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For Honour – Top Pick from E3!

For Honour

For Honour

There is no doubt that this year’s E3 was full of truly incredible games but there is one in particular that not only can I not wait to play but should stand as a shining example for future AAA titles.

For Honour is a third-person competitive melee based game with an innovative new style of fighting. The game pits three of the world’s greatest warriors against each other; Vikings, Samurai and Knights. Whilst centuries separated these three groups from ever facing each other on a real battlefield I am really glad this did not discourage the Ubisoft team.

The gameplay trailer below shows a run through of a multiplayer match, you can see that not only is it four vs four the map is littered with NPC sword fodder! Any fan of the Dynsaty Warriors series will feel right at home dominating the computer controlled soldiers but it is when two rival players face off that it gets really exciting.

When two players meet in the battlefield the camera comes in closer and the NPCs form around the warriors drawing inspiration from big budget movies. It is here we see the “art of battle”. The new system ties all attacks and defences to the right stick, this provides ultimate control over your weapon and provides tense cinematic combat. It looks to be a great system for this type of play, allowing fast and quick combat against weak NPCs but still requiring skill and strategy when opposing another player.

With games like Evolve and Titanfall it would be very easy for Ubisoft to release For Honour as a solely online competitive game, however as mentioned above this game should be a shining example for others! For Honour will also feature a campaign mode that can be played co-op, and yes also confirmed is split-screen play bringing us back to a golden age of gaming where you could actually play your friends in the same room!

What did you think of For Honour? Do you have a different top pick from E3? Let me know in the comments below.

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