7 Tips on How To Prepare And Defeat Any Witcher Contract

Witcher Contract

Witcher Contract

We all know that Witcher contracts is the essence of the game after you finish the storyline and you only have them, the side quests and Treasure hunts. Witcher contracts can sometimes be tricky to fulfill and defeat that lurking monster menace that threatens the whole village nearby.

Tip 1: Check The Notice Board In Each New Town You Enter

Notice boards are almost the source of every witcher contract in the game with just a few that are obtained through having a little chat with the town folks. So take care and go to the notice board once you discover a new town.

Tip 2: Repair Your Weapons Before Every Battle

Even if you have already set on your way to slay that beast, look around for the town’s blacksmith or armorer and if you can’t find any, just stop at any nearby fast travel sign and fast travel to the nearest town with a blacksmith or an armorer and have them repair everything that you have equipped to 100% to ensure your swords deal the maximum damage and your armor protects you from the monster’s deadly blows.

Tip 3: Prepare Some Bombs Witcher Contract

This can be accessed through the menu, you will find it to be the last one to the left called Alchemy, choose it and start crafting some bombs. In my opinion the most effective bombs to use are:

  1. Dancing Star: produces a wide spread and random fire explosions in the area the bomb was thrown (Normally used to destroy Monster Nests)
  2. Devil’s Puffball: results in a toxic green cloud that is very effective against human enemies but this isn’t our target here but you can use Igni and cast in the area with the toxic cloud and it will lead to a powerful explosion that can deal quite moderate damage to the monster. ( Most effective on Relicts, Vampires and Cursed Ones not that effective against Drowners though so don’t waste it)
  3. Dimeritium Bomb: blocks any magic attacks and monsters’ magic abilities ( Most effective on any Elemental Monster such as Earth Elementals, Fire Elementals, Gargoyles and Djinns. )
  4. Grapeshot: Offers one magnificent huge explosion ( Most effective on Draconids and Hybrids )

Tip 4: Frequently Upgrade Your Skill Trees

If you have any un-allocated points, the wisest skills to spend them on is the Signs skill tree, especially Igni, Quen and Yrden and the Combat Skills tree especially Fast Attack, Strong Attack and Battle Trance. Also the best Mutagens are the Green Mutagen, grants you +50 Vitality aka Health and it increases by 50 everytime you link it to a green skill which are from the Alchemy Skill tree and the Red Mutagen which gives you +5% attack power and increases by 5% everytime you link it to a red skill which are from the Combat Skill tree.

Tip 5: During Combat, Use Quen then Igni then Quen then Igni then….

Since I just mentioned upgrading the signs, using them efficiently might be a bit hard as you have to know what to use and when. Always apply Quen first then switch to Igni  and have it equipped and cast it in between sword attacks. If you get attacked and the Quen protection breaks then switch from Igni to Quen immediately and apply it then switch back to Igni and do as previously illustrated. Fighting Wraiths is a bit trickier since the Yrden sign enters in the mix. Wraiths are known for disappearing and appearing again out of nowhere to attack you, knocking you to the ground and to your eternal doom. Well it’s not that dramatic but high-leveled Wraiths are hard to fight and casting Yrden creates a magic radius around Geralt that if the Wraith enters, will be changed into material form and can be attacked and it can’t disappear as long as it is in within this magic circle. So to summarize, Normal monsters use Quen and Igni and with Wraiths Yrden, Quen and Igni in this written order for each type respectively.

Tip 6: Equip or Craft The Best Silver Sword In Your Level

I do this personally every time I take on a new witcher contract, I open my inventory and check that I don’t have a better silver sword laying around in my inventory unused or if I have an empty Runestone slot in my silver weapon and have an extra Runestone so I equip it to my sword. Following this check, I go to the crafting menu, check every silver sword, steel sword, armor, boots, gloves and trousers that are available in my level and compare them with the equipped ones. If I find I can craft something better, I gather the necessary items to craft it and as mentioned before, go to the nearest Blacksmith or Armor depending on what I want forged. Also try to do some Treasure hunts in between the main quests as they can give you some really powerful and strong swords or armor.  Do this before each battle to have the best gear equipped and prepared for battle.

Final Tip 7: Best Fighting Strategy Is BE A COWARD

Once the fight starts, there is no running away from it so you have to stand and slay that beast BUT you can always roll around like a clown who just joined the circus. All you gotta do is dodge and dodge in circles till you are behind the monster or you are sure that you are not in a position where you can get attacked then deliver some damaging blows and once it turns around to face you, roll around it again. This has been my technique since the beginning of the game and till now, I think it is working out well and helped me kill some powerful higher-level beasts.

