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Donut County Review: Unwind With This Indie and Peaceful Game

Donut County review

Donut County is certainly a dynamic and elusive puzzle video game, it’s an indie video game that exploits the potential of the puzzle game genre to create an ultimate experience for the players to immerse in, however, it lacks a firm review that will assure players to play the game. However, our thought-provoking review can change your views on this quirky video game, where the objective is simple and decisive, control an ever-growing hole that consumes everything. Let’s dive into Donut County’s review and learn why people are abnormally expanding their gameplay sessions.

Brief Overview of Donut County and A Review of Contents of The Game

Donut County is a vibrant video game that is renowned for its distinctive gameplay. Donut County revolves around two primary characters BK, a mischievous raccoon, and Mira, a human girl. The story initiates when BK finds and uses an application that will earn him points for delivering donuts. However, there’s a twist, instead of delivering donuts to the customers, the app sends out a hole that consumes everything—objects, dwellings, and even literal humans.

Despite the fingers rising on him, BK refuses to acknowledge his wrongdoings and ends up witnessing Mira destroying his drone. However, their definite goal is to stop a villainous raccoon who orchestrated his plans. Together with his friends, BK embarks on a mission to unravel the mysteries behind the strange phenomenon.

The video game combines humor, satisfying gameplay, puzzle-solving elements, and environmental themes.

Visual Fidelity

Writing a Donut County review may be one of the wisest decisions we have taken, as we are boasting the enthralling video game to indie developers. It is among the greatest indie titles that boast stunning visuals that add to its whimsical charm. The video game evokes a sense of lightheartedness with its unpolished blocky texture. Players can experience immersing in immensely detailed gameplay, be it Mira or any character, their characteristics are astoundingly virtuous to the consumers.

Not only does the video game feature staggering graphics, but it also encompasses extremely fun gameplay. While controlling the hole, you will witness regular usage items getting gobbled up in a very unpleasant manner.


Donut County introduces several eccentric characters, each with a distinctive background and personality. The primary character cast consists of BK and Mira, both engulfed in an internal conflict that occurred due to a misunderstanding. BK is a little mischievous raccoon who inadvertently falls into the trap of a sly raccoon, the Trash King. When using his smartphone BK finds a mobile app that will reward him with an exclusive gift if he completes the task of serving donuts to the clients. His actions cause the people of Donut County to get trapped underground. However, despite all of the tragic events, he still treasures his bonds with Mira and other anthropomorphic inhabitants.

Mira is BK’s human friend, she works at a local donut shop in Donut County. She is shown to be kind to the people of Donut County including BK, despite his mischievous actions. Together with him, she embarks on a journey to regress Donut County to its initial form.

Throughout the entire narrative, players experience interacting with different anthropomorphic creatures, who are unwittingly dragged into the mayhem.

Soundtracks: Donut County Review

Similar to the game content, the soundtracks of Donut County are whimsical. The video game provides players with numerous gripping soundtracks that complement the environment. Regardless of how long the gameplay is, Donut County features more than 40 mesmerizing tracks. Most if not all of these tracks are available for players to stream on YouTube.

Here’s a direct link to the original soundtrack, credit goes to the creator.

How Long is Donut County?

Typically, indie games span short due to the scarce budget and limited staff. Certainly, Donut County also is among the short-duration indie video games. When playing the game without skipping the cutscenes, it could take players anywhere from 2 hours to 2½ hours. But all fun lies in exploring the entirety of the video game. While doing so, it may take you up to 4 hours.

The fastest-recorded speed of finishing the Donut County is approximately 32 minutes, proving that you could also savor the quick playthrough.

Pros and Cons

Let’s explore the benefits and disadvantages of immersing in the engrossing gameplay of Donut County. Here are the pros and cons of the video game that establish the definitive review of Donut County.


  • Charming Plot and Captivating Gameplay: Donut County features a unique concept—devouring everything existential using a remote hole. Players will start by consuming donuts and gradually progressing to larger items.
  • Visual Aesthetics: Usually, Indie games tend to emphasize gameplay over the graphics and art style, but Donut County is a game of a different caliber. It features polygon art styles with brightly colored visuals that contribute to the game’s appeal.


  • Short Duration: It’s hard to determine if short spanning in games is a curse or a thing to be happy about. But when it comes to Donut County, the short duration of the gameplay is unpleasant. The faithful players of Donut County long for more content or a DLC that could bring back the excitement of the initial impression. This is why most players have left a critical Donut County review.
  • Lack of Depth: While the playthrough features puzzle-solving aspects, it lacks depth. The premise of swallowing items piece by piece should be explored more to enhance the experience.

Conclusion: Donut County Review

Donut County is an indie gem that deserves its own tier, as it transcends from the comprehensible barrier. It’s affordable to the point where your haircuts would cost more than the licensed copy of the video game. Moreover, purchasing the video game through legal sources can motivate the developer to develop games of similar caliber.

Donut County is not about bluntly plunging into gameplay where controlling holes is your primary objective. The video game is about forming bonds, creating friendships, and aiding those who are intimately close to you.

How do you rate Donut County? Don’t hesitate to share your experiences and views on the video game in the comment section or on our Facebook and Instagram.

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