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First PSN Flash Sale Of 2016 Wants All Of Your Money

It seems routine at this point for Sony to suddenly drop another flash sale, yet they somehow keep making these sales both surprising and tempting. This week’s theme is indies, and this time, they seem committed to actually following the theme.

Here are a few of my personal favourites for your consideration.

FlowerA vibrant ‘art game’ that doubles as a relaxation exercise. From the creators of Journey, it’s priced at a little over a dollar and your purchase unlocks the game on PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. Pretty nice bargain.

Bastion An incredibly beautiful action game where your every move is narrated in real time. A lovely western soundtrack, unique enemies and locales, and great voice acting make this game a definite must-play for anyone who is a fan of swinging big hammers.

LimboEveryone knows what Limbo is, but many of you probably haven’t taken the plunge. This game deserves all of the praise it receives. A moody, tense, and bone-chilling experience that every fan of platformers should try. Great puzzles help make this game all the better too.

OutlastWhile Outlast fails to remain horrifying throughout its entire runtime, this game starts off with a huge bang. I still get creeped out thinking about some of the events that take place, and any fan of horror games would feel right at home with this one.

Sound ShapesOne of my favourite recent platformers. It manages to blend music and platforming in a unique and interesting way that simply doesn’t get stale. An excellent soundtrack and wonderfully simplistic art make this one worth trying.

The Unfinished SwanOne of the coolest indie games to ever grace the PlayStation 3 and 4, The Unfinished Swan is both an intriguing puzzler. It consistently changes up the mechanics while offering a concise and charming tale about a boy chasing a swan, all told in the style of a children’s storybook.

TransistorOne of my all time favourite games and certainly an underrated masterpiece, Transistor should be played by absolutely everyone.

For the full list of games and their respective prices, check out the official sony blog post here. This sale only lasts until the 25th, so get on it while you still can!

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