The Walking Dead: Season 3 – What’s in Store for the Future?

The Walking Dead

Telltale Games is a publisher that has been on the rise since their huge success with their take on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead in the form of a story driven point and click based video game series. Since then they’ve gone on to create the second season, the fantasy world of The Wolf Among Us (An adaptation to Bill Willingham’s ‘Fables’) and we all received the confirmation by Telltale Founder – Kevin Bruner of a third (yes third!) season of this dark and emotional tale back on July 26, 2014 during Skybound Entertainment’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

Very little is known about the game’s development or release, all we know is that it could land some time soon in 2015 and that it is going to feature a “new angle” from the story, quoted by Dennis Lenart who was the Cinematic Artist of Season One and also Director of episodes “All That Remains” and “Not Going Back” from Season Two. Telltale also seem to have a lot on their plate at the moment with their other series Game of Thrones, Tales From The Borderlands and also an upcoming story set in the world of the Minecraft universe. Since there is little we know about what is in store for Season Three, here are my thoughts and theories that the direction of Season Three could take.

We pick up where we left off.

Although this is a difficult and unlikely one, it is still a possibility. Because Season Two ended with up to seven different scenarios but ultimately three endings, it would be difficult to pinpoint a direction for the story to proceed if fans chose Jane over Kenny or vice-versa. There could be the possibility of a new threat that places us and our past decisions in a universal starting point that takes off no matter what ending we chose. The only issue with that is that it destroys the impact and weight of those difficult decisions we made at the end of Season Two. Could it be that we take control as either Jane or Kenny and go back to taking care of Clementine and little AJ? Highly unlikely, I doubt Telltale would decide to pull off two different stories during the same time based on our past decisions, not only that but taking care of Clementine has been explored before in Season One and since then Clementine has grown and proven than she is capable of thinking for herself. Going back to looking after her would result in backwards storytelling with little to no progression and would only devalue her as a character. And what about the ending where Clementine goes off on her own? How would that work? That brings me to my next theory..

Kenny & Jane

An older and more mature Clementine

This is a popular theory amongst fans of the series and its certainly a big possibility that fits nicely to the “new angle” hint. If we were dropped back into Season Three with an immediate introduction to an older Clementine, we would already assume that the ending where Clem goes on her own is the canon ending. If not, it would be a major disappointment to go along with Kenny or Jane and not know what happened in regards to them but that could easily be fixed with an introductory scene or flashback sequence that explains what happened. It would be interesting to see how Clementine has changed over time and who knows? Maybe little AJ has grown too and she is now responsible for him just as Lee was responsible for her? It’s a nice idea that brings us full circle to the evolution and development of Clementine’s character.


A new set of characters altogether.

This is something that worked really well in the 400 Days DLC package between Season One and Two. We get to see a range of different characters in different stages of the apocalypse followed up by cameos of those characters in Season Two. If Season Three took a new lease on The Walking Dead universe then that could spark a whole new variety of events and characters that we could fall in love with all over again. The only issue with this one however is that the question would still remain, what happened to Clementine? It’s not really something that needs an explanation however after fans of the series have drawn very close with these characters, there is a high demand on having to know, it’s difficult to move on to something new when there was no real concluded closure to her journey. The only conclusion we can gain from the end of Season Two is in regard to the stability of a group and how certain circumstances strain and wear a group away. the ultimate struggle was that no matter how hard Clem tried, it was all out of her hands towards the end until the final moment where she had to make the choice.


What do you think Telltale Games are conjuring up for Season Three of The Walking Dead Video Game Series? Until further news is announced, we can only speculate and hold onto our high expectations for the future.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3: Clementine and Sarah – The New Heroines?


During the last episode of The Walking Dead, A House Divided, the whole cabin group was captured by Carver and his mercenary squad. Now, Telltale Games has published several screenshots previewing the events of the next episode, In Harm’s Way, where apparently Clementine and Sarah will separate from the rest of the group. Will they become the new heroines? How will they save their friends and escape the horde alone? There’s a whole new speculation about their upcoming roles but one thing is for certain, the unexpected shall mark the return of the series.

