Dark Souls 2 Guide: How to Beat Nashandra / Final Boss Fight Guide

Congratulations for making it this far in Dark Souls 2 and finding yourself face to face with the last boss of the game: Nashandra! Obviously, it’s not the easiest boss around and if you’re not really careful, she will destroy you immediately. But fortunately we are here to help you a bit with our Dark Souls 2 guide on how to beat Nashandra, the final boss fight of the game.

Extremely important when you get here is to summon two AI characters to help you in battle and make things a lot easier. If you can’t summon two because you haven’t talked with all the NPCs in their instances and rushed through the game, at least summon Benhart of Jugo. It will be extremely helpful!

While your companions will attack Nashandra, you will have to pay attention to three of her dangerous attacks: the laser beam which is a long range attack (just watch her when she lifts her hand – that’s when the laser attack is about to happen – just keep the distance or run away from it!); the second attack is the “basic” one where she swipes her weapon around and that should be easy to avoid if you’re not near or at least block it with a shield. Finally, there are the “fountains” around her which curse the player if you enter them and take a bit of health.

The key to beating Nashandra in Dark Souls 2 is to be extremely mobile. Basically, you should create and follow a pattern: move all the times, attack from close range, retreat, avoid her attacks and attack again. Usually she will go for the axe swing which should be just avoided, and when she goes for the laser attack it’s when you should take advantage: she stands still for the entire duration of the attack, so keep slashing and cutting until you eventually bring her down.

And this is it! You have managed to beat Nashandra in Dark Souls 2 and I hope you had a great time playing the game!

How to Beat Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls

Uh, this Flexile Sentry guy is really an interesting boss fight in Dark Souls 2 – a double fight in one, with few possibilities to attack and with a room that gets filled with water as you fight, making fast movement more difficult. We are here to share with you how to beat Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2, a really challenging boss that it’s best to deal with from afar.

This being said, our suggested approach is by the use of magic: stay away from all the action, running and jumping to the sides, waiting for the boss to attack, then sending a soul arrow his way. You risk losing the least health by going with this method and you will easily beat the boss, avoiding all direct contact which can prove lethal.

But if you are a warrior by heart, you will want to go close with melee attacks against this two headed monster and here is where the most fun will be, but also the biggest challenge. In order to beat Flexile Sentry, you should pay close attention to his moves and especially rest habits. The trick is, since he’s a two sided fighting machine, to attack from the side after an attack. So always be on the move, trying to create a circle around this boss, and when he’s resting after an attack, rush in and start hitting. It will take you a bit longer than the magic approach, but you will probably have more fun too.

Here is a video showing the head to heads approach to beat Flexile Sentry in Dark Souls 2:


I hope that you found this guide useful and managed to beat this boss easily after reading it!