Finally, some random tips that weren’t worth mentioning on their own:

  • If you are playing on lower difficulties which are “Just the Story!” or “Story And Blood!”, then when you feel you are near to fighting the beast, meditate for one hour to regain full health before the battle.
  • Save every  2-5 minutes, just in case you never know what might happen. Let me tell you a story, I was in a middle of a really challenging contract and I literally had like 2 or 3 blows till it dies while I had Quen applied and under half of a health bar which was enough and then the surprise, the lights went out and I didn’t save the whole contract progress since I started it so yeah, learn from my mistake fellow beast slayers.
  • Apply Oils to your sword depending on what you will face.

I wish you had fun reading this tips article and it helps you defeat every witcher contract you tackle.

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Tell me if it has been helpful or if you want me to add any tips that have helped you defeat a monster before that is not included here.

The Witcher 3 Contract Guide: Deadly Delights


Witcher contracts in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are side-quests that task Geralt with slaying unique, especially difficult enemies who are providing trouble for various people – great winged beasts, malefic wraiths, all manner of beasts are to be fought in these quests, and they take you to all manner of murky, dark and damp location.

This is a guide for the Deadly Delight contract in The Witcher 3.

Pick this quest up from a notice board in the sprawling city of Novigrad – the one in Hierarch Square – it describes how multiple guards have been killed in some very non-PG ways and the killer, presumed to be Female, must be punished.

Head East of your current location to the bridge by the fish market to find the Quest NPC and have a chit-chat. He’ll give you more information about the Quest. Eventually he will point you in the direction of the medical examiner tasked with dealing with the remains of the guards – a task almost as unenviable as yours.

Head over to him and, after a conversation, he too will point you off in a new direction, this time the scene of the crime to do some familiar Witcher Sense detective work.

Head over and use your Witcher senses – you’ll find two sets of footprints, some belonging to a child and some hoof-prints – oddly, though, the hoof-prints seem to be walking upright on two legs. Doesn’t take a super-sleuth to figure out which you’ll be tracking.

Follow the trail the hoofprints lead you on until you end up at the back-entrance of a brothel, the delightfully named ‘Crippled Kate’s’. Go in and talk to the fine establishment’s owner.

At this point, you’ll have a choice – you can either use Axii to force the conversation quickly, learning the location of the monster immediately or avoid it and press her for information – assuming you do the latter, because the former kind of solves itself, you’ll be kicked out and forced to find a new lead. No worries, it’s not difficult to do so, some more Witcher Sensing will lead you to a perfume bottle and a new scent to follow, do so to a Gentleman in the town.

This man claims that he has been attacked by a Succubus, he’s standing outside a house that the scent trail leads into. If you’re an adept at putting two and two together, you’ll have realized that’s where the Succubus, Salma is.

The door to this house is locked and so you’ll have to find another way in – no problem, just a bit south of this man is another entrance, go in there and follow the stairs up. If you find a small group of what seems to be squatters, you’re in the right place.

Go up the ladder, walk the linear pathway, up another ladder and you’ll find yourself able to drop down into our Succubus’ abode. Prepare yourself for the fun part of the quest – killing this guard-slaying monster.

Well, it may not strictly be time for that. You do have the option to sympathize with her and allow her to go free – according to her she was acting out of self-defense and was the one actually assailed by the Guards. If you choose to let her go free, obviously your reward from the Guard will falter along with not getting her loot or trophy, though you will receive a reward from her.

If you choose to do battle with her, though, here are some tips to ease the experience.

As a Succubus, Salma has two main weaknesses, Hybrid Oil and Quen. If you possess any of the former make sure to give your blade a coating before you initiate dialogue to reap its benefits. As for the latter, given the nature of the fight you’ll be using that anyway.

The fight is very frantic – whether you win or lose it will be over quickly. Salma will attack you with fiery magical strikes and not relent for a second, in the enclosed environment you find yourself in it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused, allowing her a few strikes. This is why it’s a good idea to have Quen on-hand whether or not you have it upgraded or not. Giving you just a little breathing room will allow you to compose yourself and retaliate.

Salma also has a repulsing attack to gear any melee attackers out of her face – if you don’t have a Quen up to protect yourself you’ll be taking damage from this once or twice, don’t fret, just dust yourself off, dodge her soon-to-follow magical attack and go back on the offensive.

Salma doesn’t have much health but can rack up the damage and keep you on the ropes quite easily with the claustrophobic area and frenzies assault – your best weapons in this fight are a level head, matched aggression and Quen. Put all of this to use, don’t panic and you should breeze through Salma – some words of experience, though. Don’t try and use the meltstream igni firing mode, you WON’T set her on fire and she WILL set you on fire whilst you try.

After the battle, collect your loot, your trophy and, after returning to the Guard, your reward. Congratulations, you just cleansed the streets of Novigrad of a dangerous strumpet, go to Crippled Kate’s and buy yourself a strumpet as a reward!