Four Video Games That Gave Us a Positive Message

Video Games

Well, for most of use video games are fun and that’s what they are made for but some of the video games really render a powerful message. If you have bought cheap video games just to try them out but if you pay attention close to the narratives, you will get the core message of the game. The following four games have a powerful message to share with you and whoever decides to pick them up.

The Last of Us (2013)

Naughty Dog was zealous to display its greatest riding by giving us a beginning cut scene that made us cry more in 15 minutes than most games can push out of us in a few hours. As a result, a devoted father and family man undergoes a steady yet testing stream of character development hardening him into a rough and gravelly survivalist. The following 20 years after his daughter’s death, we can assume, wasn’t fun. But after a massive contagion becomes a global issue, he met new friends and allies that gave him something to fight for by conquering countries at a time.

This game tells us that it’s important to keep in mind that a person can truly move on from anything with the proper nurturing from a reliable group of friends.

Life is Strange (2015)

Taking us on an episodic journey, Life is Strange beautifully stretched its narrative across five episodes. All of which seemed to unravel the story just a little further and a little weirder than before. After a distant childhood friend makes an untimely return back into the already confusing life of Max Caulfield, the esoteric town of Arcadia Bay starts to slowly reveal its mysteries to the player. The mechanic of rewinding time though seeming to be arbitrary actually was done to reflect the common human tendency to want to rewind time to prevent taking a certain risk or putting a deep regret to rest.

An innocent story of reconciliation develops into something far bigger than anyone playing the game could have ever anticipated. Even despite the seamless pacing and overwhelming streams of supernatural events, the game still makes room for plenty of nostalgic moments that force you to remember your own childhood partner in crime.

inFAMOUS (2009)

Cole MacGrath’s trip to Empire City, as a bike courier, takes a disastrous turn. Things get heated pretty quickly as he is blamed for terroristic acts against the city. Everywhere from Ground Zero to 50 miles out, the great metropolis deteriorates into a massive post-apocalyptic wasteland. People are faced with daily moral dilemmas on how to survive even if that means jeopardizing the survival of others. Your decisions raise your karmic level in two different directions and the player unlocks access to new powers and abilities depending on which courses of action they choose.

As one of the first recent games to teach us the implications of our decisions do indeed have consequences. A lot of players were met with the tension in which they have never experienced resulting in a pretty immersive plotline in which the player gets to control.

Kingdom Hearts (2002)

Kingdom Hearts introduced so many gamers to the notion that games or just these toys you played on a screen by pressing buttons. These games could tell stories and build characters. Kingdom Hearts taught people the power of teamwork and friendship in the face of overpowering adversity and to simply remain hopeful in yourself. Confessing your fears and worries to your friends is what makes them lose their power over you. Because inside of us all there’s a tiny little flare of light that cannot be extinguished.

So, these are the 4 video games that we consider they give a positive message. If you know more video games and want to share with us, please feel free to use the comments box below.

5 Star-Crossed Lovers in Video Games

Zack and Aerith


Video Games – some of them have great and immersive stories and more often than not, there are lovers in these video games that we envy or love; and they earn a special place in our hearts. Not to sound cheesy but, one way or the other, they remind us that love is such a powerful force. Unfortunately, not all love stories have happy endings filled with flowers and dancing-in-the-rain sort of romance. As usual, there are spoilers. So if you read the characters of a game and you know you haven’t played it yet, play them first then come back. I believe that these stories will have more effect if you’ve built a strong relationship with the characters. Without further ado, Here are some of the star-crossed Romeo’s and Juliet’s in video games. Enjoy.

Max Caulfield and Chloe Price

That look : Chloe looking at Max
That look : Chloe looking at Max

Probably one of the most memorable games I’ve played in recent years, Life is Strange. It tells the story of Maxine Caulfield, who discovered that she has the ability to turn back time after seeing her childhood friend, Chloe Price, killed by her annoying spoiled classmate, Nathan from the influential Prescott family. After saving Chloe – through Max’s newly discovered ability – Max opened her powers to Chloe and the pair decided to use it for good. Starting there, the player is brought to a series of breaking in various areas, solving puzzles, and of course, time-reversing moments. All to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Chloe’s friend, Rachel Amber. I won’t reveal who the perpetrator is and jump right to the ending.

Because of Max’s playing around with time, she brought a huge tornado closing in to Arcadia Bay, a fictional coastal city in Oregon. And the only way to save the town is to reverse time to when it all started. At the bathroom where Max saved Chloe using her new ability. It is then the player’s choice to save Arcadia Bay by letting Chloe die or to sacrifice the town to allow Chloe to live.

