Civilization 6: Best Government Type to Win Easily


With 10 different government types available in Civilization 6 and 100 policies to choose from, it’s pretty obvious that there are a lot of options for you to choose and create the best government for your civilization. The truth is that there is no single type of government and set of policies that can be considered the best, as it usually depends on what type of game you play and what type of victory you’re trying to get. But it surely is true that some are better than others in most cases, as well as more fun to play.

And I am here to share with you my thoughts on the best government type in Civilization 6, knowing that it can be more or less adjusted depending on your type of play style. Since there are basically two big types of governments in the game (economic or militaristic), it’s a bit easier to decide which path to take in the long run. And always remember that policies are there just to be changed and adjusted based on your needs: there’s little point to have the same policies active when you are at war AND when you’re trying to quickly develop your civilization!

These being said, let’s find out which is the best government type in Civilization VI to have a fun game and an easy win!

Basically, when choosing the right type of government in the game, the choice should be made based on the number and types of policies it allows, rather than the bonuses that particular type of government offers. In other words, if you choose Fascism, you don’t choose it just for the extra attack strength and bonus production Legacy bonus, but also for the four military policies that you can adopt and two wildcard ones. And yes, this would usually be a very good choice for a militaristic play.

So these being said, let’s first find out everything about the government types in the game and what types of policies the allow, as this is extremely important and having an overview is vital:

Government Base Bonus Legacy Bonus Social Policies Allowed
Chiefdom 1 military, 1 economic
Autocracy Capital receives +1 boost to all yields +1% bonus on wonder production for 20 turns. (10% temporary) 2 military, 1 economic, 1 wildcard
Oligarchy All melee units gain +4 Combat Strength +1% Combat experience for units for 5 turns. (20% temporary) 1 military, 1 economic, 1 diplomatic, 1 wildcard
Classical Republic All cities with a district receive +1 Amenity +1% Bonus Great People point generation for 15 turns. (15% temporary) 2 economic, 1 diplomatic, 1 wildcard
Monarchy +2 Housing in any city with Medieval Walls. +1% bonus influence points generation for 10 turns. (20% temporary) 3 military, 1 economic, 1 diplomatic, 1 wildcard
Theocracy Can buy land combat units with Faith. All units +5 in theological combat. +1% discount on Faith purchases for 15 turns. (15% temporary) 2 military, 2 economic 1 diplomatic, 1 wildcard
Merchant Republic +2 Trade Routes. +1% discount on gold purchases for 15 turns. (15% temporary) 1 military, 2 economic, 1 diplomatic, 2 wildcard
Democracy Patronage of Great People costs 50% less gold. +1% bonus yield from district projects for 10 turns. (30% temporary) 1 military, 3 economic, 2 diplomatic, 2 wildcard
Communism Industrial Zone Districts can defend. Land units gain +4 defense strength. +1% bonus on all types of production for 20 turns. (10% temporary) 3 military, 3 economic, 1 diplomatic, 1 wildcard
Fascism All combat units gain +6 attack strength. +1% bonus on unit production for 10 turns (20% temporary) 4 military, 1 economic, 1 diplomatic, 2 wildcard

As you can see from this, it doesn’t hurt to try and switch governments early on in order to try and get the legacy bonus or as much of it as possible, as the Legacy Bonus is permanent and follows you through the ages. So a good strategy could be to first get the Oligarchy government for at least 5 turns to ensure that your units will always get at least 5% more XP, then switch to Classical Republic, then to Autocracy. It’s a bit more difficult to do the same with future government types, but these early bonuses can be easily obtained and they will help a lot in the long run.

But afterwards, what’s the best government type to choose?

In my opinion, for mid-game, the Merchant republic is the best because of the extra money you’ll get, plus the option to spend them on cheaper units (so you won’t completely neglect your military). Having two wildcards is also good, since you can boost your military even more if you need to. Overall, this is clearly my favorite during mid-game.

