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Ranking the 10 Best Offline Mobile Games

Best offline mobile games

Offline games on mobile are a great way to kill your boredom, especially when you are out of reach to connect to the internet. If you are inevitably in such a scenario, you should try out these incredible titles. These titles vary from genre to genre but they all have one thing in common, the immersive gameplay. So let’s dwell in the universe of hideous offline games and explore the highly acclaimed pieces.

10. Race The Sun Challenge Edition: Inevitably The Best Offline Mobile Games for Endless Experience

Race The Sun’s setting is similar to one’s dream. A futuristic jet flying at a considerably fast pace on a flat surface with rectangle-like obstacles blocking the way. Race the Sun is an exciting video game where you pilot a solar-powered craft hurtling toward the sunset. Your mission is to race against the sun.

Players have to avoid crashing, and the power-ups can help them reverse the setting of the Sun momentarily. You can change your aircraft and even customize it. In the end, the goal of the game is to score better than your previous run.

09. Angry Birds 2: Mischievous Adventure in One Of The Best Offline Mobile Games

Angry Birds 2 is a delightful video game from the Angry Birds franchise. The level-based game is about flinging birds into the air with a slingshot to eliminate green mischievous pigs. The video game features the iconic original gameplay of Angry Birds with some additional content.

Players can choose the bird they want to launch to attack the enemy, each bird has a mysterious special power that helps them on different occasions. Players can also take part in real-time events to make the most out of their experience.

08. Granny: Realistic Horror Experience

Granny is a classic horror adventure, where you experience the overwhelming fear of Granny, who hates disobedient kids. Players start in a small old room with flickering lights and a heavy environment. Furthermore, your objective is to escape Granny, and doing it won’t be that easy, she has locked the door with multiple locks. And making a slight noise can be prideful, Granny hears every step of yours. In such instances, players can use hiding spots as well as create their escape routes.

Exploration plays a key in escaping, exploring the housing and finding items can help you progress. The video game may be low in quality and weak with narrative, but it doesn’t compromise gameplay and innovation.

07. Shadow Fight 3: One Of The Best Classic Fighting Offline Mobile Games

Shadow Fight 3 is a 2.5D fighting video game that combines action and roleplaying. In the game, players create their character, customize it, hone their fighting skills, and indulge in the chain of everlasting fun. The video game relatively gets difficult as you progress, beating the opponent’s blocking your way.

On the screen of your mobile device, you have a few action buttons, which you can use to attack, counter-attack, or block the opponent completely. Furthermore, the game’s plot is loyal to the Shadow Fight series, become the strongest warrior and put a pause on Shadow’s influence and terror.

06. Plants vs. Zombies: Dwell Into Horror Chronicles

Is there anything better than plants protecting human brains? Plants vs Zombies is a fascinating idle game that features the elements of the tower defense. The players’ objective is to plant zombie shooting plants in the right horizontal order to defend their homes. If zombies break into your house, the game’s over. However, you have a single lifeline on each path, once the zombies have eaten all the zapping plants, the lawn mover runs the zombies over once they get close to it.

The game features up to 50 levels across different environments. Therefore, install the offline video game and start using your brain to the fullest.

05. Six Guns: One Of The Best Western Depiction Offline Mobile Video Games

Six Guns is a pocket version of Red Dead Redemption 2. It officially isn’t, but you can assume it is because of familiar gameplay. Six Guns is one of the oldest 3D video games, it was released globally in 2011-12 on both iOS and Android. In Six Guns, you simulate Buck Crosshaw, an outlaw who is searching for his memories. The players engage in 40 different missions, from stopping thugs to committing crimes to racing horses. In brief, the video game’s duration is short. Moreover, facing strange entities is nothing sort of rare in Six Guns.

You can work on your character customization and upgrade through the in-game currency store.

04. Pocket City 2: Build Your Own City From Nothingness

Pocket City 2 is a 3D exciting city-building simulator video game, where you step into the shoes of the city’s mayor and rule over your city. You have the power to shape your city and create houses, residential zones, buildings, and infrastructures. Moreover, you can paths that connect your city.

In your city, you can roam freely and explore hidden streets, large roads, and beautiful landmarks. Furthermore, players can customize their avatar, and change its apparel, gender, and gender. Generally, players get rewards for completing quests, and these questions can vary from trivial to necessary.

03. Dead Cells: One Of The Best Roguelike Offline Mobile Games

Dead Cells is a roguelike indie Metroidvania-inspired video game, with fast-paced action, and fascinating animation style. In the video game, you play as a prisoner, with amorphous characteristics. Our mission is to escape a strange island through a sprawling castle.

The combat of the video game is the difficult and perplexing part of it, the players have to face various cosmic entities head-on with up to 150 weapons. Moreover, Dead Cells lets you create your route, through sewers, and Ossuary based on your play style. Additionally, the video game explores potentially very large possibilities, you just need to be ready for what’s coming your way.

02. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Experience the Cruelness of Open-World Adventure

Most seek action with adventure, and when these two genres merge into one, we see explosive gameplay. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is an open-world title from the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s a narrative-based video game set in the fictional San Andreas. Our protagonist, CJ, is a renowned street thug, who is back in Grove Street to avenge his mother. CJ starts hijacking territory surrounding his hood to make some reputation.

The video game is story-driven with beyond-detailed characters. Furthermore, the players playing it quickly get attached to the soothing music, high-quality graphics, and extremely fun gameplay.

01. Minecraft: Arguably The Best Ever in Offline Mobile Games

Minecraft is a sandbox simulator open-world game available for free on mobile devices. The video game features the theme of survival and exploration, with a boundary-less world and a variety of different mobs. Minecraft is both a first-person and third-person perspective video game but is mostly played in the first person for a more intriguing experience.

In the video game, players can build a shelter, create a farm, and mine natural ores for gear. Small in size, the video game pays meticulous attention to gameplay. The video game is offline, however, you won’t be able to unlock achievements.

Conclusion: Best Offline Mobile Games

How did you find these enlisted video games? We searched through the internet to find the games that are recommended by both critics and users. Lastly, If you found these video games immersive and wish to play similar, comment on your feedback. Before we conclude, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where you will find the latest game news, listicle blogs, and all things games.

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