Diablo 4 release date is rumored to be set for April

The next installment in the Diablo franchise was first announced back in 2019. There’s been rumors and hints suggesting when Diablo 4 would be releasing since but nothing beyond mere speculation. However, recent reports suggest that Diablo 4 has been given a release date and will launch sometime in April 2023.

During episode 133 of the XboxEra Podcast, co-founder Jon Clarke provided some insight on Diablo 4. According to Clarke Diablo 4 will be showcased with a “fancy new trailer,” at the upcoming Game Awards. This year’s Game Awards take place on December 8 live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The event will be live-streamed on both Twitch and YouTube for viewers at home to watch.

Alongside this trailer Blizzard will also reveal the release date for Diablo 4. Clarke claims that this release date is expected to be April 2023. For its launch fans will be able to order a physical ultimate edition that will come will a variety of relevant merchandise.

However, you might not have to wait until April to try Diablo 4. In the same podcast, Clarke goes on to describe a potential early access beta that will run in February 2023. This is described as an open beta suggesting that everybody will be able to try it out without having to first pre-order Diablo 4.

Seasonal content

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Alongside confirming the release date for Diablo 4, Clarke also details how the RPG’s monetization will look. Unsurprisingly, Blizzard appears to be leaning toward a seasonal model which has become increasingly popular in AAA development. Players can expect seasonal content releases and a battle pass mechanic of sorts.

What that means for you is hard to say. Some battle passes are cosmetic only and are simply designed to encourage player retention. However, others are more problematic and lock important upgrades behind an additional paywall. Given how Diablo Immortal turned out it’s reasonable to be skeptical until Blizzard proves itself trustworthy.

Diablo Immortal costs over $110,000 or ten years of playtime to complete

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Blizzard just released Diablo Immortal, a new spin-off set between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. Or as you more likely know it, the “Do you guys not have phones?” game. Its announcement flopped but fans were more hopeful when Blizzard revealed a PC port was coming. However, given its state, the developer may as well of not bothered.

Despite being free-to-play Immortal has one of the most predatory business models ever seen. It’s so ridiculous that a YouTuber called Bellular News figured out that it would cost around $110,000 to max one character.

This crazy price tag is a result of how Legendary Gems work in Immortal. Free players are hard-capped up to a certain level. Once this level is reached you are forced to use Legendary Gems to progress further. Unless you are willing to spend big time the only way to get these gems is by getting very lucky.

And when I say very lucky, I mean astronomically lucky. Diablo Immortal is designed in a way that players are supposed to tire out from the grind and resort to their wallets. But on the off chance that you feel up to the grind, what exactly would it take?

According to Bellular News, roughly ten years of playtime. Not ten hours, days, or even months. Years. That’s not playing the game each day for ten years either. That’s ten years of actual play time meaning 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Blizzard strikes out again

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Be it the ongoing sexual assault allegations, lazy remakes, or nuking of entire esports Blizzard is making a lot of unpopular decisions as of late. The choice to now follow that up with an anti-consumer mobile game is certainly bold if nothing else. The beloved publisher people used to love is long gone and in its place is one of the industry’s worst culprits.