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Most Underrated Nintendo Switch Sports Games Ever

nintendo switch sports games

Inevitably, Nintendo Switch is the console with the best Sports games on the planet. There is a variety to choose from, titles that conquer your heart, and sports that take players like a storm. However, many don’t know what video game is the best for them. A video game doesn’t have to be AAA quality, in short, it needs to be entertaining. This is why we came up with the idea of creating a list of underrated Nintendo Switch Sports Games. We promise quality, just check out the list.

10. Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a masterpiece, because of the way it keeps the theme intact and generates mesmerizing gameplay in a pixilated world. The stunning visuals and beautifully crafted structures add a lot to the gameplay experience. Players take part in a journey through various courses, from green hills to red mountains.

The gameplay of Lonely Mountains Downhill is calming, it’s something that might keep you sane after having a stressful day.

09. Guts ‘N Goals

Guys ‘N Goals is a violent soccer game mixed with arcade-style gameplay. The video game offers the plain gameplay of soccer but with twists and turns, players can use anything but feet. There are various weapons in the players’ inventory, each comes with different power-ups. The video game features a variety of different mods that can be played online, offline, single-player, and multiplayer.

In the game, you can choose from over 30 characters with unique skills. When on the field, your character can mutate to either increase its strength levels or switch the power as a whole.

08. Super Volley Blast

Volleyball is all about reflexes, the sport hit its peak consumers in the 2010s, and some credit goes to the Haikyuu anime. Super Volley Blast is a progressive video game, the video game has a campaign mode where the difficulty increases as the player advances. The players have access to create an avatar, customize it, and win matches using it.

Furthermore, if you are bored of the usual volleyball gameplay, there is a super blast mode. In this mode, players can change rules to their liking as well as add a little spice to the court with different sets of biomes.

07. Disc Jam

Disc Jam is a video game that merges the sports of tennis and frisbee with fantastical elements. The video game features a traditional tennis court where 2 or 4 players can play in a match. The objective is to keep passing the disc from one side to another, while also having to prevent it from falling on your side.

The disc glows and creates a trail of colors, which helps players anticipate where it might come from. Disc Jam is a fast-paced video game, players must react fast to lead in points, and a slight slip will change everything in a split second.

06. Super Blood Hockey (Depicts Unbelievable Violence for a Nintendo Switch Sports Game)

Hockey is depicted as a video game where injuries are rare occasions. Players are nice, and so are the fans, but if you had a chance to be on the court and hit someone with a hockey stick,  would you do it? Super Blood Hockey is not exactly a sports game, it’s a video game that’s brimming with maniacs. In the game, you compete against friends and local players and step foot into the world with no rules whatsoever. Just do anything you want but don’t forget the rules of hockey. Moreover, the covering of extremely bloody moments is mesmerizing.

05. Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure

Dodgeball is an outdoor game that is fun when you are accompanied by a bunch of friends. Stikbold! A Dodgeball adventure requires you to team up online with companions to play a hardcore and traditional game of dodgeball. The developers of the video game “Game Swing” claim that this video game doesn’t exactly feature dodgeball, it’s more or less inspired by it, but the gameplay says otherwise.

There is no direct multiplayer mode, but if you have the urge to go against your friends in a friendly battle, you can use a single device to host 4 players.

04. Super Mega Baseball 3

Super Mega Baseball is an iconic baseball video game series and Super Mega Baseball 3 is controversially the best video game in the franchise. The video game combines baseball and fantasy themes to create a complete baseball immersive sports game. Super Mega Baseball 3 features various gameplay modes including franchise mode and the online league mode.

The video game features stunning graphics, better than previous video games from the series. Generally, it has been polished to a great extent, making people hard to believe if it is a baseball video game.

03. Windjammers 2

Windjammers 2 is a critically acclaimed video game, where players indulge in fascinating gameplay of frisbee. In the video game, players throw a frisbee into the opponent’s space while also preventing it from falling to the ground. If either side scores, they earn points. A match concludes when one side scores a certain number of goals.

Moreover, the video game features about 11 playable characters, most of which have appeared in previous installments of the series. Players play the video game from a top-down perspective, and nevertheless, they can enjoy single-player and cooperative modes.

02. Skatebird (Nintendo Switch Sports Games that Features Innovation to Great Extent)

Skateboarding is such a cool sport, imagine yourself doing a cool trick in front of your friends group. Let’s not leave indoors, because we have a virtual skateboard on our screens, Skatebird is a single-player skateboarding video game that features birds skateboarding through the skate parks.

The parks and skateboards are all in bird size, they are suitable for the bird to perform tricks. Mostly everything that appears on the screen is customizable including skateboards, birds, and venues. You could also change the birds to different species and classes.

01. What The Golf? (Among the Most Underrated Nintendo Switch Sports Games)

A normal Golf game requires a golf ball, and golf is a game where you can’t imagine gameplay even with a similar ball with unbalanced weights and dimensions. What the Golf? offers hilarious gameplay, where you can play golf with literally anything, from normal golf balls to even ginormous houses.

The video game is creative with over 500 levels, and the gameplay follows traditional golf gameplay with some twists and turns. Every map in the video game comes with a different theme, but the map is always up on the hills.

Conclusion: The Best Underrated Nintendo Switch Sports

How do you rate this list? We dug up the entirety of the internet to find sports game titles that are unpopular among fans but deliver immersive gameplay. Furthermore, these video games have received positive reviews from every nook and cranny of the Internet. And there is no reason for you to not install them. To conclude, we want you to comment on your favorite title in the list, it helps video game fanatics just like you to find these missing pieces.

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