How to Fix Battleborn Crashes, Low FPS, Freezes and Other Problems

The extremely fun Battleborn has been released by Gearbox Software and we can finally fully enjoy the game. Well, at least most of us because a few unfortunate gamers are running into different – but not generally widespread problems with the game: Battleborn performance issues and low FPS seem to be the number one issue right now, with even high end computers getting very low frames per second, but there are also various Battleborn crashes and freezes that we’ll try to fix in this article.

So if you have any sort of problem playing the game or getting it to start, read on all the advice here: some solution might be listed for a specific problem, but might still work for your problem as well, so it’s worth giving them all a try. These being said, let’s see how to fix Battleborn crashes, freezes and low FPS problems.

Before anything else, let’s go with the basics: make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements and, just to see if there are any improvements, try to tune down the visual settings. Also, make sure that your graphics card drivers are updated: this is especially important for those running an AMD card: upgrade to hotfix drivers 16.4.2 which have just been released. You can also download the latest nVidia drivers here.

However, as strange as this might sound, some people are actually getting better results in terms of FPS and overall game performance by using older drivers or at least not the latest drivers from nVidia. So if you’re running on the latest drivers or the update to the latest doesn’t fix any performance problems, try rolling back to older drivers.

Enable vsync

Enabling vsyng (yes, I know that we usually try to disable it) seems to strangely fix the game, especially crashes or freezes before the game starts. In order to enable Vsync, go here: Documents – My Games – Battleborn – PoplarGame – Config – PoplarEngine.ini (open this file with a text editor) and set UseVsync=True

Other tweaks for better FPS

Open the PoplarEngine.ini file (as instructed above) and find the [SystemSettings] area: you have way more options for tweaking there. Set to False the following: DynamicLights, DynamicShadows, LightEnvironmentShadows, Motion Blur and Ambientocclusion. You can try setting the “False” command instead of “True” anywhere here to deactivate certain features and see which work better for you, but the ones I recommended should be just enough.

Also, set ShadowQuality=0 and ShadowFilterQuality=0

Finally, set Frameratelocking=0 (this doesn’t lock the framerate, but for some reason it offers better overall performance than locking it to any value).

This is it for now in terms of fixes and suggestions for stuff to do to fully experience the game, but we’ll make sure to update this article if we find anything extra. If you manage to find other ways to improve the FPS of Battleborn or other fixes, let us know by commenting below.

Borderlands Creator Reveals New Info For Battleborn



Borderlands creator and famous developer, Gearbox, reveal new details regarding their latest game, Battleborn. Battleborn, as you expected, will have some of the core features of the Borderlands franchise as Battleborn is a FPS title that can be played in co-op mode with a friend. Although Battleborn is said to have some MOBA gameplay elements.

Battleborn, as diverse the characters were in Borderlands and how each had his/her own personality and fighting style, will be no different as Gearbox said that the game will feature 25 playable characters instead of the 4 that Borderlands had to offer. Each of the 25 characters is said to have a unique personality and style.

Gearbox VP Steve Gibson explains more concerning how the game came to mind, the game’s genre mix and how the characters were developed.

“Coming out of the success of Borderlands, we started to ask ourselves, what are our strengths as a studio?” Gibson recalls. “What are those strengths and how do we blow them up even further? The first is that we’re good at taking elements from different games and mashing them together. In Borderlands, we took Diablo and made it into a shooter, for example.”

Battleborn is kind of a mix of three different genres: Street Fighter, elements of real-time strategy games, plus the role-playing shooter thing that we invented in Borderlands.”

“Our other strength is character building,” Gibson continues. “One of the main things fans took out of Borderlands was how much they loved Claptrap and the other characters. So we thought, okay, let’s build a game that leverages both of those, blending genres and building characters.”

Gibson also explained Battleborn’s story further, the main story of Battleborn revolves around the end of all the stars in the universe with the exception of one final star that every race gathers around. They eventually find out the other stars’ death wasn’t just normal but an evil force was behind it and now the evil force is set to destroy the final star in the universe. This is where you step in and since the game will offer many different characters, they will be divided into factions that each has an ideal plan of survival. Factions will fight against each other and this is your PvP mode ladies and gentlemen.

“If you could imagine such diverse races coming together, they would all have different ideas about how to proceed,” Gibson explains. “They will then naturally fall into factions, and inter-factional fighting is where the player-vs-player multiplayer modes come in.”

Here is where things get interesting and new, Gibson states that you won’t have to play with each one of the 25 available characters to level it up, unlike Borderlands, but their will be an overall progress linked to your account.

“In Borderlands, if you maxed out your character, you wouldn’t want to then start from scratch with someone else,” Gibson says, “so we found that out of the four characters, people were only experience one.”

“We’re building 25 characters; it’d be a shame for someone to play just one!”

Also each one of the 25 characters will have their own look, abilities and a distinctive and deep background story. He also stated that during conversations, each character will reply according to their race’s opinion and their life which is pretty difficult but amazing if pulled off correctly.

“The design guys have done a tonne of background work for each of these characters, and as you play them you’ll learn more about them,” Gibson says. “We have way more dialogue in this game than we’ve ever had in any previous game. They will comment on how they feel about the world, but they will also respond to each other.”

“This means that if one guy says something, there are 24 possibilities for which other characters will respond. This is true for every dialogue exchange in the game.” He shakes his head. “It’s bonkers.”

“I said to the design team, do you understand the mathematics of this? How big a voiceover budget do you have?” Gibson laughs. “We’ve been working on this game for a long time!”

Battleborn is said to release early-2016 and it will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Tell us what you think of Battleborn and if it can be even better than Borderlands, I personally think so. (Credit: )

Gear Up Because Battleborn is Going to Blow You Away


With seven characters announced and more to come, I can’t tell you how excited I am for the upcoming game : Battleborn. This game has 25 playable heroes and no hero is even close to being the same as they are all geared up with unique weapons and powers. There is even a leveling up system where you can level up your hero and fully unlock your hero’s true power. The game overall looks like a better Borderlands. Don’t get me wrong. I love Borderlands but to have more choices to pick from when it comes to characters, well that’s a major gaming fantasy.

While a trailer and a few gameplay videos has been released for this game, it is enough for me to write about it and pre-order the game. Not only is the art stunning but you can play competitive multiplayer with up to 10 players online. Multiplayer has three different types of battles to choose from such as :

A base defend mode where you must defend your base from the waves of minions while still trying to destroy your opponent’s base.

A capture-the-flag type of game as players go head to head in a death match while capturing and holding objectives on the map, to secure a win.

Players protect their minions and guide them to the middle of the map where points are scored by the minions throwing themselves into an incinerator. The team with the most points takes the game.

Not only is there multiplayer but there is a story mode that can be played with friends online or splitscreen.

Needless to say, there are a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to Battleborn. From the gameplay, to the co-op, to the characters, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game and review it.

Check out the official Battleborn site for any updates or news on this thrilling upcoming game.