Life is Strange Max and Chloe
Whichever you path you choose, the pain will still be there…

Remember that philosophical question about which train track would you pass a train: a track with the one you love tied on the path or the other track with multiple people tied on the path? That was how I felt making that decision.

Master Chief and Cortana

Master Chief and Cortana
Master Chief and Cortana

Imagine yourself as a super space soldier, so powerful that even alien species know your name; then, imagine yourself accompanied by a caring, intelligent, and gorgeous woman who is slowly dying. What would you feel? Would the feeling be the same if I told you she’s an Artificial Intelligence?

Meet John-117 aka Master Chief, a Spartan-class commando of the United Nations Space Command, and Cortana, an AI tasked with assisting the Chief through his missions. Playing Halo for all these years, we develop a bond between the two and the player. Which made the events of Halo 4 devastating for the players out there. We can feel Cortana’s feelings for the Chief during the intro and ending of the live-action film, Forward Unto Dawn, which also acted as an introduction to Halo 4. What hurt more was when Cortana, despite ‘decaying’, harnessed all her remaining power to appear as a human-sized version of herself just to feel and kiss Master Chief. Also that part where Cortana sacrificed herself to save the Chief; I don’t know about you but, that hurt like hell.

Cortana confesses
I’ve waited so long to do that…

Ellie and Riley

Ellie and Riley
Ellie and Riley

Oh, Last of Us, we are going to talk about you again. But this time, we will talk about the DLC, Left Behind. It tells the story about Ellie’s flashbacks as she was looking after Joel after he fell on a piece of metal that pierced his flesh during the course of the main game.

Ellie’s flashbacks showed us the story of how she and her best friend, Riley, worked together and survived the harsh world filled with hordes of infected. Along the course of the DLC, we become attached to the pair. They laughed together, helped each other when in danger, but it all reached the climax when Ellie suddenly kissed Riley – Out. Of. Nowhere. Even I was shocked despite anticipating such a reveal. Despite, their sweetness and joy together, the universe didn’t agree. During their struggles in the mall, both of them were bitten and we all know what happens when you’re bitten by an infected. You turn. You become infected yourself. That just what happened.

That's the look when you know it's all going to end...
That’s the look when you know it’s all going to end…

Then, they just decided to just wait it out Instead of committing suicide – enjoy the little time they had together. But, things can get worse. Only Riley turned. Yes, Ellie discovered that she was immune and now she is – incoming pun – left behind. Without Riley…what an ending. Thank you Naughty Dog. Neil Druckman, you…you’re awesome.

Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly

The graduation ball. Isn't she cute?
The graduation ball. Isn’t she cute?

You must be like, “Final Fantasy…Why am I not surprised?”. Well, unsurprisingly for us, Final Fantasy have some favorable couples in their series. But, we are only going to talk about one pair in particular. If you want to add Ramza and Delita here, be my guest. I was considering them when I was writing this article. *Hysterical laugh* Oh, Ramza. Seriously now, we are going to talk about Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII.

This is probably one of the entries in the franchise that has quite a complicated story that only Whovians can understand right then and there during their first playthrough. Still, we all remember that sweet dance they had during their graduation ball which reminded us of our own Junior Senior Promenades, right? Plus the soundtrack; who didn’t feel something move in their chest every time they hear Eyes on Me play?

Squall and Rinoa
Squall and Rinoa

Even though the couple didn’t exchange I Love You’s, their love for each other is obvious. They even talked in private on where to meet if they lose their way during their last mission against Ultimecia during the big wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff that is the Time Compression Spell. Rinoa also brought out the “sweet and caring” side of Squall who is very serious, introverted, and cold prior to falling for Rinoa.

Wander and Mono

Wander with Mono on the altar
Wander with Mono on the altar

When I first saw the cover and the gameplay video for the Shadow of the Colossus, I prepared myself for the action and the challenge that was waiting for me. What I didn’t expect was the plot twist that was lurking at the end of the game. I did have mixed feelings when confronting the giant creature guardians dwelling in the world; a mixture of “Do I really need to kill these guys?” and “Meh, let the challenge begin, down you go, big fella!”. Little did I know – honestly, I didn’t really know, no idea at all – that I was releasing a demon with each colossus that I defeat. All I knew when I was playing through the game is that, I was reviving my love that I left on the altar at the beginning of the game.