When it comes to late game, things get a little bit trickier as they are all pretty balanced and more specialized. Fascism is great if you’re military-minded, but Communism is great as well. If you’re trying to get other types of victory, Communism also looks nice, but you could make Democracy work. I would personally choose Fascism at all times simply because I get the bonus to unit production and two wildcards to boost economic growth as well.

What is your opinion, though? Which is the best government type to choose in Civilization 6 and what route is the best to follow?

Best Civilization 6 Mods Released so Far

6 mods released

Best Civilization 6 Mods Released

At the moment of writing this article – which will be updated regularly – the Civilization 6 mod tools have not been released yet, meaning that modding for the game is still in its early stages and pretty much limited. However, even there’s this obstacle, we still have several mods – some of which are pretty impressive in this early stage. And I am here to share them all with you: the best Civilization 6 mods released so far!

As I said, this article will be updated as more mods are being released (or maybe new ones will be published, depending on the numbers), but you can always find the best listed here. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the best Civilization VI mods so far!

Earth Map


This is one of the most impressive mods released so far as it recreates the World map: we’re talking about a ludicrously gigantic map that has room for 50 civilizations but is only playable with about 30 civs at one time. You need a really powerful computer to even load the map, but if you have that and you have some time on your hands, things could get extremely interesting. Download this mod on CivFanatics, where you have even more details about the map.

Mynex’s Larger Maps

If you don’t need the ludicrous Earth map, but you’d still like to try playing on larger maps, it’s doable if you install this mod. This adds 5 new map sizes, each larger than the previous, but the larger you go, the more it will take for the map to be generated. Also, it appears that the largest maps might even freeze your game if you’re not patient. Still, a great option for playing on some epic maps! Get the mod here.

Civ 6 Improvements Patch


A mod that brings a lot of tweaks and fixes, improvements, and changes. Policies, better natural wonders, and many other changes are brought by this patch which keeps being updated, so it’s one that will get better and better over time. A must-have in my opinion, so click here to download it!

MOAR Units


Do you think that the game needs more units? Well, this mod addresses that by introducing the Rifleman and Cuirassier units, as well as 2 new Unique Units: the American Minuteman, Arabian Camel Archer, Chinese Cho-Ko-Nu, German Hussar, Greek Hetairoi (Companion Cavalry), Spanish Jinete, Roman Equite, Russian Druzhina Cavalry, Norweigian Hirdman, English Longbowman and Mughal Sowar for India and Sumerian Phalanx. Pretty impressive! Learn everything about the new units and download the mod here.

Punt civilization


This mod adds a brand new Civ into the game, a great one that seems to be really balanced as well. The Punt civilization has Queen Ati as their leader, and you have the following stats and bonuses:

  • Civilization Trait: Souks of Ta-Netjer: Floodplains do not block the placement of commercial hubs, which are provided with an adjacency bonus from all floodplain and oasis tiles. +1 gold for each city following Punt’s religion.
  • Leader Trait: Queen of Pwenet: Gains an additional economic government slot. Incoming trade routes from other civilizations provide +2 gold for the Punt.
  • Unique unit: Worker (replaces builder): The worker has an additional charge.
  • Unique building: Stele (replaces monument): In addition to the monument’s culture bonus, the stele creates +2 housing.

Download this mod from the 6 mods released here.

Daughter of Seth

best-civilization-mods-06 - 6 mods released - vGamerz

Have you sat there and pondered whether you want Rome’s automatic roads and monuments more than Greece’s extra policy slot? No more. Now one Civ has it all, and that civ is the one led by the offspring of Ra, the incarnated Horus, the living God that is the Pharaoh: Egypt. A sort of a cheat-civ right now, one that is extremely easy to play. You can get one of the 6 mods released here.

