Dragon Age Inquisition: Crack Delayed by Denuvo and Modding not in Danger

Dragon Age Inquisition companions and support characters

Dragon Age Inquisition is launching today in the United States of America and Russia. However, a piracy leak has been running around the internet for several days now. As usual, the issue is with the crack. Apparently, crackers are having a hard time breaking through the code due to the new technical protection measures implemented by BioWare and Electronic Arts Games.

Inquisition’s PC version uses a unique and original online activation process called Denuvo, an “anti-tamper technology that prevents debugging, reverse engineering and changing of executable files.” The whole objective with Denuvo is to stop illegal bypassing DRM (Digital Rights Management) platforms such as Steam and Origin. It is known that piracy can’t be stopped to all its extent but it can be delayed, at least in the first days or weeks of a title’s release.

But Denuvo doesn’t simply block piracy, it can also barricade the process of modding, which is making players upset. BioWare has already published an official statement claiming that modding is surely not in danger:

Denuvo is anti-tamper on the executable. This has nothing to do with mods or attempts to change textures or anything like that. (…) If someone’s mod is going to be based on modifying the executable, then yeah, that won’t work. If the mod is based on game data, then that has nothing to do with the anti-tamper system.

An update: The BioWare Forum is now offline.

Dragon Age Inquisition stands against piracy is causing a huge polemic among gamers, mostly because Denuvo has a twisted reputation when it comes to games’ fluidity and performance. On the other hand, crackers are not about to give up. Popular piracy groups like Skidrow and 3dmgame are looking forward to publishing a working crack anytime soon. Now, the question is, how long will Denuvo last against the ferocity of crackers? OR could this prove to be the method all publishers and developers were looking for to stop piracy in gaming?