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FFXIV: The Deal With Ephemeral Nodes and Aetherial Reduction

Ephemeral Nodes are not like normal nodes or unspoiled nodes. Each zone has a special node that spawns at a certain time and lasts for four in game hours. Once you gather from this node, it’ll disappear – just hit up two different pairs surrounding that node to make it re-spawn. The surrounding nodes don’t need to be collected from. Simply clicking on it and exiting will do the trick.

These nodes are special in the fact they have collectible items but these ones are not to be turned in for scrips or experience points. These are used in conjunction with Aetherial Reduction to amass crystals, clusters and other items.

Use collector’s glove, click the node. Use single mind, methodical appraisal, single mind, methodical appraisal, single mind, methodical appraisal. Since you need to use 3 single minds, you need a total of 600 GP for this to work. You can use 2 single minds and still use 3 methodical appraisals, it just means you’ll collect one less item.

The higher the item’s level, the more crystals and clusters will be given when using Aetherial Reduction. The level 58 item for example can drop up to 50 crystals. That’s almost 200 crystals per ‘cycle.’ If you have cordial, or hi-cordial, you can collect from the node again without waiting too long for your GP to regenerate. Just hit up two other pairs of nodes near the ephemeral node and it’ll respawn, ready for collection again.

Using Aetherial Reduction on an eligible item will bring up a new screen. It’ll state the purity of the item, up to 8 levels. This purity rating is dependent on the collectability rating. A level 2 purity rating is what we’re aiming for to begin with, especially if going for crystals and clusters. It’s not easy going for higher levels, even with current end game gear.

The collectible rating for a level 2 purity score is 301-350.

As a crafter, this is invaluable since the recipes from Heavensward all require crystals, not shards, and a lot of them. Collecting crystals using this method is intended. It’s no an exploit like many have been claiming.

To get the Aetherial Reduction ability, you must complete the quest ‘No Longer a Collectible.’ This quest is given by Lydirlona in Mor Dhona (x22,y6). To accept this quest you must be a level 56 Disciple of Hand or Land.

Miner Times and Locations
4AM-8AM: The Dravanian Forelands (x17,y27)
8AM-12PM: The Dravanian Hinterlands (x26,y24)
12PM-4PM: The Churning Mists (x29,y19)
4PM-8PM: The Sea of Clouds (x34,y30)
8PM-12AM: Coerthas Western Highlands (x21,y28)

Botanist Times and Locations
12AM-4AM: Coerthas Western Highlands (x10,y14)
4AM-8AM: The Dravanian Hinterlands (x13,y19)
8AM-12PM: The Dravanian Forelands (x10,y32)
4PM-8PM: The Churning Mists (x19,y29)
8PM-12AM: The Sea of Clouds (x26,y35)
8PM-12AM: The Sea of Clouds (x23,y12)

Doing this, in conjunction with collecting crystals normally, can net hundreds, even thousands, in a short space of time. You can either keep them for crafting(recommended), or sell them and make a small profit. Considering you can make gil and thousands more by other means, I really do suggest keeping them. But it’s entirely up to you.

If you have any methods to get a higher purity rating you can share in the comments. I haven’t quite found anything reliable. When the new gear comes out in the next patch, I’ll play around, see if I can work on something and post it. So as always, stay tuned here at VgamerZ!

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