.

Wolfenstein: The New Order is savagely sinister. The game is absolutely hands-on hectic and you will discover so quite shortly into the game as you begin dismantling Nazi after Nazi.

5. GTA 5 


Grand Theft Auto has dominated the gaming world for generations. For years we’ve been stealing cars, running over innocent pedestrians in ridiculously over-modified vehicles, overwhelming our inventories with anything from hammers to rocket launchers and GTA 5 not only maintains those standards but exceeds them. With an exceptionally larger amount of criminal activities to partake in, Rockstar’s GTA 5 really succeeds in raising the bar for this series. The player is able to play as 3 characters who join forces to reignite the thieves within them and ultimately pull off one of the biggest bank heists imaginable.

GTA 5 is difficult to compare to any game purely on account of the sheer scale of things you can do. You can make money by doing missions or selling vehicles over a spread of 3 highly differing characters. You can slaughter tons of random people and then try to escape the police. Modify vehicles to a preposterous extent to then go smash it up doing some extravagant stunt jump. Or you can do what admittedly every GTA player has done at some point and simply play nice! Go get a haircut, drive within the speed limit, take a stroll by the sea or purchase some properties. There’s honestly a mind-blowing amount of things you can do. GTA 5 has also a very enhanced multiplayer that Rockstar’s free DLC continues to make more enjoyable. Online you can play missions, races or deathmatches with other players, you may possess several properties, having each of which brimming with millions of pounds worth of high-end vehicles or you can just go all out, guns blazing, mowing down every online player you can within your lobby. Also, recently introduced by Rockstar, GTA 5 now has heists that players may take part in with up to 3 other players in which you can organise a bank robbery and earn big cash rewards.

Whether you are caught up in the story or the madness of online, GTA 5 is a game with just oodles of entertainment. It caters for so many types of players and as mentioned prior it is a game incomparable to any other.

4. Infamous Second Son

Infamous Second Son

Much like earlier games in the series, Infamous Second son basically entails parading around a fictional Seattle with a range of super powers. The game follows, Delsin a delinquent who seems to enjoy attracting the attention of his cop brother, Reggie. During an argument stemming from Delsin’s bad behavior, a military truck carrying conduits (technical term for someone with superpowers) crashes and as Delsins pulls one of the 3 conduits out of the wreckage he absorbs his power. In confusion and fear Delsin hunts down the conduit for answers. After catching up with Hank, leader of the D.U.P (Department of Unified Protection), Augustine Brooke confronts the pair for questioning. Using her concrete power she engulfs Hank with rock and then proceeds to question Delsin who remains silent about his recently attained powers. Augustine then begins torturing Delsin’s tribe for answers, hospitalising most. Upon waking a week later, Delsin learns from his brother who was spared, that the only way to save the remaining tribe members is use Augustine’s power. In light of this, the pair set out to nab her power.

Infamous is a diamond in this generation of gaming. For starters players are presented with a protagonist that can win you over within the first cut-scene. Delsin is a brilliant main character, he’s witty, sarcastic, troublesome but so lovable and loyal all the same. Second Son is to put it simply, easy. With all superpowers and combat upgrades being so easily accessible with just putting some time into the game, the player themselves will likely feel as if they’re super hero. The upgrade system is too very simple. The player must collect shards from drones, scanning stations or from story missions and in turn may upgrade branches of their powers. There are in total 4 powers Delsin may attain and upgrade. Much like the past Infamous games, Infamous SS is also offers some diversity. You can either play the game with good or bad karma, each of which will allow you to branch off in different ways when upgrading your powers. Another really enjoyable aspect of this game is the supporting characters. Around Delsin are the conduits he saves, his strict older brother his tribe he is trying to liberate and all these characters ultimately put Delsin in a more appealing light. His interaction with these characters gives players all the more reason to shed some sympathy towards him and the other conduits.

All in all, Infamous Second Son is a light-hearted and very enjoyable game. In an indescribable way you will finish the game and want to play it again and with the two types of karma each allowing you to perform different moves, partake in certain missions or even twist the story, you will have every reason to.

3. Dying Light 

Dying Light_20150303001100

Techland’s Dying Light is zombie-killing at it’s finest. With a million of zombies to kill and limitless ways and weapons to do it with, this game is brilliant if you want to get a little bit of virtual blood on your hands. The player takes the role of Kyle Crane, who after being hired by the GRE (Global Relief Effort), must venture into Harran, a city quarantined after a viral outbreak resulting in zombies here, there and everywhere.  The purpose of his endeavor is to recover a stolen file being used to blackmail the GRE. Upon landing in Harran, bandits attack Crane and infected are alerted and begin to swarm. Thankfully, he is saved by two survivors and then taken to the Tower (survivors HQ) and proceeds to work alongside the survivors to progress in his mission. All the while he learns how to free run and ultimately survive in the hostile environment in which he must complete the job.

