Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ scores are in, it’s a global hit

The anticipation for Nintendo’s latest installment in its Animal Crossing series will soon reach its climax. On March 20, New Horizons officially launches as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Buyers can rest easy as early reviews suggest fans are in for something special.

As of right now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is sitting at a very comfortable 91 on Metacritic. Of the 44 submitted critic reviews, ten of them gave the hit life simulator the maximum score of 100. Amongst those includes reputable gaming publications like VGC and VG247.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Incredibly, all 44 approved reviews so far have given the new Animal Crossing the thumbs up. Not even one of them hit Metacritic’s mixed or negative criteria, hinting that New Horizons may be a once in a generation sort of game.

The lowest submitted score is an 80, shared by 4Players, Post Arcade, and GAMINGbible. With those kinds of numbers nothing else released this year can even compete. Even Microsoft’s brilliant Metroidvania Ori and the Will of the Wisps only achieved a 90, with two mixed reviews. For Ori, the user score is identical to the metascore. It’ll be interesting to see what players think of New Horizons when they finally get their hands on it.

animal crossing new horizons vault

Speaking of Nintendo, the Japanese publisher also recently announced an upcoming Direct. However, it won’t be a full-scale Direct announcing any huge titles as many had hoped. Instead, they will use the opportunity to provide a platform for various indie developers to showcase their talents.

The Nintendo Indie World will broadcast on Nintendo’s official YouTube on March 17 at 10:00 PT. Even if it’s not what you expected, it might still be worth checking out. Many of the Switch’s best titles are underappreciated indie titles. Who knows, Nintendo might ever use the opportunity to reveal something big about Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Nintendo Releasing NX In 2017, Has Light Plans For E3

Zelda Art


Nintendo held their annual shareholders meeting today and made several announcements regarding their upcoming system currently codenamed NX, their mobile games, the next game in The Legend of Zelda series, and what they’ll be doing for E3.  Firstly, we have a release window for the NX for March, 2017.  The next Zelda title has also had its release pushed back to 2017 and is planned to release simultaneously for both the Wii U and NX.  They also released a new piece of concept art featuring Link (pictured above), although it doesn’t reveal anything new about the game.  An official title for the new Zelda game has yet to be announced.

Two more mobile games were announced, but there are currently no specific details publically known for either title.  All we do know is that one will be based on the Animal Crossing series while the other is based on Fire Emblem.  Animal Crossing certainly seems like a good fit for mobile with its focus on casual play and social interactions, but the Fire Emblem mobile game could easily rub its core fanbase the wrong way depending on how it’s handled.

Finally, Nintendo had some shocking announcements for their E3 plans.  They stated that the NX would not be unveiled at this year’s E3 and would not have any presence at the event whatsoever.  Not only that, the new Zelda game will be the only Nintendo game to have a playable demo for the entire trade show.  That’s not to say that it will be the only game Nintendo will discuss at E3, but any other games will be restricted to trailers and interviews.  While there hasn’t been an announcement regarding it, it seems unlikely that the Treehouse Livestream will be broadcasting throughout the week given that they’d only have one title to work with for four entire days.  The rest of the year is looking uneventful for the Wii U now that Zelda has been pushed back as the only other titles known to be in development for the system currently are Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Paper Mario: Color Splash, and Bandai Namco’s free-to-play game Lost Reavers.

What are your thoughts on the news to come out of Nintendo’s shareholders meeting?  What are your hopes for the mysterious NX?  How do you feel about their E3 plans?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

The Next Step for Animal Crossing

Describing Animal Crossing can be difficult. What do you do? You dig up fossils, weed the ground, decorate your house, pay off a loan, fish and catch bugs. To some this sounds dull and lifeless. From description i’m inclined to agree however having now racked up well over 200 hours on Animal Crossing: New Leaf I think it’s fair to say i’m addicted.

