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Rage Of Bahamut Tips and Tricks for a Better Strategy


Rage Of Bahamut is definitely one of the biggest games of this year – at least on the mobile gaming market – but not everybody’s an expert when it comes to playing it (not even myself). But I still can share with you some hot tips and tricks for Rage of Bahamut for a better strategy and hopefully to help you get better at the game. So if you’re curious to check out the tips, simply continue reading: you might find something really useful!

1. Probably the best advice that can be given when it comes to Rage of Bahamut is that of learning the pro’s and con’s of each race and card and trying to have a balanced deck (or one that you know perfectly how to use). Usually, men are good at defense, demons are good at offense and gods are balanced cards with good offense and defense.

2. Keep doing quests especially early on to earn new cards and money. The cards won’t be top ones, but you can get lucky and get yourself a pretty solid deck.

3. Once you have a decent amount of cards, use the Evolve and Enhance options without mercy to make your cards better. Evolving allows you to focus on specializing your cards, while enhancements tend to bring balance to your deck.

4. A good trick to get extra cards to use for enhancing or evolving is to complete previous quests. You can never have too many cards!

5. Try to specialize and use cards according to your skill. If you’re in the Demon attribute, then it is obvious that you should focus on demon cards and skill cards that increase them. Trying to mix and match will usually result in a heavy loss.

6. Join an Order (a guild) in Rage of Bahamut as soon as possible. This offers a lot of bonuses (especially card bonuses) which can prove to be vital in battles.

7. Keep an eye out for the special events in the game. These are special occasions where you can earn special cards that would otherwise cost you money or would be extremely difficult to get. With a good performance in the special events, you can create a really strong deck!

What other tips and tricks would you share with the fellow Rage of Bahamut players?

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