Dying Light grabs itself a gold star on how completely barbaric the game is. Scrounging for something to use to whack off a zombie head or two or a mod to set the infected alight. It really puts into perspective how surviving would be in such an environment, scouring every inch of every abandoned home for resources, constructing completely absurd weapons out of scavenged goods – indeed, Techland do well to illustrate a post-apocalyptic setting. Combat is brutal in Dying Light and easy to enhance as by leveling up your power stat (one of the 3 skill sections), you are able to discover new ways of slicing up zombie guts. A very predominantly useful and almost iconic aspect within the game is free-running. Leaping from building to building as you escape hordes of infected is noticeably smooth and well developed. This is significant considering how vital the aspect is whilst playing. Another addition to Dying Light that makes it such an amazing game is the dynamic day-night cycle. Although it sounds like an trivial detail, after surviving your first night in Harran, you will begin to cherish every second of daylight as when the sun sets the screams of hungry infected fill the air and they will begin actively hunting you. Believe me, after dark you don’t want to be mashing zombies on ground level, you want to be either indoors or on rooftops avoiding the many frightening surprises Dying Light’s nighttime holds.

Dying Light can become a very frantic game however, traversing through zombie mobs as you explore the open-world setting of Harran is something you will relish in. Countless side-quests give the player plenty to do even after the story reaches it’s pinnacle and regardless, you will bask in finding new ways to take down the undead.

2. Dragon Age: Inquisition 

Dragon Age™: Inquisition_20141229115710

Another wondrous role-playing game developed by Bioware. In this third installment to the Dragon Age series, players take on the open-world as the only survivor of an explosion that takes place during a conference between mages and templars. The explosion takes the life of the Chantry’s leader, The Divine and also opens the breach alongside some smaller rifts. From these rifts come demons from the Fade. The player not only survived the ordeal but also obtained a marking on their hand allowing them to close these rifts. Witnessing the closing of a rift, assistants to the deceased Divine, Cassandra and Leliana ask the player in some shape or form to close the rifts. After helping, the player and various others form the Inquisition as order of the recently passed Divine and set out to tend to the matter, hoping to ultimately close the breach and deal with the one who was at the bottom of it’s occurrence.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is easily the best role-playing game of this generation of gaming. Right from the beginning upon customising your character and altering them to what suits the player best, we can establish how many differing ways this game can pan out. With every decision the player makes, there is a subsequent effect on conversational options or the story itself. Inquisition is an open-world game. There is prodigious land for the player to explore and enjoy. It is remarkable. Dragon Age: Inquisition is also substantially praised for the amount there is to do. Throughout the mass of landscape a player may explore are endless quests, rifts they must close or strange artifacts to collect, all of which being somewhat rewarding to the player. Moving onto combat, as a role-playing game, Inquisition features interchangeable party members which you may recruit and customise. The brilliance of this game continues as dependent on your selected party, the team will talk among themselves as you journey through the game. Whether it be insightful or just humorous banter, the player will feel obliged to continue switching up their party in an attempt to induce more conversational options. Players may also craft armour and weapons for themselves and their party members.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is such an ingenious game. With next-gen capabilities allowing the endless landscape in which you can explore to be so thoroughly vibrant and beautiful and with so much to do, it isn’t a game you can dedicate a mere hour or so to. With such an emotional and compulsive story, even when you finally conclude the many hours spent playing the game, you’ll dive straight back in, make yourself another inquisitor and take the game via a different route.

1. The Last Of Us: Remastered 

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140810193636

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us has rightfully earned well over 200 Game Of The Year awards. This post-apocalyptic survival-horror is set briefly before and then after the occurrence of the outbreak of a mutant fungi. The game follows our male protagonist, Joel who after surviving the initial outbreak, takes shelter in a quarantine zone with his companion, Tess. As supplies are short, the pair make a deal to transport a girl, Ellie (our female protagonist) out of the city in exchange for weapons. Despite the lack of information as to why she needs transporting, the pair comply and so begins the story.

Now, I will admit I feel rather cliche allowing this game to steal the top spot, but I feel no means of regret doing so as it is quite easily one of the most memorable and emotional games to date altogether, let alone on this platform. Naughty Dog’s entire focus with The Last Of Us was to orientate the game solely around the two protagonists and their relationship and in doing so, managed to amplify the harshness of the post-apocalyptic surroundings. In correctly assigning this games center of attention, Naughty Dog have made what the player is yet to experience or even comprehend, so real. You can almost feel the pressure of scarce resources, surviving among the infected and how it would really challenge the companionship. Naughty Dog developed such a well established hierarchy for the infected. At the bottom are Runners, recently infected folk still possessing human qualities, but highly aggressive. A step up are stalkers, these infected actively hunt the player. The most troublesome of the infected are the Clickers. Their faces have been dominated by fungus and although unable to see, are immensely sensitive to sound, using echolocation to seek out the player. Sitting atop this hierarchy are Bloaters, completely devoured by the infection, they have fungal armor and take a vast amount of ammo to take down. Although much bulkier, Bloaters are uncommon and the player will not encounter these much throughout a play-through. The Last Of Us has plenty of collectibles, some of which are further insight to the apocalypse and rather interesting to read. The Last Of Us: Remastered also contains the Left Behind DLC. This is a blessing for any player who has indulged in the game and craves more. Left Behind takes it’s focus to Ellie and enlightens the player in essence of how she came to be in Joel’s company.

The Last Of Us is almost like watching a film, or living it’s happenings for yourself. With such a deep story, swamped with all means of emotion, as a player, you will become completely engrossed and intertwined in this journey. From start to finish a player will seek satisfaction from the story they most likely wont find purely due to the how real the game appears. The Last Of Us is a game that will linger within you for an endless amount of indescribable reasons and you will long to play it again and again. It is well-deserving of this top spot.