Since it’s arrival on the N64 back in 2001 the series has made baby steps improving the overall dynamic. From adding a town centre with bustling shops to a remote island filled with mini-games, your little village has certainly expanded. The question now begs what’s the next for Animal Crossing?

Image 1

A great feature in New Leaf was making you the town Mayor. With this authority you could build projects and set ordinances for residents to adhere to. With Happy Home Designer instead of decorating your own home you were designing residents. The next entry needs to think about combining the assets from Happy Home Designer to bring this feature to the core series. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if neighbors wanted you to help decorate their homes along with yours. Pulling in the mechanics used in Happy Home Designer would broaden this task. More than ever we need more control over the area that surrounds us. The next ability I believe that should be granted is being able to place furniture anywhere you please. Think now instead of your house you have the whole village to play with. If not this then add a garden feature where you can place exterior items. Slides, barbecue sets and pools could all be used to create your dream garden.

Image 3

Housing locations must be tackled too.  I can’t express how frustrating it is when a villager picks your favorite spot to put their house. As mayor I would much prefer the home owner (or Tom Nook) to come seek my permission on where the new house can be developed. The irritation could then be easily avoided. Mail is another little feature I wish would be extended. As I previously stated I have well spent over 200 hours on New Leaf. So has my girlfriend as it’s very much a game we play together. One thing that we both wish is that being able to send furniture and other items through the mail service. Royal Mail accept packages so why can’t the Pelican sisters? Instead we have to open the gates, catch a train and come through to one another’s town just to drop off something simple like a chair.

The folk of Animal Crossing are so cheery it’s hard to get annoyed with them. Though after playing fifty hours worth it does get quite tedious that every single time you walk into a shop you get a greeting. On top of that when you leave a goodbye message is shown too. It’s polite and cute but just so unnecessary. Please Nintendo cut down on this. The game will flow smoother making more overall enjoyment.

Image 2

The series like your town has slowly grown adding more interesting elements. This now needs to built upon more than ever creating new grabbing aspects to differentiate from previous entries. New Leaf seems the perfect version so to stand out, Nintendo have to go bold. These above amendments along with something completely brand new is how the series must progress.

What do you think is the next step for Animal Crossing? What new features would you like to see added? Leave us a comment below to tell us why

K. K. Slider Costume Revealed for Super Smash Bros

Super Smash

It looks like the next batch of downloadable content for Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS is gearing up as a new Mii Fighter costume set was revealed on the official Super Smash Bros website.

This new outfit is based on the musical canine K. K. Slider from the Animal Crossing series.  The new costume is bizarre enough with its appearance alone, but it gets stranger given the fact that it is meant for the Mii Gunner.

Apparently, you’ll be blasting your opponents by strumming your guitar at them while dressed in a dog suit.  However, only the suit is restricted to the Gunner and the mask, included in the package but a separate item from the rest of the costume, can be worn by any type of Mii Fighter.

What are your thoughts on the K. K. Slider outfit?  What other costumes do you hope to see included with this and the previously revealed Inkling costumes in the second DLC collection?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

7 Nintendo Attractions that Universal Studios Needs Most

Nintendo attractions - vGamerz

Nintendo Attractions

Nintendo and Universal have announced that they are working together to create attractions at Universal Studios theme parks based on Nintendo games and there is plenty of speculation to be had on what could come out of this.  Sadly, I have accepted the fact that the King Kong/Donkey Kong grudge match of my dreams isn’t going to be made a reality.  However, I do have seven more practical attractions that we’ll likely see manifest out of this partnership.


7) R.O.B.’s Arcade

Obviously, there has to be at least one arcade involved in a collection of Nintendo attractions and there would be no better figurehead than the Robotic Operating Buddy that helped sell the NES.  The entire arcade could have a unifying theme of old-school technology tying all of the cabinets together, possibly with a large, animatronic R.O.B. in the center of it all.  Granted, an arcade doesn’t really need to be made into an attraction in and of itself, but do you really think Universal Studios is going to cut corners on this?  The only question, ironically enough, is what specific games they would host at any Nintendo arcades.  There are plenty of classics like Donkey Kong and Balloon Fight, but Nintendo has been out of the arcade market for a long time and there are only so many old arcade machines they can drudge up.  Then again, if they bring a few cabinets of Pokken Tournament to the park, that alone would draw in customers.


