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Life is Strange Episode 4 Release Date Confirmed

Fans of the episodic interactive adventure game are going to be psyched, as Square Enix have confirmed that the fourth episode, titled Dark Room, will land for consoles and PC on 28th July. That’s less than a week away!

Dark Room will reportedly take a darker tone that previous episodes and is set to reveal some of Arcadia Bay’s best kept secrets, with Max’s investigation into Rachel Amber ramping up to a thrilling conclusion.

You can check out the official launch trailer for the episode below, though be warned that it does contain spoilers for those who haven’t played through the game’s first three episodes.

Square Enix have also revealed that the game has surpassed one million sales—that’s quite the achievement, especially considering there are two episodes still to be released.

Life is Strange Episode 4 “Dark Room” is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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