20 Dying Light Enemies – All The Zombie Types

Dying Light has lots of zombies, really a ton of them. But how many are there? How strong can they be? What are they able to do? Learn all about Dying Light’s zombies – their strengths, weaknesses, and main traits.

Dying Light Enemies - The Dummy - vGamerz

1. Dying Light Enemies-The Dummy

The first from the list of Dying Light Enemies is Truly dead, that’s how dummy zombies act and react to your presence. The dummy kind is probably the most common and weakest enemy in-game. They’re very easy to be killed and they react poorly to noises. Most of the time, you can simply sneak behind them without much effort. Their visual model is normally a severed decomposed male.

Main Trait: None.

DL z32. Dying Light Enemies – The Noisy

The second from the list of Dying Light Enemies is the screamer is a very common type of zombie and it’s usually displayed as a female dressed in shorts/pants and a top. This type of zombie is particularly weak and it can be taken down in a few hits. But do not underestimate this creature. She will scream loudly while under attack and as you know, zombies are very sensitive to sound. If there are any other enemies nearby, they’ll move towards your location.

Main Trait: Lures nearby zombies.

Dying Light Enemies - The Fearless-vGamerz3. Dying Light Enemies – The Fearless

The third from the list of Dying Light Enemies are zombies, just bravely stupid, especially the fearless ones. This zombie type will detect you a far distance and move towards your location, even when you’re not making noise at all. They are usually displayed as women with demoniac faces. They are quite aggressive and stronger than the noise.

Main Trait: Quick detection.

DL z54. Dying Light Enemies – The Charger

Not every zombie is slow during the day, but the fourth from the list of Dying Light Enemies is the charger zombies possess the ability to sprint towards their target. This movement doesn’t just allow them to reach players faster, it also increases their initial hit damage. This type of zombie has increased stamina. You can identify a charger when you meet a demoniac-faced female in skirts.

Main Trait: Quick charge.

DL z15. Dying Light Enemies – The Butcher

The butcher zombies can be very dangerous because they’re more resistant to melee damage and they hit harder than the last two types of zombies. Their audition is very weak and they don’t tend to follow up on small noises by themselves. Normally, they only realize your presence when you’re about to hit them. The butchers are visually displayed as athletic males.

Main Traits: Medium resilience and attack power.

DL z66. Dying Light Enemies – The Goon

Using ultimate strength, this zombie is extremely powerful and deadly. He uses a long hammer to destroy anything standing in his way. Despite his accelerated normal speed, he has a really slow attack speed. His vulnerability comes upon the charge, when his hammer is laying in the ground you can easily execute a back-stab.

Main Traits: Hammer smash, high resilience.

Dying Light-Meet Your Enemies-vGamerz7. Dying Light Enemies – The Soldier

Soldiers are slightly empowered zombies that utilize a small weapon to execute their attacks. Their defenses are not the best. However, their attack power and speed are quite potent. If you let them charge you, then you’ll suffer some serious amount of damage. They normally appear well dressed or in a professional uniform.

Main Trait: Empowered attack.

DL z98. Dying Light Enemies – The Devourer

These incredible agile zombies move quickly and possess a lethal charge. If they manage to get close to you, they’ll grab you and bite your neck viciously. As usual, their defenses are nothing special, you can easily kill them if you charge first or break free. This zombie type can be both male and female.

Main Trait: Grab.

DL z109. Dying Light Enemies – The Headstrong

The headstrong is a stubborn zombie who’s resilient to damage. No matter how much you hit him, he’ll always try again and again. Their movement speed is quite accelerated but their attack effectiveness is slow and weak. The best way to kill them is to use a high-damage weapon.

Main Trait: Medium resilience.

DL z1210. Dying Light Enemies – The Fireman

Bombers also exist in the survival world of Dying Light. The fireman zombie is certainly no ordinary creature. They come dressed in a fireman suit with an oxygen bottle in the back. As soon as you take one to the floor, the bottle will become unstable and a violent explosion is inevitable. Since this is a gas explosion it will lure all the zombies around, including two crawlers.

Main Trait: Indirect detonation.

Dying Light Enemies-The Crawler - vGamerz11. Dying Light Enemies – The Crawler

This dexterity-based zombie is very cunning and deadly. These creatures are able to move extremely fast, dodge players’ attacks, and jump over medium-high surfaces, which facilitates chasing. Their attack power is quite high and their defenses are mediocre. Once enraged, they scream a lot alerting all the other zombies in the zone.

Main Traits: Quick chase and dodge capabilities.

 DL z1512. Dying Light Enemies – The Putrid

This zombie is very ferocious, strong, and agile. Even though they can’t dodge your attacks, they possess many attack abilities, such as charge and grab. You can identify this type of zombie by noticing the green putrid gas coming out of them. Due to this state of decomposition, if they come across fire, their bodies will explode and lure crawlers.

Main Traits: Charge, grab, explodes in contact with fire.

DL z1613. The Pyromaniac

These zombies appear bursting in flames. They are fire-resistant and they will burn you upon close contact. They are normally very aggressive and easy to kill through physical damage. Luring them into fire traps or throwing fire items at them will not affect their bodies.

Main Trait: Immune to fire.

