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Bound by Flame: Spiders Explains The Demon System


Bound by Flame is hitting the gaming market in two days, on May 9 and Spiders, the game developer, has finally explained the upcoming Demon system. This feature will shape the entire story and the hero itself. As the narrative progresses, Vulcan the game’s protagonist, will have the opportunity to exchange part of his humanity for devastating powers. The question is: How will you lead your adventure in Bound by Flame? Will you give up your humanity and become a demoniac flame creature or will you save yourself from this invading possession and become a brutal warrior? Whichever path you choose, there will always be a new and different adventure ahead, since every decision holds the power to profoundly change the evolution of events, as Spiders explained:

At several key points of the story, you will have to make crucial choices, between using the demonic powers offered to you, or choose a more heroic path and preserve your humanity. Be wary, as your choices will impact the reactions of the various characters and your companions… ultimately, the very way the story unfolds will depend entirely on your decisions.

Bound by Flame

Embracing the demoniac path however, will not simply alter the story and yourself. It will also have a deep impact on your companions and allies. Some of them will not tolerate this possession and they’ll inevitably become hostile, if you insist in pursuing this path. Furthermore, as you accept more and more power from the demon, your physical appearance will gradually change. Your human form will slowly transform into a dark and flamed beast. It’s true that you’ll learn countless flame skills and your power will be simply devastating but this power will have great consequences on you defenses, as Spiders stated:

Further away on the demonic path, your burning chest will worn out your chest piece of armor… while this will have a negative impact on your defense, keep in mind your offensive potential will be bolstered! Since you are now also partly a creature of fire, you will be more vulnerable to frost elemental damage.

If you choose to fight your inner demon, then your appearance shall remain the same. However, you won’t have access to magic or demonic powers, you can only count with your own physical talent. In the end, everything in Bound by Flame will be affected by your choices and “the very conclusion of the game will also be dramatically changed.”

Bound by Flame will be available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 on May 9, 2014.

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