6) Animal Crossing Village

Won’t anyone think of the children?  Any theme park has to have an area or two dedicated to small children and Animal Crossing would be a perfect addition for the Nintendo section.  There’s no need to worry about any grander attractions, but plenty of possibilities for colorful and diverse play areas that would be perfect for kids.  Sure, most gamers won’t care much for it unless they have kids of their own, but Universal does have a wider audience to consider than just you and me.

F-Zero Roller Coaster-vGamerz

5) F-Zero Roller Coaster

There is going to be at least one roller coaster involved.  This is a fact of life.  What better choice for a high-speed thrill ride than the series all about high-speed thrills?  Imagine blazing through three rounds of a twisting course of dives and turns while the theme to Mute City booms over the speakers.  I rest my case.


4)Luigi’s Mansion

I’ll get to more straightforward Mario attractions later, but a haunted mansion based on Luigi’s Mansion is too perfect to pass up.  Along with all of the usual trappings, there’s also room for goofy elements to the attraction given the more jovial tone of the games.  Humorous props and even an interactive ghost hunt could quickly make it into an unforgettable experience.  At the very least, it would have to pop up once a year for the Halloween Horror Nights.


3) Lon Lon Milk Bar

Apparently, one of the new features at a lot of Universal attractions is themed drinks.  Well, Nintendo certainly has no shortage of options for just that and a Legend of Zelda-styled cafe could be the nexus for it all.  The Zelda series has enough potions to base actual drinks off of that it’s already a long-running joke on the internet that Link is secretly an alcoholic.  On top of various colorful potions that brewers would have plenty of creative freedom to work with, there’s also the Lon Lon Milk and Chateau Romani for kids and adults respectively.  Beyond that, there are plenty of in-game items from other games that could easily be made into real drinks.  Celadon City Lemonade, Brewster’s Choice Coffee, Super Star Soda, Palutena’s Divine Wine, Yoshi’s Fruit Punch, Pikmin’s Cream Soda; the possibilities are endless.


2) Metroid Adventure

Universal Studios is well-known for its immersive and exciting rides like their ones based on Jaws, Spider-man, and Harry Potter.  Mario and Zelda are the obvious picks for such an attraction, but Metroid could have the greatest potential of them all.  Combine the dark, claustrophobic corridors with the horrific, colossal monsters that the series is known for and the ride practically builds itself.  They could make it an interactive shooting gallery or opt to keep the tone serious and frightening.  Even if most of it ends up being CGI, it wouldn’t be that distracting for anyone used to playing the games.

Nintendo attractions-The Mushroom Kingdom-vGamerz

1) The Mushroom Kingdom

There absolutely has to be a Mario attraction, but what kind should they settle on with all of the possibilities available.  Should it be a tour ride similar to the Metroid one I suggested above?  Should they build a real-life Mario Kart race track?  A recreation of Peach’s castle?  The answer is all of the above.  Several of the major attractions at Universal parks have sprawling areas that go above and beyond the attractions themselves and recreate a slice of the worlds that they bring to life.  The Harry Potter and Simpsons attractions are prime examples of just how in-depth they will go with shops, restaurants, and other props that make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world.  Of course, I don’t expect a complete recreation of the Mushroom Kingdom given the limited space that they’ll be able to allow it, but putting together just the right elements will be all they need.  If there’s one attraction that needs to come out of this deal, this is it.

What do you think of the suggested Nintendo attractions listed above?  What kinds of attractions would you like to see take form out of the partnership between Nintendo and Universal?  Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.