Dying Light Enemies - The Toad-vGamerz14. The Toad

The toad is basically the ranger of zombies in this game. This species is tremendously agile and mobile with the ability to climb, jump and run quickly. Their defenses are very weak and they can be killed in a few hits. However, they’re ranged and they’ll do anything to get in position once you approach them.

Main Traits: Parkour moves and venomous ranged attack.

Dying Light Enemies - The Bomber-vGamerz15. The Bomber

This suicidal bomber zombie is probably the most disgusting and sickening in-game. This bloated and unstable type will blow up the moment you come close to him, exploding and inflicting critical damage on everything around him, including other zombies. They also lure crawlers due to the explosion’s volume.

Main Trait: Self-detonation.

Dying Light Enemies - The Demolisher-vGamerz 16. The Demolisher

This huge mutant zombie is extremely strong in both offense and defense. He is armored with a policeman’s suit and metal parts, making it almost impossible to inflict physical damage. He also has a quick response to melee attacks, slapping off any opponents that come nearby.

Main Traits: Violent charge, rock projectiles, and steady defense.

Dying Light Enemies - The Bolter-vGamerz17. The Bolter

The bolter is agile zombies that will run away upon contact. They are a result of a scientific experiment and they’re not a treat to players. To kill this creature, you need to sneak undetected and then engage. They’re extremely weak and can be taken down in one or two hits.

Main Trait: Quick escape.

Dying Light Enemies - The Screamer-vGamerz18. The Screamer

These zombie children might seem innocent but they can be very dangerous. They have the ability to disorient players making their vision blurred. Additionally, they’ll scream loudly luring all the zombies nearby in a large range area.

Main Traits: Disorientation, lures zombies in a large area nearby.

Dying Light Enemies-The Volatile-vGamerz19. The Volatile

The nightmare crawlers only come out at night. They are very powerful cunning creatures able to climb over all sorts of environmental objects. Only speed can outwit this ultimate zombie. Due to their specific abilities, they can easily chase players, as well as kill them through swift melee or ranged blows. They work as sentinels as well, so be aware.

Main Traits: Advanced mobility, parkour moves, calls other volatiles.

Dying Light Enemies - The Night Hunter-vGamerz20. The Night Hunter

The ultimate zombie, however, is always the zombie commanded by players. The night hunter is a zombie model that distinguishes all other zombie NPCs from a real player. Night hunters have access to skill trees, parkour movements, superhuman powers, and special zombie skills, such as the tentacle charge and a global lure scream.

Main Traits: Special skills, advanced parkour.

Dying Light Tips & Tricks: How to Kill Without Killing

Dying Light Guide - vGamerz

Dying Light

Dying Light allows different play styles and one of them is to go around without killing at all. Besides parkour and mobility moves, players can also take advantage of the environment to escape or to do all the killing. How? Just look around and see how many environmental weapons can be used. There are actually many in this game.

DL K11. Electrocution

Mixing water and electricity was never a good idea but in Dying Light they can be used to electrocute zombies. More like fry their putrid bodies and brains. Well, it doesn’t really mater what it does, what matters is that it kills them almost instantly.

DL K32. Spiky Barriers

Objects armed with spikes can be seen all around the streets and they’re not simply decoration, trust me. If you carefully lure zombies around spiky barriers, they’ll end up piercing themselves with their clumsy and sudden movements.

DL P53. Fire

Who can survive fire? No one, not even zombies. Luring the infected into burning objects/places will cause them to incinerate but they won’t die right away. Their putrid bodies will keep burning until death, which normally happens a few seconds later.

DL K24.Water

If there’s a lesson to take from Dying Light is that zombies can drown. Yes, they actually die if they get fully immersed by water. How? I’m not sure, but kicking zombies into lakes, for example, will cause immediate death.


5. High Heights

The old fashion never disappoints. Throwing zombies off high heights will naturally kill them. After all, their brains can’t survive such fall damage. The funny thing is that in Dying Light nearly every height is capable of killing zombies.

DL K56. Toxic Waste and Acid

Acid is probably the most bizarre and disgusting way to kill zombies. As they walk thought the substance, their bodies start to become greenish and they puke until death. Quite morbid but it works.

DL K77. Explosions

Explosions are another way to disable or kill the infected. To trigger environmental explosions you can perform combos such as, fire cracker+oil poodle and molotov+gas bottle. Throwing inflammable bottles into burning objects will cause explosions too.

DL K48. Terrain Gradient

Fighting in terrains with a severe degree of inclination will force zombies to fall and roll downhill. You can always help them with a kick if they don’t stumble. They usually die during the process, as their brain disintegrate during the violent spin.

Dying Light Tricks & Tips: How to Quickly Level Up Survivor

Dying Light Guide - vGamerz

Dying Light

Dying Light has an alternative level-up system divided in three main attributes – survivor, agility and power. However, leveling survival is probably the most challenging of the three. In this guide, you can learn how to master the art of subsistence, prevail and survival.

DL S21. Complete Main and Side Quests

The best way to gain survivor points is certainly by completing all sort of quests. Even though story quests give higher amount of experience, side quests can be quite generous too. So, don’t leave them out if you want your survivor tree to flourish.

2. Avoid Dying

Dying is that thing that no one wishes or wants in a game. In Dying Light however, dying costs survivor points. So, if you really want to level up this tree, make yourself a favor and don’t play risky. Else, you might end up dead and degrade your favorite tree. Note that the survivor points loss depends on how you die. For example if you die due to environmental reasons, you lose less experience.