Then, down goes the last colossus. I just released a demon and I acted as a conduit for the big guy. Yes, I did revive my love but, I fell into the depths of darkness.

Wander struggling
Wander struggling

Consumed by what I have been slowly releasing through the course of the game. Unable to at least touch a strand of my love’s hair, hold just a shadow of her now-alive beauty, or hear her angelic soothing voice once more. What struck me then was that the game broke my anticipated happy ending and caught me off-guard with a dramatic ending. You can feel Wander’s desire to be by the sides of her love at the ending when you’re controlling him as he struggle against the darkness that was pulling him away from Mono. And then you’ll feel it was all for naught and a same time feel good for the guy. Whether he knew what he was doing or not, it doesn’t really matter. What we all know is that Wander was willing to do everything to bring Mono back.

There are other star-crossed lovers in a lot of video games out there and these are just some of them. How about you? What video game broke your heart after falling for the couple in the game? Which video game couple made you feel what it’s like to love and be loved? Share with us in the comment section below and let’s talk about love and pain.

Video Games That Tackle Social Issues

Ellie and Riley

Video Games – we all enjoy it. Whether you’re young or old, a student or an employee looking to pass the time with a little fun; we all enjoy video games. It is a means for us, an outlet, to do the things we can not do in real life; to experience the things that is not readily accessible to the most of us. Video games also help us understand different types of people by having diverse and – for some games – very realistic characters. But, not a lot of us see the underlying meanings behind the video games we play and enjoy. The implications hidden behind the realistic graphics, the heart-warming soundtrack, and the innovative gameplay. Here is a list of some of the video games that tackle different social issues. Sit back and let us dwell deeper into the meaning of these well-known video games.

War“This War of Mine” 

Video Games: This War of Mine is a video game about civilians surviving in a war-torn city.

Let’s start with a very well-known topic – war. We’ve all heard of different stories about war. And war has been a choice of topic or genre by a lot of video games. But, the creators of This War Of Mine, 11 Bit Studios, approached this genre in an innovative and immersive way. In this game, you don’t play as a well-trained-muscle-torn super soldier equipped with a planetary cannon. Here, you play as a civilian caught very deep in the war-devastated fictional city of Pogoren, Graznavia. You will struggle, because ‘gather’ is putting it lightly, for food. Scavenge for medicines or supplies and try your very best not to bump into soldiers or other hungry survivors.

The day and night cycle plays a significant role in the game mechanics. During the day, you’ll be managing your hideout in a very detailed manner; while keeping an eye on that sniper whose not letting you out. When darkness falls, you’ll be sneaking into buildings and areas for supplies; while avoiding being killed by other people seeking means for survival. You will also be making a lot of moral decisions; whether you’ll kill that one annoying person to save the whole group or watch as everyone slowly suffer. Add to that, the beautifully-made charcoal-style aesthetics; and you have a game that will leave you thinking and reflecting about war and its effect on the human soul.


Privacy“Watch Dogs 1 and  2″ 

Video Games: Marcus Holloway and the gang

Have you ever felt like being watched? Like Big Brother is always around you, lurking in the dark, studying and recording your every move? We are living in the age and time of information and the improvement in technology is far from slowing down. Also, the number of people uploading all of their information in the internet is increasing. Which is why black hats are more eager to steal any sensitive information they can get their hands on.

Watch Dogs, is a video game about hackers waging war on the government for manipulating information and invading the privacy of their people. This video game does not really tackle or explain ‘hacking’ in detail; but it shows what hackers can do with the information that the people, themselves, gave out there in the internet. This game is a sweet reminder that internet privacy is sometimes just an illusion to make us feel safe. It also reminds us that the internet is a very dangerous place to be placing all of our information.


Social Difference – Multiple Video Games (Witcher SeriesLife is Strange, The Last of Us, other video games)

Video Games: The Witcher

So what if you have white hair, feline eyes, sterile, and has high resistance, if not immune, to diseases? So what if you have pointy ears and lives longer than humans? We are all living things and we can co-exist if given the chance and consideration.

The Witcher series, which is set in the world of Temeria, is flooded with racism and discrimination. Elves and Dwarves are discriminated for not being human, despite the humans being the invaders of the land. Basically, humans are the foreigners and, yet, they are pushing away and abusing the original inhabitants of the land. Luckily, Geralt, despite being discriminated himself, acts as the median between the two worlds. That of humans and of ‘non-humans’. Geralt does not make any rush decisions when doing a job. He investigates first and looks for a way for both parties to work together. With an exception, there is no consideration to be given for evil-tainted individuals, human or non-human.