Divine Yuri’s Custom City Panel

best-civ-mods-yuri - 6 mods released - vGamerz

Did you ever have the feeling that the city panel lacks a bit of depth? Did you feel the need for some more information to help you plan your city’s future, including information about the districts? Then this is the mod that you need which offers a ton of information – and it’s easy to access these 6 mods released. Click here to download the mod.

Unit Report Screen

best-civ-mods-unit-report - 6 mods released

This mod, from the 6 mods released, adds a much-needed and easy to get to (and use) unit report screen. The units tab breaks down all of your units into groups such as military, spies, traders, religious, etc. It lists pertinent information for each unit (info differs based on the group) and allows you to select and zoom to any unit. Very useful, especially after you start building that huge army. You can download the mod here.

These would be the best mods for Civilization 6. I am sure that more and much better options will be available in the future, so make sure to check back often for even more modding greatness!

How to Fix Civilization 6 Crashes, Loading Screen Freezing and Other Problems


Civilization 6 has been out for a while now, but unfortunately some gamers are still having some trouble with the game. There are reports about game crashes, freezes, loading related issues and more bugs and errors but fortunately for most cases there are fixes and tweaks you can try to make things better. And in this article, we’re here to share with you a complete list of Civilization 6 fixes for crashes, loading screen problems, freezing and so on.

So let’s not waste any time! If you have any problem running the game, check out our guide on how to fix common and less common Civilization VI problems below!

Fixing the Windows Defender Game Freezing bug

For some reason, at the moment of writing this, it appears that Windows Defender considers Civilization 6 malware or at least a threat for some users and it doesn’t allow the game to work properly. The game will surely get whitelisted sooner rather than later, but if you still have Windows Defender related problems when trying to load the game, you can easily add an exception manually.

All you have to do is to click the windows button in the lower left corner of your screen, then type Defender. Open the program and click Settings in the new window. Scroll all the way down in the window that opens and under the Exclusions tab, click the “Add exclusion”. You can add the executable found in your game’s install folder, or add the entire folder and never have to worry about it again!

This is the fix for almost all reported problems where the game freezes during the loading screen or crashes during the loading screen.

General fixes for errors & crashes

If the solution above doesn’t work or you have other problems with the game, you should always go through what I call the regular checklist: make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run the game, try to tune down the visuals a little bit (or more), verify the game’s integrity in Steam (Right Click Civilization 6 in your Steam library, select Properties, go to the “Local files” tab and select “Verify game’s integrity). Also, make sure that your drivers are up to date.

Run the game on Windows 8

It seems that Windows 8 users must have two critical Windows updates installed in order to be able to run the game properly. You can download and install the required Windows 8 updates here and here. These updates are reported to fix most problems for Windows 8 owners.

How to fix sound problems in Civilization 6

A few users are reporting sound-related issues, like crackling noises, sound that is not synced and things like that. The only problem that we found so far is to lower the sound quality in the Game’s settings: switching it to 16 bit usually fixes the problems for most users. We’re looking into this and will report if we find any other new potential fixes.

These would be our tips and tricks to fix Civilization 6 / VI crashes, freezes and other problems. If you still have a problem that isn’t listed here, let us know and maybe we’ll be able to help – or the community will. Also, if you have other solutions to potential game-related problems, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment section below.

Civilization 6 Tweaks & Performance Improvements to Make the Game Even Better


Civilization 6 is clearly an amazing game and everybody loves it so far, but all great games can get even better. That’s the case of Civ VI and I am here to help you get that by sharing some Civiliztion 6 tweaks and tips to improve performance of the game, as well as its visual appeal and overall quality. You might already be aware of some of these tweaks and things you can do, but it never hurts to check them out and see if you can make the game even better!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the complete set of Civilization 6 tweaks and tips for increasing the game’s performance and getting the most out of it!

1. How to skip intro video & Logos splash screen

Disabling the intro video in the game is really easy: all you have to do is to head over to the options menu and under the Aplication category, simply uncheck the option to play the intro video.