3. Engage and Survive at Night

Challenging yourself can be quite rewarding. What about, engaging zombies during the night? Lure lots of them, fight, run, do whatever you want, as long as you survive. If you make it through the night, you’ll receive a certain amount of survivor points when the morning comes. It all depends on the amount of action endured during the night.

4. Secure Safe Zones

All the red house icons in your map are possible safe houses. Securing these spots will unlock the area and grant you free survivor points. Afterwards, you’ll be able to use them as safe houses and later on, traders and other NPCs might come along to make things more realistic.

DL S15. Random Encounters

While you roam around, you’ll find blue marks in your map. Most of them are side quests called “Random Encounters”, where the objective is to save survivors or hostages. Successfully saving the victims will award you survivor points and quite a few loot from the kills.

6. Retrieve Air Drops

During your journey you’ll see several crates falling off the skies. As soon as it happens, a blue mark will appear in your map and red smoke will come out of its location. If you’re fast enough, you’ll be able to retrieve the goods, which grants survivor points when retrieved back at the Tower. If you take too long however, other survivors will claim the loot.

Learn more about Dying Light’s leveling system. Discover how to level-up your agility tree here and your power tree here.

Dying Light Guide: How to Make Quick and Easy Money

Dying Light Guide - vGamerz

Dying Light Guide

Who doesn’t want to be rich in video games? Dying Light is a survival action game, where finding items and money is the main key to staying alive. Without proper equipment, food and crafts there’s a slight chance that you make it through the chaos of the city. The following guide contains all the steps towards a successful monetary experience in Dying Light. Learn through this Dying Light Guide how to make easy and quick money without cheating. If you’re too impatient, however, there’s also an option for you that involves exploiting.

Dying Light Guide-M1-vGamerz

1. Loot All Enemy Bodies

The basic way of making money in almost every game is through looting corpses. Dying Light is no different in that sense. However, as a survival game, the game mechanics encourage players to find items instead of looting them. Looting enemy bodies won’t make you rich but it surely helps. They normally drop small amounts of cash and occasionally, some crafting components.

2. Explore and Scavenge

The best way to find items is to look around and scavenge every place you pass by. Permanently spamming the Q key will help you find lootable objects. This is a very reliable option and it will assure you won’t miss any scavenging opportunities. There’s no limit to this activity, you can take whatever you want, and most importantly, you can find all types of items – cash, food, weapons, weapon upgrades, trophies, utilities, crafting components, among many others.

Dying Light Guide-M4-vGamerz3. Collect Herbs

The wildlife can be very profitable in Dying Light. Common plants might not sell for high prices but there are a few rare species that will make you rich if you manage to collect a decent number of them. Besides, some traders will make a limited-time offer if they’re running low on herb supplies. For example, toxic lichen is widely wanted and it can sell up to 100$ per plant.

4. Sell Valuables

One of the best ways to make tons of money is to collect and sell valuables. In Dying Light, items that have no real use for combat are called valuables. These items are extremely expensive due to their rarity and high demand. So, every time you find coffee, cigarettes, or even jewelry, remember that you’ve just put your hands on Dying Light’s gold. These items normally sell from 50$ to 500$ each.

Dying Light Guide-M3-vGamerz5. Find Lost Items

There are lost objects everywhere in the open world of Dying Light. The question is, can you find them? If you look closely, there are normally single items or even packs laying on the ground. Collect them all, since they always end up being useful in some way. Either for personal use or to exchange for money. For example, certain weapons, depending on their color, can sell for a few hundred dollars.

6. Combine Parts and Sell Crafted Items

If you manage to collect a huge variety of crafting components, do not sell them. Instead, try to make new items by combining them. Why? Crafted items usually sell at higher prices than their components. Besides, you can make use of them. For example, instead of buying medkits, which sell for around 80-100$ each, you can craft and use them, saving that same amount of money.

DL M27. Search the Trash Bins

Almost every trash bin contains a search option. This doesn’t mean they have valuable items ready to be picked. Instead, it means there’s a chance you find something useful in the trash. You can find all sorts of objects through this scavenging process, from metal parts to cash and strings.

8. Sell Broken Weapons

Broke weapons might seem useless, they cannot be repaired anymore and they do basically no damage to enemies. so, what to do with them? Simple, keep them in your inventory and wait until you meet a trader. Afterward, you can simply sell them. It might not be an extraordinary way to make money but at least they’re worth something.


9. Skill-up Barter, Hangler, and Hard Bargain

Another way to make money indirectly is through saving lots of it. Level up your survival tree and skill the Barter (lvl 4), Hungler (lvl 8), and Hard Bargain (lvl 11). These passive skills will lower the shop prices by up to 20% and increase your selling values while trading. This way, the more valuable your items are the higher they will sell.

10. Skill-up Inventory, Crafting, and Repair Skills

You can get additional abilities in the survivor tree that will increase directly and indirectly your money gains. Increasing your inventory up to 8 more slots, Backpacker (lvl 3) and Master Backpacker (lvl 6) skills, will allow you to carry more items, thus selling more at once. There are other three skills that will increase your repair rates, crafting production, and looting chances – Crafting Expertise (lvl 5), Lucky Repair (lvl 7), and Nimble Hans (lvl 10).