Video Games: Life is Strange

Life is Strange is a video game that takes place in a small town called Arcadia Bay. A place where a lot of things happen. Including alcoholism, bullying, and child abuse. Child abuse being a social issue that’s very rampant nowadays; this video game shows the whole issue in a different perspective. You play the game and see the world through the eyes of a teenager with the ability to control time, Max Caulfield. The game also includes other issues like teenage pregnancy, social anxiety, and brats who think like they are on top of everyone. Max’s story is also a depiction of how it feels like to be bullied for being “not among the famous”. This is a game definitely worth checking out if you want a relaxing soundtrack and a story that is full of twists.

Video Games: Riley and Ellie×1080.jpg

The Last of Us: Left Behind, sparked a controversy when Ellie and Riley hinted quite a number of times about their feelings with each other. We all remember that photobooth scene, right? How about that scene where they dance to a tune and then unknowingly attracted a horde of infected? All of these hints led to one conclusion and a lot of people were shocked. Some related and found themselves in the position of the protagonists in terms of personal identity; some accepted the fact and were happy for the pair; but, for some…they just do not approve of the whole charade. The relationship they have and the characters themselves doesn’t actually raise an issue; but the different ways people responded to the writing of the game, present an issue on sexual discrimination.

There you go. Here are just some of the games that tackle some of the issues we are facing up to this day. There are still a lot of games that depicts issues not mentioned here. If you have played a game with an interesting theme, comment them down below and let’s have a talk. Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Top Five Best Video Games Of 2015

2015 has been a bittersweet year for gaming. We’ve seen countless sequels, an overabundance of open-world games, the usual triple-A shooters, tons of Steam Greenlight asset flips, and even a few new IPs to polish off the list. While almost too many games found their way into our consoles and virtual libraries, only a few conquered my heart in any long-lasting way.

While this list is in no way a definitive list of the absolute best video games, I’ve painstakingly plucked five fantastic games from the herd that I sincerely believe deserve the highest of praise.

This list is in no particular order apart from the final pick; let’s begin.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Lara

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider is the only game on this list that I haven’t completed, and yet in the time I have spent with Lara, I am utterly enamoured by the incredible job Crystal Dynamics did with this sequel.

Tomb Raider got a lot of things right as a reboot, but it also had its set of flaws that held it back. Rise impressively fixed and improved upon every single aspect of the original reboot in such a way that it has become almost an instant Game Of The Year contender for me. I’ve done almost nothing other than play this game this past week.

From sprawling landscapes filled with relevant items to collect, to the treks through rich and detailed environments that feel as if they exist in a real place – rather than constructed stages for the player to trudge through without real context -, Rise offers nothing but joy throughout.

It’s also worth noting that Crystal Dynamics deserves praise for their take on open-worlds, as this world felt worth exploring amongst dozens of boring, dull worlds to grind through endlessly.

Life Is Strange

I paid no attention to Life Is Strange at first. I had no interest in playing it and I assumed it’d be some weird Telltale clone. After my friend had spent hours talking about how excellent it was, I decided to buy it one night on a whim, hoping that this wasn’t just some hype.

It wasn’t. In fact, Life Is Strange ripped my heart from my chest and spat all over it, and I loved every moment.

The main draw to this story is that the characters are so incredibly well written. Every single person, minor or major, feels like a real person. They have distinctive personalities and characteristics that make them stand out in a sea of copy-paste characters. I remember everyone, even if some of them are a bit cliched, and that is rare indeed.

Chloe and Max have a deep, and complicated relationship and Max receiving her powers puts such a strain on not only her but everyone around her. The dialogue in the game is sometimes a bit silly but, for the most part, it is engaging and feels like you’re watching some indie flick.

The plot starts off very simple but soon delves into something bigger than you could expect. The whole time you’re sitting there questioning what is happening, only to get a sucker punch to the gut when the game reveals that you are in fact clueless about what is really going on behind the curtains.

It is all backed up by good voice acting, solid pacing, memorable moments and excellent music. A very attentive eye to even the smallest of details and countless references to pop-culture and even the state of Oregon leaves this game nearly oozing character.

Play it, but don’t read anything else about it.

maxresdefault (1)

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void

I remember trying out StarCraft when I was in public school. I hardly knew how to play, but I adored the atmosphere and interesting mechanics. Fast forward to now and StarCraft is amongst my favourite franchises of all time.