Getting rid of the logos splash screen when you start the game is a bit trickier, but if you still want to do it, here is how: go to the Movies folder in your game’s install, which should be something like: “\Sid Meiers Civilization VI\Base\Platforms\Windows\Movies”. Find the file logos.bk2 and rename it to something like Logos_backup.bk2. Then copy the file WipeRight.bik and rename it as logos.bk2 (make sure you still have the WipeRight.bik left in the folder!). Alternately, you can download your own blank bik video and use it instead. (Cheers to Reddit user Civ6LogoSkip for sharing the method!)

2. Control the camera with WASD

The WASD keys should be there to allow you to control the camera movement, yet they don’t do that. You can edit some files to make it work and it won’t be extremely easy, but following instructions makes it a lot easier. You have the complete set of instructions on Reddit here – and it’s a lot easier than it seems.

To keep it short, all you should do is to: first, make sure you disable in the game the WASD keys in the settings. Then, go to Your game’s install folder -> \Base\Assets\UI and open WorldInput.lua with a text editor like Notepad. Search for ‘DefaultKeyDownHandler’ to find the function we want to edit. Make the changes to the if / then lines accordingly:

if( uiKey == Keys.VK_UP or uiKey == Keys.W ) then
if( uiKey == Keys.VK_RIGHT or uiKey == Keys.D ) then
if( uiKey == Keys.VK_DOWN or uiKey == Keys.S ) then
if( uiKey == Keys.VK_LEFT or uiKey == Keys.A ) then

3. Rotate the map

You can rotate the map easily in the game by keeping the Alt key pressed and left clicking your mouse, then rotating. However, the view gets back to the original state once you release the Alt key, which is usually good because you don’t lose your orientation completely. However, if you want to make the changes permanent, you can edit some game files and make it happen. You will once again have to edit some game files, and you have the complete instructions on how to do so on Steam.

4. Change font sizes

If you want bigger fonts in the game, you’ll have to edit the Civ6_FontStyles_EFIGS.xml file which is found in your game’s install folder -> Base\Assets\UI\Fonts. Open the file with a text editor and adjust the font sizes as per your liking. Make sure to save a backup first in case things don’t end up looking as good as you want.

5. Stop automatic unit cycling

If you want to do things your way and select the order in which your units are activated (especially useful during a war), you can turn off auto unit cycling. You will have to go to Documents/My Games/Sid Meier’s Civilization VI/User (so not the install folder, but the user folder). Open the options.txt file with a text editor and find the “AutoUnitCycle 1” entry. Change the 1 to 0, save the file and you’re all set!

6. See all the units you own

If you want to see a list of all your units, you don’t have to edit any files: simply select one unit first, then click on its name in the bottom right area of the screen. This will bring up a drop down menu listing all the units that you have. If you really want to make it easier for you to identify them all, make sure to change their names!

7. Make the tooltips appear faster

First, head over to your game’s install folder -> Base\Assets\UI\ToolTips and open the file PlotToolTip.lua and find the entry: local TIME_DEFAULT_PAUSE :number = 1.1; . Change the 1.1 to a lower value, like 0.3 to make the tooltips appear sooner.

We can also edit the PlotToolTip.xml in the same folder. Find the line AlphaAnim ID=”TooltipMain” Anchor=”L,B” Offset=”0,200″ Speed=”4″ Pause=”12345″ Cycle=”Once” Hidden=”1″. Edit the Speed=”4″ and change the number to whatever you want, knowing that the higher the number, the faster the tooltips.

These would be our Civilization 6 tweaks for the moment, but we’ll make sure to add more if we find more. Also, don’t hesitate to share with us any tweaks that you find that help improve the game experience!

Civilization 6 Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Keep Winning

Civilization 6 Guide

Civilization 6 is an extremely complex game and you could easily write a huge novel trying to create a complete strategy guide. But with gamers having limited time (and probably interest) to read hundreds of pages, we’ll try to sum things up in as few words as possible in our complete Civilization 6 guide that will help you win games. In this Civilization VI guide, we have tips, tricks and strategies that you should always use in order to build that amazing Civilization that will stand the tests of time.

