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StarFox Zero Lands This Winter

You know what Nintendo are like. One minute there all silent, next thing you know an avalanche of information is released. The latest information to be official announced is that the much anticipated StarFox Zero will be landing this winter. Four long years has past since the previous entry into the franchise; StarFox 64 3D. That was even a remake so its been nearly a decade since a new installment. Will this be the StarFox game we have all been waiting for? Can this revive the franchise? We will have to wait until November 20th to find out.

Alongside the release date was our first look at the box art (See Below). In the same fashion as E3 the much loved characters Fox, Peppy, Slippy and Falco are all puppet-like. This is linking back to the original conception of StarFox being created from the British TV show Thunderbirds.

Box Art

Is it finally time to jump back into the cockpit? Will you be barrel rolling this Winter with Fox and co? Leave us a comment to tell us your thoughts on Fox’s newest adventure.



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