Dying Light Guide - M7 - vGamerz11. Complete All Challenges

Challenges are medium-hard quests that propose bizarre challenges to players. Things like proving yourself or helping a cinematographic director film real zombies in action. These quests do not award any experience but it gives generous amounts of money, normally a few thousand dollars each.

12. Duplicate Weapons and Sell Them (Exploit)

The ultimate method to become rich in a few minutes is to exploit and make an endless number of weapons. If you acquire the melee throw skill, available in the power tree, you’ll unlock the ability to throw your weapons. Choose a valuable weapon and throw it using the skill, right after you do it and before it reaches the target, open your inventory and unequip and drop the weapon. You’ll find both weapons, the thrown one and the one you dropped on the floor. Pick them up and repeat this process as many times as you want. Then you just have to find a trader and sell the copies.

Dying Light Tricks & Tips – How to Quickly Level Up Power

Dying Light Guide - vGamerz

Dying Light Tricks

Dying Light has an alternative level-up system divided into 3 main attributes – survivor, agility, and power. In this Dying Light Tricks & Tips guide, you can learn how to master the art of strength, might, and power.

Dying Light-The Extermination-vGamerz1. Zombie Extermination

First from today’s Dying Light Tricks is, whenever you see a zombie, do not hesitate, take it down. In order to obtain experience, you need to train your combat skills. It’s a correlation, in which kills equals power proficiency. Therefore, you must kill endlessly and without restriction.

2. Use Your Body as a Weapon

Killing in Dying Light is easy, getting weapons, however, is a whole other story. Finding, buying, and even repairing weapons might become a difficult task due to the shortage of supplies. The solution is in your character, use his muscle as a free weapon and take down as many zombies as you want. You can level up agility skills to help level the power tree as well.

DL A53. Fight During the Night

Fighting during the night gives double power experience points. It’s true, the dangers are insanely high but the rewards make the risk more than worth it. Surviving the night through combat will also attribute additional power experience. Avoid being too cocky during this period of the day – rewards might be very compensating but death awaits in every corner.

4. Duplicate Your Weapons

If you don’t mind exploiting, then you don’t have to worry about weapon limitations, repairs and so on. You can duplicate your favorite weapons by firstly unlocking the power kill “Melee Throw”, which allows your character to throw any weapon. While you’re throwing your weapon, open your inventory and unequip the weapon you’ve just thrown to drop it on the ground. Close the inventory and two weapons will be displayed in the ground ready for pick-up.

DL P45. Learn New Combat Abilities

Learning new combat abilities is another way to intensify power gain. The more attacks your character performs, the more experience it gets from defeating enemies. Besides, new ways to disable and assassinate your enemies will provide additional experience.

 6. Craft and Use Secondary Weapons

Using ranged and utility weapons also contribute to gain power experience. This type of weaponry is very limited but it can be incredibly handy, specially against larger numbers. for example, throwing knives can be effective against single targets but on the other hand, there are utility weapons, like molotovs, that can kill as many enemies as you wish.

DL P57. Take Advantage of the Environment

If you’re high level already or if you have a lot of resources, you might want to take down many zombies at once. How? Simple. Make use of environmental weapons around you. The trick is to hit the zombies first, if you’re not going to use any resources, that is. Nonetheless, you can use element combos such as, firecrackers and oil pools or molotovs and gas barrels. You can also use fire, water, heights and spiky fences to your advantage. You can check all the ways to kill zombies using environmental elements/objects.

8. Farm Lower Zombies

As you progress, zombies become stronger, smarter, and much harder to kill. Do not despair, go to the surroundings of the Tower building and farm all the trash zombies there. Once the zone is clear, quit the game and go back, the population will be reestablished and you’ll be able to kill them again.

Learn more about Dying Light Tricks and Tips. Discover how to level up your agility tree here and your survivor tree here.

Dying Light Tricks & Tips: How to Quickly Level Up Agility

Dying Light Guide - vGamerz

Dying Light

Dying Light has an alternative level-up system divided in three main attributes – survivor, agility and power. In this guide, you can learn how to master the art of agility, dexterity and speed.

DL a31. Take Advantage of All Environmental Objects

Instead of taking the main road, killing tons of zombies or going stealth, try to always use environmental objects. By jumping, climbing and landing on objects, your character earns a certain amount of agility experience. The more you practice this path, the more experience you can accumulate. This all means you can level up a progression path simply by moving and staying away from trouble.

2. Exploit the System

If you’re looking for a way to quickly boost your agility tree, then you can simply clear a small area around you. Make sure that area has a few buildings or high objects. Afterward, all you have to do is climb, jump and land on objects. Proceed with one action per second (approximately) to earn experience. If you keep moving constantly for a few minutes you’ll realize that is actually easy to master this tree.

Dying Light Tricks & Tips-Be An Explorer-vGamerz3. Be an Explorer

Go around. Search everything. Don’t be afraid, after all, it’s not so common to find zombies on high places. Being an explorer in this game does really pay off. Besides, you don’t simply earn free agility experience from roaming, you can also find valuable loot that will assure your survival.

4. Choose the Difficult Way

Normally, you should choose the easiest and quickest way to achieve a determined goal. But in this case, your goal is to obtain experience, meaning that the easier path is not the most suitable. If you take alternative paths, you’ll end up moving more, thus earning larger amounts of experience.