You will quickly see that it’s all about planning and starting strong: a strong start will make things easier and even though you can still fall behind, chances are you won’t if you play it smart. But start on the wrong foot and you’ll lose the game sooner rather than later (or just struggle all the way to the end). We don’t want that to happen, so we’re here to share with you some Civilization 6 tips and strategies in our complete guide that’s mostly aimed at beginner players. But even advanced gamers might find something useful here, so read on and prepare for world domination!

1. It all starts with the beginning
Choosing a great leader and civilization is key to victory. Even more, understanding each civ’s strengths and potential weaknesses is extremely important as you will know what route to follow. Usually, all players have a favorite civilization or more: so make sure you pick the winning one. We have already shared the best 5 civilizations in the game – so make sure you read it and use it as a starting point or inspiration in case you need some alternatives.

2. Your neighbors are not your friends
There are few Civilization games where you can be friends with your neighbors and Civilization 6 makes no exception. Your neighbors are perfect to become an extension of your empire sooner rather than later because it’s easy to reach them and if you don’t, they will most likely try to take over your cities. So always consider your neighbors your immediate enemies and work on improving relations with civilizations that are farther away.

A good strategy to block other civilizations from progressing or establishing diplomatic relations is to try and keep them away from the world. If the map permits it, try building cities that block access to parts of the world by land. A well placed city, for example, surrounded by mountains, can easily keep a civilization away from exploring and progressing. I found throughout the games that maps usually have these passes through the mountains which, if you can control them, give you greater powers over other civs.

3. City States are your Friends
Unlike your opponents where the closest should be considered your immediate enemy, the City States should work differently: consider them and try to make them your friends, especially early on in the game as you will have better bonuses and gains. Work with the closest and keep the relations solid because eventually you will make them yours! But until you do, reap on the benefits!

4. Specialize your cities
Planning your cities, specializing them for different aspects (military cities, culture cities, science ones and so on) is more and more important with each new game in the series, and today’s game makes it extremely important for you to specialize your cities and plan well ahead.

Districts are the biggest change and challenge, especially during your first few playthroughs as you don’t know everything about them. The adjacency bonus comes into play as well, complicating things a bit, but you should always build your cities with a plan in mind. Try to think over the ages and place everything carefully, considering future bonuses from future buildings and districts. Playing the game randomly or going for the immediate benefits won’t prove successful in the long run and you risk being left behind if you don’t plan out your cities carefully!

5. Trade routes are extremely important
I remember when I first saw the intro video, before the game was launched, that I laughed when I saw it presenting the main character and his trade caravan. “Who uses these?” I wondered, but as soon as I started playing the game, I understood that trade caravans and trade routes are extremely important. First, because for a very long time they will be the only way for you to build roads and your units to move faster on the map. And second, because they offer huge bonuses in the long run.

Yes, trade routes go with the same planning mechanics as the cities and everything else in the game. Remember that once you have established a Trading Post in a city, future trade routes going through the city will generate more gold. In other words, make sure to plan your routes ahead, starting with the closest city that’s on route to another city. Work your way to cities that are farther and farther away and soon the extra gold you’ll be racking from each extra Trading Post will make a big difference!

6. Get the Eureka moments for easy science progress
I often found myself delaying the research of a technology because I was close to getting the Eureka moment. It seems strange and it could backfire if not applied correctly, but this strategy is good in most cases. Just make sure that you work towards getting the boosts and reduction in research times with the Eureka moments – the early technologies are extremely easy to boost – and you’ll get ahead with your tech tree very fast. Research boosted technologies first and always consider the requirements for Eureka moments, but don’t make it your goal to get them all because that’s impossible. Pick your battles and go for the ones that are easy to boost!

