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First World of Warships Trailer Shows Some Impressive Naval Battles

Naval Battle

World of Tanks makers Wargaming is preparing the launch of a naval battle MMO this year, World of Warships. And despite the fact that there’s already a “WoW” MMO in town, this one seems to have all the right ingredients to turn gamers into addicts, just like World of Tanks does.

With an open beta expected to hit sometime in 2015, Wargaming decided to give use the first World of Warships trailer so that we can see what it is all about. We’re getting quite some gameplay footage here and those who were not expecting something awesome will be left disappointed because, as you can see below, World of Warships looks great:

The battles seem to have the complexity of those in WoT and I am sure that the game will be easy to learn, but very difficult to master. Also, I am surprised to see the seemingly fun ramming option in the game – that is certainly a last resort method, especially when you’re dealing with huge cannons, but it should also offer a great alternative to have some extra fun.

This trailer proves that the game is getting closer and closer to its release date and even though a specific one hasn’t been officially announced, we are sure that you’ll get your chance to try your hand at naval battles in World of Warships by the end of the year.

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