DL a665. Escape the Night

If you don’t mind a challenge, then you might want to go through the night. Once the sun goes down, the city changes into a massively battlefield without escape. Besides double agility points, you can also increase your agility gains while successfully escaping a pursuit. for surviving this dark nightmare. The trick here is to never stop or ever look back.

 6. Become a Jumping Maniac

Jumping over literally everything is another great trick to earn agility experience. Jumping while running or jumping in the ground doesn’t grant you anything, but things change, when you try to jump off, for example, from a roof to a balcony or a higher surface. Jumping from the ground to a slightly higher object works as well.

DL a47. Learn Free Running Movements

While building your agility tree, always get the skills that boost your agility moves or give you the knowledge to perform new ones. This way you can execute a larger number of agility actions and increase the performance of all your old moves. As obvious, this leads to a superior experience gain.

Learn more about Dying Light’s leveling system. Discover how to level-up your power tree here and your survivor tree here.


Dying Light: How to Fix Crashes, Stuttering, DLL Crash, Black Screen and FPS Drop Issues

Dying Light

Dying Light is now available worldwide but an extensive list of performance bugs and errors are affecting the playability of this survival game. The most common issues players are facing right now are: are: random crashes, crash on launch, DLL crash, FPS drops, shadow display issues and black screen error. If you’re having any of these problems check below for a possible resolution.


First of all, make sure that your computer meets the minimum or recommended requirements, else it’s obvious that Dying Light won’t run as intended.

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 @3.3 GHz / AMD FX-8320 @3.5 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM DDR3
Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 6870 (1GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 11
Sound: DirectX compatible

Recommended Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 8.1 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-4670K @3.4 GHz / AMD FX-8350 @4.0 GHz
Memory: 8 GB RAM DDR3
Hard Drive: 40 GB free space
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon R9 290 (2GB VRAM)
DirectX: Version 11
Sound: DirectX compatible


1. Game Won’t Start/Input Not Supported/Files Missing

If Dying Light is not starting at all or if you’re getting the “input not supported” error message while opening your game’s executable, then you can try the following solutions:


Solution 1:

  1. Find your DyingLight.exe. A standard path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Dying Light\DyingLight.exe
  2. Enable the Compatibility Mode on your DyingLight.exe by right clicking on it (Properties > Compatibility).
  3. Change the Executable start-up to “Normal Window” (Properties > General).


Solution 2:

  1. Change the Desktop’s resolution to the same resolution set in Game.
  2. If you can’t do step 1 then, Reboot your computer, keep pressing F8 continuously until you get the Boot menu.
  3. Enable the Low Resolution Mode.


On the other hand, if you get any message stating that you’re missing a game file, such as Dyinglight.exe, then:

  1. Disable your Firewall, Antivirus and Adware/Malware programs (sometimes protective softwares deletes game files).
  2. Check your Recycle Bin and Restore the missing file.
  3. If you’re unable to follow step 2, then Uninstal the game completely.
  4. Reboot your computer.
  5. Disable your Firewall, Antivirus and Adware/Malware programs and initiate the Install Setup.


 2. Black Screen/Random Crashes/Direct X Issues

If your game keeps randomly crashing or giving you black screens for no reason, then it most likely means there’s a corrupted file or driver somewhere. It might be hard to immediately find the source, so you need to try several things before identifying the origin.


Solution 1 (DirectX 11):

  1. DirectX can affect the performance of any game, so make sure that your DirectX 11 is not Corrupted.
  2. Uninstall the drivers.
  3.  Reboot your machine.
  4. Download and Install a fresh setup from an official source, like Microsoft. You can download DirectX 11 here.


Solution 2 (Graphic Drivers):

  1. Graphic card drivers might be damaged or not updated, make sure to Update them first.
  2. Upon updating, if the problem persists, then Uninstall the Drivers manually. For example, using CCleaner.
  3. If you don’t have an Automatic Driver Check-up, then visit your graphic’s brand website to Download and Install the latest drivers: AMD Drivers; Intel Drivers; NVIDIA Drivers.


Solution 3 (CPU Upgrade):

  1. If you have a 2-core CPU, then Upgrade it.

Note: If your machine has a low CPU and it doesn’t meet the recommended requirements, you should seriously upgrade it. Low CPUS, specially 2-core ones, are incompatible with the majority of new games.


 3. DLL Crash/Dyinglight.exe has Stopped Working

This is a common issue with PC video games and it can be a headache to fix sometimes. But on regular cases, it’s pretty easy to fix. If you’re getting “Dllfilename.dll” error messages, follow these steps:


Solution 1:

  1. Download a DLL Fixer software, for example this one.
  2. Install/Run the program.
  3. Scan your computer for DLL errors and wait for the final results.
  4. Fix all the corrupted/damaged DLL files with the program.


Solution 2:

  1. If Solution 1 is not working for you, then Detect the DLL that is giving you issues.
  2. Download the game from a torrent.
  3. Install or Unzip/Unrar the game.
  4. Search for the file, Copy and Paste it on your original game folder.


4. Low FPS/FPS Drops/Random Lag/Shadow Issues

If you’re having performance issues due to do not meeting the requirements, then there’s a way to fix the severe lag at least.