7. Build a strong military early on
And by “strong” I don’t mean spamming warriors like most civilizations do. Take your time, be patient for a short while and as soon as you have something better than the warrior, start producing that unit in large numbers. Take advantage of any bonuses your Civ might offer (like the War Cart if you’re playing Gilgamesh, for example) and always think about the future: know which units upgrade to amazing mid-game and late game units and focus on producing those. Barbarians will be your main source of nuisance, generally, in early game, so deal with them first, while building the army for the future!

8. How to win Wars
You should always plan for war and at least be prepared to defend if you don’t have any motives to start wars yourself. Starting a war is serious business which could come with serious consequences, so always make sure that you are ready for it once you start it. This means having a solid military (ideally you should at least have an estimate of the troops the enemy has and build troops to easily defeat them), including siege weapons and range units. Always produce the strongest possible units, upgrade troops if you can and make sure you have some money put aside in case you need to quickly supplement your armed forces with a couple of new units.

Extremely important during war time is to keep your units alive: don’t hesitate to retreat if things get too complicated, but always try to destroy enemy units while keeping yours alive. Try to fight one one front at a time in order to increase chances and take advantage of any adjacency bonuses, generals or whatever bonuses you might have. Take advantage of the option to name your troops in order to know about their particular bonuses in combat. Have defensive troops on hand, ready to protect your offensive ones while they heal and always push slowly but steadily towards the enemy borders – the farther away you keep the battle from your cities, the better.

Have in mind that wars will take longer as you progress through the ages, so early game is extremely important if you’re war minded. Try to conquer at least one civilization with a minimum of 2-3 cities by the end of the Classical Age in order to have the number of cities required to produce and maintain a solid military. Then slowly work your way up, building troops and keeping them alive in order to succeed in battle!

9. Keep an eye on the AI players & agendas
The AI has some agendas in Civilization VI and they will more or less follow them throughout the ages. Keep an eye on those agendas and try to play according to them, taking advantage of those agendas that could prove to be beneficial for your own empire and taking out first the civs with agendas you don’t like.

Also make sure to always keep an eye on your opponents and see how close they are to victory. I will never forget a game I had against Saladin early on (yes, the Religious victory guy – I didn’t know that at the time) which was pretty much isolated from the world with just a few cities and no chances of accomplishing anything. When I checked, completely randomly, on him, I saw that he was close to grabbing the Religious victory because he turned his disadvantage into missionaries which I completely ignored, but spread his religion. Just several turns later I lost the game. So ALWAYS keep an eye on enemy civilizations and take measures against them if any measures are required.

These would be my tips and tricks for Civlization 6 players and hopefully these help you better understand the game and plan your moves ahead. There is, of course, a lot more that you should consider – smaller things usually – that complicate the game and make everything more fun and interesting. Covering them all would require thousands of words and we’re not ready to write novels yet.

But if you have any other tips and tricks or strategies that you think are extremely useful and worth sharing, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!

5 Best Civilization 6 Leaders & Civilizations to Choose for an Easy Victory

The Civilization series is best known for the great balance it offers when choosing different leaders and civilizations to play as, but as it happens in real life, it just happens that some are better than others. And I am here to share with you the 5 best Civilization 6 Leaders (and civs) to choose for an easier victory and a really fun game. Of course, each civilization and leader still has their own weaknesses and some are better suited for a type of victory than the other, but all of them are absolutely amazing and great to play as.

Choosing the best 5 Leaders for Civilization VI was very difficult compared to previous games in the series because there were no clear winners in my opinion. However, there are a bunch that manage to shine and they made it to our list. So without further ado, here are the leaders and civilizations I consider the best in the game:

5. Scythia – Queen Tomyris


One of the most fun civilizations to play as, especially early on in the game, as they have a massive advantage by mid game. Every time you will produce a light cavalry unit, you will actually get two (and the Civ’s special unit is, of course, an awesome cavalry unit that requires no horses to product).

