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Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment: Exact Attack Implementation Guide

Exact Attacks, or Just Attacks as they were known in the other versions of the game, is a bonus effect when using the Burst Attack skill. It’ll lower the risk meter, keep the burst gauge near full as well as doing extra damage. Sounds wonderful right? And it is! It’s just not all that easy to pull off especially if you are just starting out.

You need to do a set number of Exact Attacks for some Implementations. You also need to have activated a Hollow mission or it won’t count. For the first Exact Attack Implementation, you need to do 50 of them. Another Implementation requires you to perform 300. I did all of mine on boss missions though normal enemy missions count as well.

When you use the Burst Attack skill, you will notice a whitish-blue ring on Kirito’s back. This ring quickly becomes smaller before disappearing. What you want to do is use Burst Attack, wait until that ring is just about to vanish and then use Burst Attack again. For Dual Weapons, which is what I used to accomplish this, it’s about a heartbeat in timing. Attack, heartbeat, attack. The more you attempt this, the more you’ll figure out the timing and get it perfect.

You can even combo the Exact Attack as long as you get the timing down for it.

Some weapons will cause that ring to disappear faster or slower. If you are having some trouble, equip an ax and you’ll notice the ring vanishes slower than say, the rapier.

If you’re practicing outside of missions the game won’t tell you if you’ve been successful like it will upon a mission. What you can do is head into the sub menu and bring up the battle log. It’ll tell you when you’ve performed an Exact Attack though you might need to finish the battle and then look at the log as it can get pretty hectic trying to look while battling.

You can do this in the main game(so long as you’re in the Hollow area), or you can do this online in multiplayer. Or a combination of both.

Just remember to be on the look out for that whitish-blue ring.

Be on the lookout for more guides and tips for Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment. Stay tuned here at VgamerZ! And if there is anything in particular you want a guide for, let me know in the comments below!

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