Solution 1:

  1. Open the Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar, and then clicking Start Task Manager.
  2. Access the Details Tab.
  3. Find the Dying Light.exe, right click on it and Select Set Priority
  4. Now, set the priority to Real-time or High.


Solution 2:

  1. Go to Dying Light’s Graphic Options in-game.
  2. Lower the game’s resolution, try reduced versions gradually until you find one that doesn’t lag or lags less.
  3. Disable All Special Effects such as: antialiasing, motion blur, depth of field and occlusion.
  4. Decrease Texture Quality Effects such as: foliage and texture quality, reduce the view distance and shadow map size.


FPS drops and sudden lag can also occur on machines that meet the requirements, to fix this, you’ll most likely need to try some of the previous fixes, including graphic drivers update, Direct X reinstall and DLL fixes. Besides that, there can be secondary sources that cause malfunctions and incompatibility issues:

Solution: Close all social media and secondary applications opened in your background, some programs can interfere with the game and cause lag and/or graphical conflicts. For example, Raptr and TeamViewer applications are known to cause problems with certain video games.


5. Sound Stuttering/Sound Lag

This is a minor issue and it should be easily fixed with a simple driver update or reinstall. Identity your sound card brand and download a fresh set of drives from their website.


I hope this guide could be useful to you. In any case, Techland will be publishing fix patches and updates very soon. If your problem persists, you can always contact Dying Light’s support through steam.

5 exciting reasons to play Dying Light

Reasons to play Dying Light

what are the reasons to play Dying Light?

Action survival Dying Light is coming out today but the hype seems to be long gone. Surprisingly, and despite all the won awards, there doesn’t seem to be much attention focused on this zombie apocalypse title from Warner Bros. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean the game is pure garbage or not good enough to receive mainstream coverage. If you’re wondering whether or not you should play this game, then here are five reasons to play Dying Light of the most exciting features coming out today.

Dying Light - Dynamic Gameplay5. Dynamic Gameplay: Choose Your Own Play Style

Dying Light features RPG elements that let you develop the protagonist and adjust him to your play style. It’s a long and difficult journey from rookie to badass. (Warner Bros, 2015)

Dying Light presents three main ways to progress and survive. In this post-apocalyptic open world, players can choose between strength, agility, and stealth play styles, each one with its own pros and cons. Brave players will most likely prefer brute force through challenging encounters, while sneaky players might find hide and seek the best way to outcome danger. But there’s a third alternative involving agility and parkour moves, such as climbing, jumping, and sliding over all types of environmental objects. Moreover, players can decide which weapons to use and which ones favor their playstyle the most. This is the first of 5 reasons to play Dying Light.

reasons to play Dying Light - Crafting System4. Crafting System: Create the Ultimate Weapon

You craft weapons by finding things in the environment that you can use. We don’t want to be super realistic in regards of what you can do with those weapons, so you are able to use certain elemental effects. (Producer Tymon Smektala, 2014)

Finding that special and unique weapon might not be so easy in a world gone mad. But that won’t be much of a problem, at least not for too long. If you collect and combine certain materials, you can create your own desirable weapons. Dying Light focus on melee combat, which means most of the weapon recipes are close-ranged. There’s also a small amount of customization that will allow players to attach special effects to their creations, such as fire and electric buffs, as well as other damage-based gadgets.

Promising Storyline3. Promising Storyline: Fight for Survival, Fight for a Cure

There is no cure right now. I’ve been running tests on both antizin and infected tissue. A cure is possible, definitely possible. (Character Dr. Zere, 2015)

Warner Bros and Techland have been keeping Dying Light’s story in the dark. But that doesn’t mean there is no story. Each released trailer has been containing story fragments suggesting exactly what producer Tymon Smektala stated about the game: “Dying Light is not a zombie game.” It’s well known that Dying Light is action-based but there seems to be a rich and intriguing narrative resting in the shadows. Could it simply be a marketing strategy to keep the suspense alive? Or is it, perhaps, a flawless attempt to mask the obvious? One thing is for sure, this game will count with a strong storyline, where zombies can possibly be cured.

Asymmetric Multiplayer2. Asymmetric Multiplayer: Face Unexpected Opponents

Every time the night falls on Harran, your game can be invaded by the Night Hunter, a human-controlled, extremely powerful enemy. Join forces with other players to repel the invasion or go one-on-one with the city’s worst nightmare. (Warner Bros, 2015)

One of the most exciting aspects of Dying Light is the multiplayer versatility system. Besides the co-op mode of four players, the game will also feature an asymmetric mode where human players can control ruthless enemies and invade other players’ games. Sounds like a thrilling feature that can either shape or ruin your fun. Remember, when the night falls, nothing will be the same. Good night and good luck.

reasons to play Dying Light-Total Freedom of Movement1. Total Freedom of Movement: Move Anywhere, Go Everywhere

When we started the development of Dying Light, we were committed to innovation. We wanted to give you a freedom of movement unprecedented in open-world games. (Techland, 2015)

Techland’s ambition with Dying Light has always confined freedom of movement. The ideal scenario would be the conception of all necessary conditions to allow players to go wherever they wished through whatever chosen ways. It sounded perfect in theory but in order to keep this innovative promise the company was forced to delay the release date. Despite this, the objectives were achieved and Dying Light presents an extensive open world with an incredible movement system where the only boundary is the sky.