This means that you can build a very solid cavalry-based military early on in the game and take over other civilizations quickly to build a solid empire. Even better for war-minded empires is that their units will always get a strength bonus against wounded enemy units, while destroying a unit will heal the attacker a bit. Extremely useful during war time!

4. Russia – Peter the Great


Russia might not be the civilization everybody would enjoy playing as, but they are surely an amazing choice and can prove extremely strong if played right. They also seem to be better for higher difficulty settings because of the Grand Embassy which gives bonuses when trading with more advanced civs. They have an extremely strong unit with the Cossack which can move after attacking, making them virtually unbeatable.They also have the Lavra which allows you to quickly expand your empire and gets even better with adjacency bonuses.

But it’s Mother Russia, the special Ability of the Russians that is absolutely insane: it offers one extra territory when you found a city, plus faith and production bonuses from Tundra tiles, making it easier to build and maintain great cities in areas where other Civs would have no desire to found cities in. A really interesting choice!

3. Rome – Trajan


Rome is one of the best civilizations in the game, with one incredible bonus: you get a free building for each new city. This alone is a huge bonus that can take you far quickly. But that’s not all! Playing as the Romans, you also get a Trading Post for all new cities, and if they are in range, a Trading Route (free roads, quicker unit movement!). Add tot he mix their unique unit, the Legion which is stronger than the Swordsman and you have a good setup for an early monopoly over the map. You should never have money-related problems thanks to Rome’s bonuses, and you can spend the extra money as you see fit: to build a super army fast, to invest in Science or Culture… just pick and choose.

All in all, Rome and Trajan remain one of the better civilizations/leaders in the game, but also one of the most boring to play as in my opinion. But a win is a win and you’ll get easy science victory with them at least!

2. Arabia – Saladin


Arabia has always been a good choice in previous games and it remains so, especially for those looking to get a quick Religious Victory. The bonuses you get are pretty impressive and useful throughout the game, not just at a particular stage: the worship building gives you more Science, Culture and Faith, you are guaranteed an extra prophet at the late game stages (or at least you get to found a religion if you somehow miss on doing that early on, which would be a waste!) and you have a really good chivalry unit with the Mamluk. The special building also generates faith, making Arabia a good choice for Religious victories, even though it’s not as fun to play as it used to be. But a win is a win nevertheless!

1. Sumeria – Gilgamesh


I believe that there are not many people who consider Sumeria one of the best Civs to play as in the game, but I had a ton of success with them. They are perfect for an extremely fun early game, allowing you to go on a conquest spree early on and build a huge civilization that will be extremely dangerous in mid and late game because of its sheer size. Gilgamesh has a special and extremely powerful unit, the War Cart which will get obsolete relatively fast, but if you rush build it early on, you will have a huge advantage over any civilization. I can easily completely take over one or even two entire civs in early game (by late Classical Age) which brings about 6 extra cities to what you already have. That’s a true empire that you can build into greatness later on, even though the other bonuses are not that great.

Other things that make Gilgamesh a force early on are the Barbarian Rewards (you get a village reward for each camp you destroy), as well as the option to take over the entire armies of fellow City States for pennies. A great strategy here is to take over the armies of the City States, send them first into battle and protect your own units. At the end, if the City State units are destroyed, you can take over the City States themselves, although that’s rarely worth it! All in all, a great and extremely fun civilization / leader to play in Civ 6!

Other solid civilizations that almost made it to the top (you have to play them at least once or twice, in my opinion): Germany, China and Egypt.

What do you think, though? Which is the best civilization for an easy victory in your opinion?

Civilization 6 Guide to Religion: How to Found the Best Religion for Your Civ


One very interesting aspect in Civilization 6 is Religion. We’ve been introduced to it by the Gods & Kings expansion for Civ 5, but there’s the chance that many fans of the series didn’t get the chance to try it out. Plus, religion in Civilization VI is an upgrade to what Gods & Kings gave us so I am here to share with you all the details about this relatively new in-game feature and especially share with you a complete guide on how to found the best Civ 6 religion for your civilization.