The Walking Dead Season 2 The Escape: Captured but Not for Long

A Harm’s Way mini preview trailer shown at the end of the second episode exposed the whole group tied up in rope. According to the new screenshots, Clementine will find a way to free herself but that’s no real surprise. After all, she always finds a way to turn tables around. She’s still short and really agile, which gives her a huge advantage over all her adult companions. However she won’t be alone this time, Sarah will be joining her somehow. My guess is that both girls will find a small gap in a wall just as it happened in episode one, All That Remains, when Clementine was trapped in the cellar with a small hole in the wall. A situation like this would explain their isolated escape and why no one else from the group is seen in the screenshots.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Surviving: Between the Horde and the Devil

Escaping Carver’s facility might seem the best option taking in consideration their captivity status. However outside the devil’s reach lays a greater danger, the horde. It’s not clear if Clem and Sarah will be running for good or if they’re simply trying to find a way to free their friends. Either way, they’ll be alone in the woods surrounded by walkers. Which means their intentions towards the group will be insignificant until they find safety. In order to save the rest of the group they must be alive first. There’s one issue however, Sarah has always lived in-house and she doesn’t know how to fight. Will Clementine be able to protect her or teach her some basics in time? Only time will tell.

The Walking Dead Season 2 The Rescue: Will There Be Enough Time?

Carver is known for his aggression and impulsivity. He has also shown what he’s capable of to achieve his goals; nothing will stand in his way. As soon as he notices that the two girls are missing, I don’t think his reaction will be any optimistic. He might as well start killing again until they return. On the other hand, it’s quite unlikely that Clem finds a way to rescue everyone, mostly because the series dictates drama and tragedy over safety and happiness. By the time she escapes the walkers, it might be too late for the rest of the group. And that’s probably when players’ decision will come by in this new episode. Who lives? Who dies? The decision will possibly be yours.

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 3 ‘In Harm’s Way’ Preview


In Harm’s Way is the next and third episode of Telltale Games’ The Walking dead There’s still no official release date announced for this episode but it should be out before summer. After being captured by Carver and his squad, the cabin group is in big dead trouble. They’re back to the old facility led by Carver and their fate is not the brightest. The mini preview trailer shown at the end of the second episode, A House Divided, points towards a slavery system masked under the name of a devoted family. According to Carver, those who choose not to accept the family’s love will certainly wish they had. Watch the trailer here:

[youtube url=”” width=”500″ height=”300″]

The Walking Dead Season 2
The cabin group must endure the same nightmare twice.

1. Déjà Vu: Back to the Beginning

The cabin group has been running from Carver for a long time but now they’re back to the very beginning. They’ve been captured and reinstated to Carver’s dictatorship. They are reunited with the “old family” and they have no other choice but to embrace the community’s love. The nightmare is indeed a déjà vu that is far from ending. With so much vigilance and monitoring, there’s too little space for maneuvers. Escaping does seem impossible but apparently it won’t be, at least not for some.

The Walking Dead Season 2 WD_203_Carver
Disobeying Carver will unleash his rage.

2. Carver’s Tyranny: Pleasing the Devil

The only option to stay alive is to please Carver, the devil in person. He is deluded, fanatic and killing people is no issue for him. The only way to satisfy someone like this is to do everything he asks and expects. Disappointment and disapproval will bring nothing but suffering to those who choose to oppose his rules. Fortunately for Clementine, she does have the power to satisfy his curiosity and she can easily blend in the new community, as shown in the trailer. But the question is: How far is she willing to go? Clem is a good actress, she can put up a good role but toying with Carver might not the best idea around. My guess is that she’ll play him until she gets what she wants, an escape route.

The Walking Dead Season 2
Clem must fight the horde while escaping Carver’s tyranny.

3. The Escape Plan: Choosing Between the Devil and the Walkers

Clementine manages to find a way out of the facility, according to the new screenshots published by Telltale dead Games. What’s not known however, is what made Clem leave the group behind. In the preview trailer, a huge wave of walkers is approaching the facility and a lot of things could’ve happened. Perhaps, Clem managed to get out of sight in the middle of the disarray? Or maybe she found a gap in a wall somewhere and ran away? Choosing between Carver and the walkers is a tough decision but there is absolutely no doubt about who’s the worst enemy. At least walkers can’t make up strategy plans to torture and kill people.