Legacy of the Void is a perfect culmination of what the fans wanted and what Blizzard learned over the past several years making RTS games. They put a ridiculous amount of effort into this game, making sure that the story goes out with the biggest bang ever. From the brand new co-op mode to the epic campaign filled with varied missions and interesting characters, Legacy of the Void is not only the best entry in the StarCraft series overall but reminds everyone that the RTS genre can still be a heavy hitter.

But it doesn’t end there, as the biggest change to the franchise is how improved the multiplayer is.

Gone are the slow starts. Gone are the ultra-cheesy Protoss openers, and gone are the slow economic macro games. Blizzard has tried its absolute damnedest to make LOTV as fast paced as possible, and it’s almost too much to handle. Every second there are 50 things happening on screen, and you have to physically train yourself to adapt to it. The incredibly delicate balance of constructing buildings while simultaneously collecting resources, scouting your opponent to react to their next moves before they execute them, building an army, pushing your units into dangerous territory to keep the enemy suppressed and afraid, expanding your economy into new frontiers to reap new mineral patches, and using your mind to psyche out your opponent in a variety of devious ways all attribute to your success, and everything is now way faster.

The new units don’t help either, as they are game changers themselves. Protoss now have their form of a Baneling, yet regenerates itself upon destruction. Zerg has its trusty Lurker that hides beneath the ground, thrusting its spikes into the bodies of anyone standing in their vicinity. The Ravager launches deadly attacks into the sky, obliterating anything that stands in the way. Terran possesses the Liberator, a siege tank that flies and holds down a position like the beaches of Normandy, and the Cyclone that laughs in the face of cheesy Protoss that want to drop an Oracle at your main base three minutes into the game.

This multiplayer can be talked about endlessly, and that is all thanks to you, Blizzard. Legacy of the Void is a monumental achievement and the absolute best way to end your long-running story. I’ll be spending the next year or more playing this legacy, watching the Korean players with their 700 APM.

Ori and the blind forest

Ori and the Blind Forest

I haven’t cried during the opening sequence of a video game since The Last Of Us; until Ori came along and stomped on my heart, that is.

This breathtaking masterpiece transcends the medium and offers one of the best pieces of evidence towards the ‘games as art’ debate. The beautifully vibrant hand-drawn Pixar art, the varied, colourful, dramatic soundtrack that offers nearly every emotion on the spectrum. Or how about the terrific story or the old-school gameplay that shows Metroid and Castlevania how it is done? What about the nearly flawless platforming segments and unique take on 2D combat?

Everything about this game is memorable and inspired, and it is not only one of the best games this year but one of the best pieces of art I’ve ever experienced. It has an emotional weight to it that many games fail to have and it is a game that will make you think about it well after it is done.

Ori has that power over us all.



Bloodborne is a part of the long-running franchise that is the Souls series. Though it differs in name and mechanics, it is still very much a Souls game. As a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, one of the best games ever created, it had everything to live up to. It nailed nearly everything.

Bloodborne is easily recognizable with its exceptionally stylized, painstakingly well-crafted world. It takes gothic architecture and runs with it to a degree that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before in any video game. Winding roads of cobblestone covered in blood and disguised by fog, twisting corridors filled with tattered garb and signs of a once thriving society. Endless swamps and caverns and castles, all with their mysteries and shocking imagery to behold.

It utilizes Lovecraftian themes and puts the Miyazaki twist on them with the story-telling style of previous Souls games. It tells you to part ways with your best friend, the shield, and instead pick up one of the several firearms as you adapt to the new, visceral combat that is, even more unforgiving than previous games. It offers you ‘trick weapons’, transformable weapons that each require careful strategy to fully utilize.

The game has incredible creature design, with horrific foes you can only imagine in your worst nightmares. The world has a foreboding atmosphere so thick that you can taste it. The hair on your arms will stand up, your skin will crawl and turn to goosebumps, and your heart will pound so hard you think you are in need of medical assistance.

This game gives you emotional responses that not even some extreme sports could offer. It is a one of a kind experience and one of the best, industry defining video games ever to grace any of our consoles. It will be forever remembered and forever praised as it sits at the top of the tallest pedestal amongst the best classics we’ve ever had.

And yet, with all of that said, I was only referring to the original game. The Old Hunters expansion improved the game significantly, correcting nearly all of the biggest complaints fans had with Bloodborne.

