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Top fighting anime games

fighting anime games

Are you an otaku who wants to connect more with your favourite anime character and looking forward to playing with them? Or a gamer who loves anime for unlocking reality into a different level of fun, graphics, drama, and most importantly FIGHTING? If yes, then this article is for you as we has listed down top fighting anime games that are forged ahead of other fighting games.

Let’s start the count of the 7 fighting anime games

Dragon Ball FighterZ

“Are you ready now to witness a power not seen for thousands of years?” – Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z needs no introduction, whether in the anime world or fighting game series. Dragon ball fighter provides a 3-D fighting game, simulating a 2-D game that’s built on a beginner-friendly combo system. This game’s mechanics are surprisingly easy to learn with just four attack buttons. But don’t let this simple mechanics delusion you as fast and fluid once you match with a player of your level. The game has the most gorgeous looking and original story mode. The most satisfying part about Dragon Ball fighting for the fighting game lovers is you can smash your opponent up in the air. From hitting them at high speed to using instant teleportation technique and getting behind your opponent to smack them down within seconds. This visual chaos is all you are looking for in a fighting anime game list.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Although the long and most well-written manga has ended along with its anime, naruto fandom is increasing at a much faster rate, because of the brand new story of naruto’s son and Konoha’s new generation. The anime has one of the greatest fan-following as well as its game. Naruto Shippuden series is among the top fighting games, and in top five in the list. The combat is fast and fierce. AI opponents certainly never go easy on you. Yet, the controls are straightforward and most responsive up-to-date.

What fascinates gamers is the ability to switch between your main character and your two support fighters. I can blow a series of punches with rock-lee, before calling for Sasuke’s Chidori, followed by my switch to Lady Tsunade to heal my lost energy for a follow-up offensive Jutsu. Ultimate ninja storm 4 unlocked a whole different level by providing solo battles in the free-roaming battle arena against other ninjas.

All-Star Battle – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

“You expected an instruction manual, but it was me, Dio!” – Dio’ The Invader.’

Jojo’s bizarre adventure, created by CyberConnect2 is a fighting anime game developed to provide gamers with a colourful, vivid and exciting game experience. This game has a wide variety of gorgeous looking characters with diverse game modes. You can also recreate your favourite moments by playing through Story Mode. Every character has its signature moves captured by lively camera angles. Either you’re playing with computer opponents or with human opponents online, every highlight of your fight is captured. The unique style game is licensed by Sony Entertainment and thus making into this list of top fighting anime games.

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice 2

Boku No Hero Academia, also known as My Hero Academy, is among the most popular shows in the anime world. The anime is ongoing and made its way into the gaming arena. This game provides you with many new characters from the anime, and different game modes, like story mode, mission mode, etc. this game is based on a popular anime series and combines all your favourite characters into the 3D arena fighting. One’s Justice 2 has 40 characters that you can play with, combining heroes and villains, and setting your dream team and recreate your favourite moments. This game is in the list of top fighting anime games because the fight gets bigger, better and quicker!

Under Night In-Birth

The French Bread’s game Under Night In-Birth is a talk of the town and among top fighting anime games hands down. The most popular 2D fighting game (after DBFZ) has an exciting plot with vast game mechanics. You can pick any of the twenty characters and fight through the plot called “Hollow Night” with amazing combos and unique fighting styles. Become In-Birth and survive your way out!

Guilty Gear Xrd

The first in its kind, Guilty gear is a fighting anime game that has been here since 1998. Guilty Gear Xrd is its most visually attractive game with elementary game mechanics. The game caters its small character roster by making each character unique and exciting, and it’s known for its aesthetics, unforgettable characters and accessibility.

Jump Force

We all have imagined and compared our favourite characters of different animes. Jump force provides you to create your own avatar and fight alongside your favourite anime heroes in a creative Story Mode. Jump Force is a brilliant idea and most innovative as it allows anime lovers to have all the characters of their diverse anime series, like Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Hunter X, etc. What could be more satisfying for otakus than this?

Wrapping up on these fighting anime games!

Competitive gaming’s popularity is increasing exponentially in recent years, while gamers are making their careers through it. But when it comes to the fighting genre, nothing can beat anime in that, from throwing their opponents in the air to building your own story of your favourite anime. These anime fighting games take the fighting genre to a whole new level. So, buckle up and let’s see what anime fights make your blood pump.

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