The Walking Dead Season 2
Running might be the best survival option for Sarah.

4. Sarah: The New Heroine?

Clementine and Sarah will reach the forest nearby Carver’s facility and they’ll be forced to fight the horde. Alone and barely armed, the two girls will struggle against countless walkers. Will they be able to survive? Undoubtedly, Clementine won’t have any issues to kill a few more zombies but unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Sarah. Without Clem’s protection, I fear the worst. Sarah doesn’t know how to fight and she has never handled direct dangers before. Her survival will exclusively depend on her own actions – will she become a new heroine or will she fall to the other side?

The Walking Dead Season 2
What will happen to the cabin group?

5. The Rescue: Going Back for the Group

Leaving everyone behind is definitely not something Clementine would do. Even if the whole world is against her, she wouldn’t give up on her friends. I’m assuming most of the episode will revolve around Clem and her plan to free the group. But that doesn’t mean she’ll find all of them  dead alive. Whatever the reason, walkers or Carver, I think the group won’t be intact or united anymore. Some will most likely be killed during the incident and the rest will flee away. I don’t think Clem will be completely alone again, she’ll surely find at least someone else.

The Walking Dead Season 2
Sarah is a naive and innocent girl.

6. Sacrifices: Who Lives? Who Dies?

Death prediction in The Walking Dead series is always a tremendous challenge. Telltale usually brings the unexpected to reality but honestly, this time I think there are a few clues regarding who’s going to die next. My first bet is Sarah simply because she has too little chances of survival in this episode. Without any fighting skills, what are the chances that she escapes the horde without being killed or bitten? My second option is Alvin. He could be killed by Carver during the last episode and it’s a fact that Telltale doesn’t tend to keep such characters for long. Lastly, I’m sure someone from Carver’s team will go down as well. Who, I’m not sure.

In Harm’s Way is going to be another exciting episode filled with thrill and suspense. Will Clementine be on the run again? Will she be alone? Who will she manage to save this time? For now, there are just too many questions and too few answers to assume anything as definitive. True answers will only come upon the episode’s release, until then curiosity can only be satisfied with mere assumptions and slick facts.

The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 2: Analyzing the First Screenshot

The Walking Dead: Season Two was released back on December 2013 and the second episode is estimated to come out soon. Recently, Telltale Games published the first screenshot of episode two – A House Divided. The company also unveiled that episode two will be related to The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC:

Stay tuned this week for more details on the upcoming episode! Also worth mentioning: if you haven’t already played The Walking Dead400 Days DLC for Season One, well… let’s just say that’s something you might want to check out before this season continues!

This sneak peak might seem too short and a mere reminder of the next episode’s arrival. The release date is indeed imminenet and it can happen at any time. However, considering the amount of precious information cointained in this screenshot, I think there’s more into it.

Analyzing the First Screenshot: Clementine and Her New Journey

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2

In the previous episode, All That Remains, Clementine met a new group of survivors that skeptically took her in. Clem had to prove herself multiple times and at the end of the episode, she was forced to make a though decision – save Nick or Pete. Regardless players’ decision, it seems the cabin group has future plans for Clementine. In this freshly released screenshot, the young girl is fighting walkers with one of the cabin members, Luke. I suppose this can only mean they either got forcefully separated from the group or they’ve got an important mission to accomplish. Either way, they seem to be on their own and in great trouble.

The rudimentary weapons, a hammer and a medium blade, reveals that they either left the cabin in a rush or the group is really short on weaponry supplies. Anyway, could they be heading towards the mountains? The bridge in the scene seems to indicate that, especially because this is no ordinary bridge to cross waters.

Lastly, Clementine’s expression indicates that she’s determined to achieve her goals, in this case, to take down all the walkers in her way. And Luke seems to be holding back, afraid to keep going or perhaps scared for Clem’s life? After all,  it’s not everyday that you see a little girl slaying zombies in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

I’m sure Telltale Games will introduce a new set of thrilling events coming up in the next episode. And eventually, we’ll find out how the past DLC is connected with the new story.