Vicar Amelia
Before we say goodbye to 2015, I’d like to quickly drop a few honourable mentions that unfortunately missed the top five.

Splatoon – A fantastic and creative spin on the first person shooter. Full of character and interesting mechanics.
Yoshi’s Woolly World – The most adorable, happy and all around silly platformer this year. Maybe a bit easy, but infinitely fun.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – The best open-world game I think I’ve ever played. I didn’t play enough to feel good about placing it on my list.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – One of the better JRPGs in recent memory.
Shovel Knight – An impeccable throwback to retro gaming. Only missed the list because it first released out in 2014.


Life is Strange: 5 Reasons Why this Game Became a Huge Disappointment

Life Is Strange

Life is Strange finally achieved the inevitable with its fifth and last episode Polarized. If some had doubts that Life is Strange was doomed to fall into disappointment, now it’s time to re-think the whole journey and how this title slowly turned to be a huge disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong, I did play the game and I actually enjoyed it as much as it can be enjoyed. But there are many flaws, too many in fact. And as the game progresses, episode by episode, it’s notable how the narrative decays. You can definitely feel the forced turn of events, things become more and more predictable and you can just think about how the game is stuck with saving Chloe and how to become a pseudo-god, who can help everyone, fix everything, save anything and everything there is to save. It even made me remember that legendary movie “Saving Private Ryan” because you basically screw the world to save one single person and you even get an ending where you can kill your full town to save Chloe once again. The story is quite similar, except in here you have time traveling powers. Anyway, let’s move to the top five reasons why this game turned out to become an overall disappointment to players.


5. Somewhat Predictable Story

Life is Strange - Is This Real?Apart from a few occasional events that couldn’t exactly be logically predicted, the whole story is there since the very start, you just have to pay attention to the conversations, to the surroundings, to the character relationships. It’s like everything is written down and you just have to join the pieces together. I will not say I knew everything beforehand. I actually didn’t expect Mr. Jefferson’s to be the main villain. I thought the killer would either be Nathan or Pincipal Wells. But from constant teen drama, to bullying, to a suicide attempt, to teen-gone-wild, dysfunctional families… And then, the whole time travel powers, effects and consequences. I think only denial players couldn’t see the inevitable and the obvious.


4. Illusion of a Choice-Consequence System

Life is Strange - Killing ChloeOne thing that has always bothered me in this game is the empty promise of a choice-based system. I’ve read a lot about it even before playing, and the game was often described as an attempt to revolutionize choice in video games. But when you play it, there’s absolutely no choice-consequence system. Regardless of your choices, the main events still happen, there is too little of an impact and who really cares about secondary events that no one mentions or talks about? Like saving a flower, saving a bird, advising someone… Alright, it appears in your decision chart but so what? The story is the exact same for everyone until the very end, where you can choose between two finales. What kind of revolution is this? Even Telltale Games have more impact on choice.


3. Sensational Teen Drama

Life is Strange - Save KateLife is Strange is literally a teenager melodramatic narrative that features contemporary issues with a mist of time traveling. The concept is not terrible but honestly everything is so hyped, so emotional, so exaggerated. It’s quite annoying at times because it lacks common sense and mainly logic. I know you can’t expect much from teenage girls in this case but come on, it doesn’t hurt much to use your brain sometimes. I will never understand for example: how Chloe and Max are like the best friends ever, when they spent half the game stating the opposite. Like Rachel being the most important thing to Chloe and Max didn’t care to write one single letter to Chloe for like a decade. Ok… they’re still best friends, it’s magic, it’s… teen drama!


2. Fairy Tale Syndrome

Life is Strange - Save ChloeTalking about teen drama, we can continue with the fairy tale syndrome, where the main characters are always optimistic and ready to do whatever it takes to supposedly help others but they end up screwing things most of the time. Hail time traveling powers that can fix every mistake and Chloe’s numerous deaths. Point is, their impulsive and hasty behavior is simply incompatible with their peace and love believes, it’s just ridiculous. Oh, and there are hugs and kisses about dozens of times all across the game. In the end nothing really ends up alright, bad things always happen – it’s part of life, it’s part of nature… it’s part of any reality.


