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A New Challenger Approaches!

Super Smash

Super Smash Bro’s was the fastest selling game on the Wii U last year, even managing to trump Mario Kart 8, which is a pretty impressive feat. During todays Nintendo Direct a lot of things were announced in regards to Nintendo’s premium Brawler, the biggest being new characters. Despite Smash’s ginormous roster of characters, fans from accross the globe cried for more, and Melee Veteran Mewtwo has been on everybodies list for what seems like an eternity. Nintendo, in their infinite wisdom as granted our request and Mewtwo will be added as DLC to Smash for both Wii U and 3DS on 30th April.


But that is not all, a surprise reveal was…well…revealed. Lucas, one of the most popular characters from Brawl will be joining the crew. Much more than just a pallet swap of Nes, Lucas will bring more Earthbound/Mother action to Smash. He does not have a set in stone release date, but he should be due sometime in May. New additions to the Mii Fighter are also inbound, with a handful of classic character designs to outfit your Mii with. These range from a Link inspired tunic, to Megaman X, although my personal favorite has to be the inclusion of Protoman from the classic megaman classic games. Each costume comes in at around 90p which is a fair price for some sweet swag.

The biggest shock of the show however, was Nintendo‘s dedication to pleasing Smash fans. They are opening a “voting” service, allowing you to submit your ideas for the next Smash character to be released. I for one will be putting in a vote for Castlevania star, Simon Belmont and Nintendo’s newest IP: Bayonetta, but I am a fan of vampire killing whips are creepy hair magic. For a company who has never really “done” DLC, Nintendo are quickly becoming the best of the bunch. Hopefully this trend continues well into 2015.

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