Of course, as it goes with most things related to such a complex game as Civilization VI, the concept of “best religion for your civilization” is based on multiple factors, like the civilization you’re playing as, the type of victory you’re trying to achieve and your play style. So indeed things might vary a bit from a game to another and even from player to player, but what I will share with you in this article is what I think to be, overall, the best choice for a religion especially early on in the game as it offers massive advantages in the long run.

Best Religion for Civilization 6

Founding a religion in the game is not the only thing you have to worry about: make sure you can hold onto it because there are cases when immediately after founding a religion, the AI sends missionaries and converts your cities to their religion, basically killing your religion, getting them one step closer to religious victory and resulting in you basically waste a lot of time for building a religion that does not exist.

So my suggestion would be to always rush build your religion (get the Holy Site ASAP, get the Policy card for more Great Prophet points if you have those, and go for Holy Site Prayers in your Holy Site city, turning at the end your faith into Great Prophet Points). I personally believe that religion can be a real pain in the game, so you have to get into this as soon as possible in order to at least stand a chance against other civilizations and religions.

Choosing the Pantheon

The first thing you will have to select is the Pantheon. The good thing about this is that it stays with you no matter what happens in the long run and how other religions affect your civilization, so pick wisely! There are 22 pantheons in the game, but my suggestion would be to focus on those that give you permanent bonuses – so those limited to a specific Era are not that good in my opinion, even though they can be helpful if you want to rush start your way to victory. Here is what I would suggest to get as a Pantheon, based on your play style:

Divine Spark: Great Person Points are vital and this one gives you +1 Great Person Point from Holy Site (Prophet), Campus (Scientist), and Theater Square (Writer) districts. In other words, a great bonus!
– a Pantheon based on the resources that are close to your cities. There are three pantheons in this category: Lady of the Reeds and Marshes (my favorite, giving +1 production from Marsh, Oasis, and Floodplains), Goddess of Festivals (+1 food from Wine, Incense, Cocoa, Tobacco, Coffee, and Tea Plantations) and Oral Tradition ( +1 Culture from Banana, Citrus, Cotton, Dyes, Silk, Spices, and Sugar Plantations). Pick the one that will benefit you the most based on the resources you have close to your cities and future cities.

Founding the religion

Once you get the Prophet and send him to the Holy Site, you can finally found that religion. The Pantheon you have chosen stays with you, but you get to select two beliefs. I would personally go for custom ones and my favorites are:

Founder Belief: Church Property. You get +2 Gold for each city following this religion. In other words, you will get a ton of money if you have or plan to build a large civilization and can get ahead of other Civs to spread your own. This is extremely OP because you can spend that Gold on Units and get the upper hand when war starts – even if it takes you by surprise. I would never choose anything else here!

Second Belief: Zen Meditation. This is a bit trickier, since they way you play the game matters a lot here. However, I would go for the Amenity bonus because I usually had problems with Amenities in all my playthroughs currently, which I consider strange, but might be the norm. If you don’t foresee any trouble with the lack of Amenities in your civilization, don’t pick this one and go for something that gives you bonuses that help your Civ (like the Mosque which gives extra Faith and more power to your Religious troops).

Later on in the game, you can choose up to two more beliefs for your religion, but you can only choose the ones that are left after other civilizations made their choices, so it’s more difficult to anticipate and give suggestions for that – and it also makes choosing the first two even more important!

Religion is extremely important in Civilization 6 and founding the right one for your people is just one piece of the pie. But getting the right bonuses can help you a lot – and it’s up for you to make them count. Either way, don’t ignore religion or do so at your own peril!

Do you have a “perfect religion” in Civilization 6? Let us know by sharing your comments below.