1. Poor and Rushed Ending

Life is Strange Ending - Sacrifice Arcadia Bay

Well, I think the ending was the last proof that many players needed to realize that this game is indeed a huge disappointment. It didn’t start as one but it slowly walked towards this path. Life is Strange ending is awful in so many ways because one of them is what everyone expected, Chloe had to die at the very beginning in order to preserve the timeline, thus avoid the environmental consequences. But the second choice is just, I would call it a direct antithesis alternative because it’s the complete opposite of the other ending. I guess developers had no better concepts or ideas and that’s the result. Let’s murder thousands of people, watch them perish away and then… let’s drive away and pretend it never happened. Chloe & Max forever friends in the wonderland of time travel disaster.


Life is Strange: Beyond a Strange Ending

Life is Strange Max and Chloe

Life is Strange is based on a peculiar time travel narrative, where most events seem typically bizarre and unrealistic. It’s an alter reality story with tons of fiction involved but the ending goes much beyond all that.

— > Spoilers Ahead <—

I finished Life is Strange yesterday and I couldn’t stop thinking about how strange the whole ending is and how unsettling it all felt. Basically, the ending is the ultimate and final meaningful decision that players can make but for some reason it turned out into a huge disappointment. And that’s mainly because one of the choices is reasonable, logical and quite predictable and the other is simply the complete opposite, which is somewhat absurd, cruel, and even inhumane. In my opinion, it’s just a quick second alternative that developers came up with. It’s different, the results change everything and on top of that it’s an easy narrative input. However, the core significance is still there and it’s very far from being realistic or accurate to the entire plot. Let’s analyze both ending options more closely.

Sacrificing Chloe Price

Saving Chloe has been the whole point of Life is Strange. In fact, the main connotation of this game is how certain events are unavoidable no matter what you do, or in this case, how many times you go back in time and try to change and fix things. Also, when you’re fated to die, you can screw up time and even the world itself but death will eventually catch up to you all the same. Anyway, if you finally stop saving Chloe you can restore order and peace to the small town of Arcadia Bay. No one has to get hurt besides Chloe, climacteric events do not take place anymore and the two villains will get arrested. It’s the perfect ending and probably the most faithful one to the “real” timeline, where Max’s powers would not interfere. I know Chloe is a very dear friend to Max but honestly, is she that important to make it worth sacrificing an entire town? Is it worth screwing the world for one single person? Probably not. That’s why this option is so consistent and logical. Decisions do not come without consequence.

Life is Strange Ending

Sacrificing Arcadia Bay

The second option is nothing more than giving up on Arcadia Bay. By choosing Chloe players will be sacrificing hundreds if not thousands of innocent lives, along with all existent buildings and infrastructures. Thing is, this option is controversial in many ways. Why pick Chloe indeed? Max has to save her a total of seven times during the whole game, including this option as well. She seems to have her destiny marked, how many more times will Max have to save her, thus inflicting even more damage in the timelines? Besides, let’s re-think her importance. They were apart for many years without any contact and when Max returned to Arcadia Bay, they weren’t in very good terms. In fact, Chloe spent half the game bragging about how Rachel was the most important person in her life. So let’s see, Chloe is just a friend, alright a close friend but I still can’t see enough affection to ever justify this choice. Nonetheless, the totally bizarre detail comes when Max and Chloe face the tremendous destruction left by the mega tornado. The two friends observe the scene and then, they drive away into the horizon as if nothing actually happened. I mean, are they even human? Or is this just a rushed and quick solution for a second ending alternative? I mean, it really makes no sense in several different ways, so I can just assume the developers ran out of concepts and ended up making something completely different where saving Chloe was once again the main goal.

Life is Strange Ending

What’s really strange is how all this could be simply solved if Max rewinded to a prior photograph than the selfie one at the classroom. She would then have time to protect Chloe from her first death sentence and she would also end up solving the girl crime scheme, as it happened at the end. This game is ultimately about fixing things, so this choice would be idyllic, probably too idyllic thought. Everything would be fixed with just one simple rewind, thus very little damage input between timelines.

Life is Strange Ending

Complicating what’s simple is one of the most common skills in modern days. So this really doesn’t surprise me. What’s unacceptable however, is the fact that something so simple goes beyond strange and pseudo-complex, to become an unfounded sensationalist matter. Hail teen-drama based plots:

Chloe: Let’s kill everyone, let’s be done with it and live an amazing life because we’re the best friends ever… right?

Max: Yes, but only since one week ago and after I saved you seven times!

Life is Strange Episode 5 Guide: How to Solve the Hall Maze

Life is Strange Tornado

At the last moments of Life is Strange Episode 5: Polarized, players have to go through a hall maze that can be annoying to solve. Here’s how to quickly do it simply by using logic and a bit of persistence.

