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MMO Sword Saga Enters Open Beta Tomorrow


If the latest games managed to fill your HDD up with their tens of GB of required space and if you want to embark on an epic adventure in some stunning fantasy worlds, while being one of the pioneers of these uncharted lands, you might want to try out Sword Saga, a new MMORPG from NGames which can played right in your browser. The best game for when you’re at work and nobody’s looking!

There are three classes available in the game to fight the demon armies invading the lands, but the developers promise unlimited skill combinations and an array of troop formations to mix, match and develop into ever smarter tactics. Back to the classes, here are some details about each of them:

Warriors are masters of two-handed swords, using them to adeptly kill targets on the attack and block incoming hits when defending. Well rounded warriors are vital to any team, acting like a steel wall (with attacking blades!) when stood between their enemies and allies.

Shooters are all about their guns, which they can fire with deadly accuracy no matter the range. Whether acting as a marksman picking off enemies from a distance or blasting foes up-close-and-personal with massive firepower, a Shooter lives and dies by his guns.

Magicians are great healers, keeping their team fresh with a myriad of healing spells and awesome buffs. But don’t let their defensive qualities fool you – magicians can also call upon Starmoon Crystals to deal incredible damage to their enemies.

The Open Beta stage of Sword Saga starts on October 23rd and joining players will be welcomed with all sorts of goodies, including gift packs and events. So head over here if you want to give this one a go.

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