After talking to Mr. Jefferson in the twisted crazy reality, Max will enter in the female dormitory which happens to be an endless maze. To escape this nightmare, players must find certain key elements that are not always obvious. If you’re looking for a solution, then just forget luck and blind guesses and follow the steps below.

Life is Strange Hall Maze1. Take the Keys

Before trying anything, just head to the middle of the room and turn right near the shower room entrace. You’ll find a table with some keys on it. Get close and pick them up.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2. Follow the Voices

Now, if you pay attention to the voices shouting tips and random messages, you’ll realize that they belong to certain female characters in game. Also, if you’re wondering how to know each character’s room number, you can just view the map that appears at the start of the maze at the right wall.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2.1. Dana Warden’s Room

The first voice is Dana’s. Meaning you should directly to her room, door 218. Once you get inside, the entire scene will shake and Max will appear in Rachel’s old clothes.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2.2. Taylor Christensen’s Room

The next pick is Taylor’s room, number 224. Upon crossing, Max disappears and gets replaced by Victoria.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2.3. Victoria Chase’s Room

This one is very obvious, both voice and character belong to Victoria. The solution is quite linear, simply enter her room 221.

Life is Strange Hall Maze2.4. Max Caulfield’s Room

Finally, after entering Victoria’s room you become Max again and the dormitory’s walls become filled with Max’s shoots. The answer is obvious, it’s Max’ room 219.

Done! The maze is now complete and Max will enter a new scene where reality is literally backwards. Most people are having difficulties doing this part but as you can see, it takes about one minute to fully solve it.

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Life is Strange Episode 5 Guide: The Last Digital Code

Life is Strange Tornado

Life is Strange is a graphic adventure game with a relatively simple gameplay. However, there are a few parts that can become challenging without tips. Here’s a quick guide for the last digital code scene.

As most of the hardest scenes in this game, you need to pay attention to your surroundings or ultimately wait for Max’s tips. This digicode might appear difficult at first sight but it really isn’t. Once you enter the bathroom scene, you just have to follow these steps and you’ll unlock the door in a matter of seconds.


Life Is Strange Episode 5 digicode1. Use the Digicode and Try to Unlock It

Try a random number and fail the attempt. This action will trigger a new environment scene around you filled with random four digit codes. Don’t panic, the answer is right in front of you.


Life Is Strange Episode 5 digicode2. Approach the Mirrors

Instead of trying random combinations with the most used numbers (2, 3, 5, 6), as everyone tends to do, approach the two mirrors in front of you.



Life Is Strange Episode 5 digicode3. Check the Left Mirror

Upon getting close to the mirror, you’ll receive a tip about the mirror not reflecting any of the numbers. But if you look closely at the left mirror you’ll realize a backwards code: 1130.


Life Is Strange Episode 5 digicode4. Apply the Code in the Opposite Order

Now, all you have to do is insert the code in the opposite order: 0311. And that’s it, the door will open and you’ll unlock the next scene.



I know this appears to be simple enough but for first timers it can take a couple of minutes if not more, when in fact it can take only a few seconds to complete.

Life is Strange Episode 4 Out Now

Life is Strange

Life is Strange

Life is Strange, The fourth episode of the episodic interactive adventure game, titled Dark Room, is available right now. So you can get it and start having fun.

This installment will let players see how their choices shape the past, present and future as Max’s investigation into Rachel Amber’s disappearance builds to a thrilling conclusion, with things taking a darker tone that seen in previous episodes. Getting into the game?

Struggling to wait for that download progress bar to reach 100%? Get your Life is Strange fix with the episode’s launch trailer. Check the trailer below for more detail.

Life is Strange Episode 4 “Dark Room” is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Life is Strange Episode 4 Release Date Confirmed

Fans of the episodic interactive adventure game are going to be psyched, as Square Enix have confirmed that the fourth episode, titled Dark Room, will land for consoles and PC on 28th July. That’s less than a week away!

Dark Room will reportedly take a darker tone that previous episodes and is set to reveal some of Arcadia Bay’s best kept secrets, with Max’s investigation into Rachel Amber ramping up to a thrilling conclusion.

You can check out the official launch trailer for the episode below, though be warned that it does contain spoilers for those who haven’t played through the game’s first three episodes.

Square Enix have also revealed that the game has surpassed one million sales—that’s quite the achievement, especially considering there are two episodes still to be released.

Life is Strange Episode 4 “Dark Room” is available on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC.